‘Crowdsource Murder’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Was Noah Arrested?

Crowdsource Murder, a Lifetime original thriller film, revolves around a single mother, Monica, who finds herself in a difficult situation when her daughter Shannon falls ill and is admitted to the hospital. As Monica has been going through a financial crisis, she chooses to take help from a donation service and meets with a middle-aged philanthropist named Noah, who has some ulterior motives behind helping her. Initially, Monica has no idea why Noah is so willing to help her with the money, but later, when she learns the truth about him, she decides to do something about it. Let’s see what Noah is really up to and how Monica reveals his true face.


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Plot Synopsis: What Happened In The Film?

Monica worked at a nonprofit organization called Sunshine Corp., where she wasn’t very satisfied with her salary and constantly asked her boss for her raise. Monica was divorced from Brian, and had a daughter, Shannon, whose father left her mother before she was born. Shannon had always considered Brian her father figure, and Brian loved her so much, but there was always a trust issue and a conflict between Brian and Monica. One day, when Brian and Shannon were playing basketball and overexcited, Shannon sprained her leg. She was rushed to the hospital, where doctors told Brian and Monica that Shannon had fractured her leg and wouldn’t be able to participate in her basketball match this year. Monica found it difficult to pay for Shannon’s hospital bills, while Brian was also unable to help her as he was also broke. Therefore, taking a friend Rebecca’s advice, Monica sought help at a donation service, where she met a guy named Noah, who was willing to help her out. Initially, Monica couldn’t bring herself to trust a random stranger for money, but Rebecca told her to give it a shot because Noah was probably a very rich and generous person.


How Did Monica Catch Noah?

Monica and Brian met with Noah, who seemed like a nice guy at first glance, but Brian couldn’t bring himself to trust him completely. Noah opened up about himself, saying that he had started his career as a waiter, and then he started working for an app and made a lot of money. However, Brian was still skeptical about him, which agitated Noah. Later in the evening, Noah visited Brian and intimidated him with his sudden presence. Not only that, but to get rid of Brian for good, he sneakily laced his tea with poison. Brian took a sip of the tea and realized that the tea had been poisoned, but before he could make an emergency call, he lost his life.

Brian’s dead body was found, and the police said the reason for his death was an overdose. Monica, in the meantime, was seeing a guy from a dating app, and that guy happened to be a detective inspector. After Brian’s death, Monica came to know that the man she’d been dating had just investigated her ex-husband’s death. Monica moved on from Brian’s death, but Shannon, in the meantime, felt more ill. Noah stepped in to help her out, and at the same time, he started seeing Monica. He told her that he worked at a meal center, but later, from the owner of the kitchen, Sue Foster, Monica came to know that Noah didn’t work there any longer. Furthermore, Sue also warned Monica about Noah’s obsessive and manipulative behavior, which worried her. As Monica started maintaining her distance from Noah, the man instantly realized that Sue had told her something about him. Next up, Noah confronted Sue and crashed his car into her vehicle, finishing her off.


Monica didn’t want to continue her meet-ups with Noah, and she repeatedly told him that she wasn’t interested in being romantically involved with him, but it only angered Noah, who began to blame her for being a selfish taker devoid of any gratitude towards his generosity. Monica could totally understand how possessive and manipulative Noah could be, so she permanently cut her ties with him. However, Noah didn’t easily give up on her and continued irritating her by sending money to her account, so Monica came up with a plan to destroy him.

Was Noah Arrested?

Noah had previously talked to Monica about his previous lover, Charlotte, and lied about her death. Charlotte, who had suffered a car accident, had been able to pay her hospital bills thanks to Noah, but she didn’t die. As Noah wanted to be in a relationship with her, Charlotte initially agreed, but she never felt comfortable around him. After Charlotte left him, Noah began to tell everyone that she had passed away. Monica searched around and managed to find information about Charlotte. She met Charlotte and discussed their similar experiences with Noah. Both of them came to the conclusion that they would have to stop this man, at any cost, from causing further trouble in any other woman’s life. Both Charlotte and Monica approached Noah individually and lied about their feelings for him. As Noah felt a little skeptical, he began to keep track of both of them and found that the two were working together to expose him. One day, when Charlotte came to visit Noah, he told her that he knew about their plan to expose him. Meanwhile, Monica, realizing that Charlotte was in danger, came to her rescue, but Noah managed to capture both of them and tie them up.


On the other hand, the detective had found Sue Foster’s dead body and had his suspicions about Noah. As Monica had already spoken to him about Noah being a mysterious guy with sinister motives, the detective met Noah’s place and collected a piece of plastic from his car. This matched the one found in Sue Foster’s vehicle, which pointed out that Noah was the perpetrator of the murder. While Monica and Charlotte were tied up inside Noah’s house, he had another visitor at his doorstep. It was Rebecca, who had been pretty much smitten by Noah and wanted to hang out with him. Noah asked Rebecca to leave, but as she heard Monica’s scream from inside his house, she became curious. Noah also captured her, intending to tie her up, but in the meantime, Monica managed to untie herself and attack Noah. Monica, Charlotte, and Rebecca tied him up, while the police had also arrived to arrest him. The detective arrested Noah for the murder charges against Sue Foster. Charlotte couldn’t thank Monica enough for her brave decision to expose this man, and Monica also appreciated her support, without which she wouldn’t have been able to get Noah arrested.

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