‘Criminal Record’ Episode 6 Recap Summary: Did Hegarty Tell June The Truth?

The case of Errol Mathis in the show Criminal Record is no less mysterious than a murder mystery in an Agatha Christie novel. The only difference is that the novels do not have racial politics, complicating the case more than anyone could ever comprehend. In the sixth episode of Criminal Record, DS June Lenker gets unusual help from Tony Gilfoyle himself as he does something that would make Hegarty pull his hair out. This episode marks a sudden shift in how we see Hegarty—a man pulling the strings. But we finally see how lonely and fragile he truly is when he gets to know about Patrick and Lisa.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Lisa Refuse To Go With Hegarty?

Hegarty wasn’t aware of the relationship between Lisa and Patrick. He was going to get the shock of a lifetime, though, when one fine morning he came to check in on Patrick and found Lisa in the room with him. Hegarty did not burst out at Patrick, but it was Lisa who was pushed around. Hegarty wanted her to come with him, but she didn’t take too kindly to Hegarty’s heavy handedness. She started to make a scene, refusing to go with him. Hegarty, on the other hand, could only say things that made matters worse. He brought up her drug use, and we got confirmation of why he was giving her the drugs. As expected, it was to prevent her from getting them elsewhere and risking an overdose. Lisa called him out on his care and generosity and even went to the extent of calling Hegarty a lonely old man who was afraid that she too would leave if he stopped acting as her dealer. Lisa’s mother had probably committed suicide because she was constantly harassed by Hegarty. His whole approach to relationships was as if they were cases to be solved, and Lisa didn’t mince her words when telling this to him. Hegarty didn’t have a counter to any of it, nor could he act like a responsible father, being there for his daughter when she was having a meltdown. He went away only to return and find Lisa had left Patrick’s house and gone away.


Why Did Lenker Visit Ross Cardona?

Obsessed with Errol Mathis’ case, Lenker got all the case files, went through them, and got her hands on Hegarty’s police logs. She had such an astute eye for detail that she found a time gap between the time the doctors had cleared Mathis to be interrogated and the time between when he actually was. In between those times, Hegarty had waited, but for what purpose? Lenker talked to Sonya about it, and she had a lukewarm reaction to her findings. The theory Lenker came up with was that perhaps Hegarty was waiting for a lawyer to be assigned, one he knew could be made to work against Mathis. The lawyer who was present during Errol Mathis’ confession was a man named Ross Cardona, and Lenker had a meeting with him. She tried to get a sense of whether Ross was in cahoots with Hegarty, but Ross did not reveal anything about the case once he heard Hegarty’s name. He was clearly working for him and later gave Hegarty a call, informing him that Lenker had come to inquire about the Mathis case.

How Did Lenker Get To Tony Gilfoyle?

Tony’s time was up, it seemed, as Lenker was just intuitively finding all the clues that would help her land him in prison. One such example of Lenker’s intuition was on display when she read multiple derogatory comments online on the articles about the Police Department’s Chief, Claudia Mayhew. She was a woman who was bringing in various changes in the department, making it a more diverse space, which Tony despised. This opinion wasn’t one he had shared to anyone except Hegarty perhaps, but he had used an anonymous account to post the derogatory comments. Lenker visited Tony and saw his reaction when she mentioned the anonymous account and grew more certain than ever that she was right in her intuition that the account belonged to Tony. She went ahead and explained her suspicion to Claudia herself, and as a threat to life had been made online, there was enough cause to search Tony’s house. Hegarty tried his best to cover up all the evidence that could make Tony look guilty in the matter, but Lenker had been made the investigating officer in this particular case, overriding Hegarty’s authority. What little hope there was for Tony vanished the moment Doris, Errol’s mother, came to meet him.


Why Did Doris Visit Tony?

In the previous episode, Doris had been told about the Hayes Lane caller, and that gave her hope that Errol had a chance. However, when Doris went into Whitecross Prison to meet her son, he didn’t share her enthusiasm. She was made to feel like her efforts didn’t mean anything, and later she met Latisha, who was betrayal embodied, as far as Doris was concerned. Latisha had come to apologize for giving away information related to what Doris was trying to do to help Errol’s case. Doris found out about Tony’s involvement in all of this, and the volatile Doris paid him a visit. Tony was flustered enough by Lenker’s visit that he tried to dodge Doris and get away. He got in his car, backed out, and next thing we knew, he had run Doris over, killing her on the spot. It didn’t exactly look like he had done so on purpose, but perhaps there were unconscious motivations that had taken over him and made him forget that he was putting a nail in his own coffin.

How Did Lenker Find Out The Way Hegarty Got Errol’s Confession?

Errol’s confession was the biggest mystery in the case. He had first said that he didn’t remember anything after his accident, and that raised the question: how did he remember exactly how he had murdered his girlfriend, Adelaide Burrowes? If Errol had not killed her, then how did he remember the details of the case? Tony was behind bars, and his house had been searched for evidence regarding the online threat case. Lenker, however, got her hands on a CD with a video on it, which gave her the answers she had been looking for.


Hegarty was emotionally at his weakest, as he had turned the world upside down to search for Lisa, even missing important meetings. At such a point, he was mentally unable to play this game of chess with Lenker, who seemed to have persisted in her endeavor. It is possible that Hegarty would tell her the truth about what exactly went down in the case and why he needed Errol to confess to a crime he had not committed. How was Lenker so sure? Well, the video on the CD was the recording of Errol’s confession. In it, Hegarty could be seen giving instructions to Errol, pointing his pen to the areas of the body where Adelaide had been stabbed. That was the way he had gotten a confession which was consistent with the crime, and now Hegarty knew she had the recording. Whether or not Hegarty will try one last time to save his hide remains an interesting question for the upcoming episodes, but as of now, Lenker has the upper hand, and she has almost solved the case. The only thing she doesn’t know is the ‘why’ of the case. Why did Hegarty do all that he did? We will surely know in the upcoming two episodes. Hegarty, on the other hand, was just relieved that he had found Lisa; in fact, it was Patrick who did. The answers to why Hegarty was fathering Patrick are also hidden in the ‘why’ Lenker is after. The series is coming to a scintillating finish, and maybe who knows if there is a twist remaining in this tale?

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