‘D.P.’ Plot, Cast, Character Guide & Things To Know Before Watching Season 2

The Netflix original D.P. was a super hit back in 2021, and the way it ended had everyone expecting a second season soon enough. Our wait is finally over, and the next season is just around the corner, sporting more emotional damage while still being fun for viewers. The series focuses on the mandatory military service of South Korean men for about two years before they turn 30. Particularly the hardship that the boys and men go through, the hierarchy system, and the bullying that happens within the military that reaches atrocious levels. Our main characters are a part of the D.P. (Deserter pursuit) department of the military, which happens to be the unit that apprehends deserters and brings them back. Season 1 explores the reasons the men choose to desert. The show is based on the webtoon D.P. Gaeui Nal, which translates to D.P. Dog Days, written by Kim Bo-Tong. The first season ended with a chilling mid-credit scene that left viewers shocked. The show perfectly balances the seriousness of the issues faced by people in the military while simultaneously using humor as relief for some entertainment and less darkness. We have a few recurring main characters that we’ll dive into and a couple of new characters that look like interesting new additions to the list.


Jung Hae-In as An Jun-Ho

After delivering two successful slow-burn romances about young men and older women falling in love, Jung Hae-In completely flipped from a love-struck fellow to a man in the military trying to do the right thing. At this point, if you’re even remotely into K-dramas, you couldn’t have gone without hearing his name. His most popular shows are Snowdrop, and While You Were Sleeping. The actor does a tremendous job of impeccably balancing ignorant naivety with undeterred determination.

D.P. mainly focuses on his character, An Jun-Ho, and is mostly presented from his point of view. We understand his dilemma of trying to help both the military and the deserter very clearly and feel deeply for the character, who sees a lot throughout the show. His character arc is simple yet moving, and it’s not entirely clear what he plans on doing at the end of the season as he runs in the opposite direction of his team, taking his military hat off. Without fail, he is still very determined to bring about a change and help, but in what way? We will find out soon. Of course, we can’t forget the main part of the show: his bromance and budding friendship with his partner, Han Ho-Yeol, who is the more unreserved of the two.


Koo Gyo-Hwan as Han Ho-Yeol

The actor’s debut in a series after doing many movies on and off over the years. Koo Gyo-Hwan is always a scene-stealer. Amongst everything that I have seen him in, though (not that it makes for an extensive list) it seems the D.P. character best suits his personality, and he shines through as the fun and more out-of-order character who still has his ways of fixing things. Ho-Yeol is, in many ways, the comic relief of the show, but he’s also really important for Jun-Ho’s character development. They make a perfect team; they’re like a candle and match, these two. A scene from the last episode of the first season where he tries to convince the deserter that he’s trying to save him, not “catch” him, is definitely a standout, as he swerves between the fear of dying and the hope that the other man will trust him.

Kim Sung-Kyun as Park Beom-Gu

The head of the D.P. department, Park Beom-Gu, is a typical mentor in most Korean dramas; he appears with a tough shell but is a softie for his people at the end of the day. He is played by the actor who is personally memorable for his roles as the astrologer in the hit drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and one of the fathers in Reply 1988. Impeccably comic timing, but in this one, he’s a little more sophisticated, takes a step back in terms of the humor, and makes the atmosphere more serious so that Ho-Yeol can stand out as the funny guy. He proves that he can do both, and you can’t help but hope he’s always on the boys’ side.


Son Suk-Ku as Lim Ji-Seob

Most recently best known for his role in My Liberation Notes, Son Suk-Ku is mainly big on the comedy side of things but proves again that he can do both. Ji-Seob is the captain of the squad. His role is vital because he’s always torn between the higher-ups and looking after his juniors. We see a similar internal struggle in him as we do with Jun-Ho. At the end of season one, because he was determined to take responsibility for what happened to the soldier who killed himself, Ji-Seob was transferred. We’re hoping he reunites with the team soon enough.

Choi Hyun-Wook, as Shin A-Wi

The young actor who is taking the industry by storm one show at a time is a new entry this season. In the trailer, it seems he may be on the bully side of things. Best known for his roles in Taxi Driver, (not the Scorsese film) Weak Hero Class 1, Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Racket Boys, the 21-year-old has also appeared in New Jeans’ music video for their hit song Ditto. We can expect a lot from his performance in the new season and hope for a positive character arc. All we know is that he will be important this season, and we’ll keep an eye out for him.


Ji Jin-Hee as Ku Ja-Woon

The veteran actor may join the cast as the new captain of the department. He definitely appears to be the big bad guy who has no expectation for change within the system, or rather, no desire for it from the trailer. The actor has appeared in many movies and TV Shows, including Move To Heaven, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Blood, and more. We’re interested to see how far he will go to protect the order or if he will finally fold, thanks to the D.P. department.

Kim Ji-Hyun as Seo-Eun

While D.P. season 1 did not have any memorable female characters (a big shame), it looks like they’re trying to change that this time around. Kim Ji-Hyun from Thirty-Nine, Hometown Cha Cha Cha, and Nokdu Flower is here to do it. She also appears to be on Ja-Woon’s side, but things may change over the course of the series. She appears in the trailer for very little time to actually determine her role, though she appears to be working under Ja-Woon.


We’re excited for the new season of D.P. and are hoping for it to be just as engaging and thought-provoking as the first one.

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