‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was The Mastermind?

“Copycat Killer” episode 7 has Kuo and Ya Cih coming across a breakthrough in the case, which was considered closed after the deaths of Jian Ho and Jian Wun. They both were considered suspects in the serial killer case, but with Kuo making sure there is something more to that case, they come across evidence to prove there was a mastermind that pushed and trained Jian Wun to carry out the murders in the most gruesome manner. The quest now is to find out who the mastermind is.

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Who Is The Suspect Now?

With Ya-Cih and Kuo on the same path to find out the mastermind behind Jian Wun’s murder and rape spree, they come across plenty of footage of the man wearing a mask who called himself Noh. Grandfather Nan claimed that the voice he had heard belonged to someone older, and this made it easier for him to crack down on why the killer wanted to tell all his news only through TNB News; why not any other channels? Kuo joins the dots to finally conclude that someone from the news channel must be the mastermind, and the person has to be someone who has had a traumatic past to be indulging in such nefarious acts, or it is just pleasure that this person seeks and probably gets a high from?

As per the conclusion drawn by Kuo, it is Chen He-Ping, the ex-colleague of Ya-Cih and Jian Ho that masterminded the entire serial raping and killing by bringing on board Jian Wun and Tian in the hope of helping him expand his idea of inflicting pain on the victims and their families and getting joy out of it. Kuo does thorough research on how Chen He-Ping’s parents died of unnatural causes, which makes sure to put him on the radar of suspicion. Kuo wants to dig deep into how the man started with the TNB News channel and what made him go all two-faced: one face being that of the man who brings people their news, and the other that of a man who grooms young boys to torture, rape, and kill women.

Chen He-Ping showed potential as a good news reporter when he initially joined TNB News. Many were impressed by the way he gathered footage to bring down local authorities, which increased the ratings of their channel. Chen He-Ping did all of this to get into the good books of people around him at the workplace and slowly garner some respect for himself because he wouldn’t want to reveal his real self to anyone. The sociopathic tendencies that he carries never come out in public. It is like he is leading a dual life. Only Ya-Cih was not blown away by his journalism skills; she probably sensed something was wrong with him, and it was confirmed when, for her story on adult movies and the book market, He-Ping  wanted to add footage of a woman being humiliated by him on camera. He thought it would be important, while Ya-Cih felt it was downright disgusting and asked him to remove the footage from the newsreel. She somehow sensed something off-putting about the man that no one else saw.

With Ya-Cih quitting TNB News for good, there is a buzz about who would take over from her, and He-Ping  is all over it to fill the void left by her. Chen He-Ping becomes the boss, and this is what he has wanted all this time. With Ya-Cih out of the picture, he becomes the de facto boss free to get things done his way. Chen He-Ping is a power-hungry man, which finally catapulted him into becoming a megalomaniac. Now that he is the voice of the channel, this will help him change the usual perception people have of anything.

‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Who Was The Mastermind?

Chen He-Ping  was the mastermind from the beginning who lured Jian Wun, and Tian, into his ring of bringing in young girls to rape, torture, and kill them in the most gruesome manner. He-Ping  never realized his actions would have any consequences, and his cockiness lay in the fact that he was confident he would never be caught by the police. Since it was the 1990s and there was not much technology available to trace anybody, He-Ping  was easily able to navigate through the city and run this horrific ring of women who were brought in without their consent. He-Ping  can be easily termed a psycho.

He was older, which helped get young men under his wing and brainwash them into believing his way of life was the only way, and they should help him spread this knowledge, which is causing absolute anarchy. His videos, such as those where he poses as Noh, which are aired on his television channels, give people the idea that human beings are the worst, and given a chance, they will turn against each other, be it a friend, acquaintance, or enemy. It was He-Ping behind the mask as Noh giving out this lecture to people so that he could finally control the people the way he wanted. The dual personalities that he exhibits might come across as exhausting, but He-Ping is making sure to take in all the joy he gets from making sure he gets to do things his way. The first one is control, and the second one is exact gratification and pain inflicted on others.

He-Ping’s next victim is his colleague Ya-Cih because he would like to control her as well. As his plan works out, he starts torturing her just like he did with the other women, but this time his catch is that he knows her secret son, whom she had out of wedlock. He will also humiliate her by announcing to the world through the news channel that the woman is immoral for having had a child outside of her marriage. Ya-Cih had no qualms about him shaming her on national television; a severely injured Ya-Cih calls him someone who has irrelevant ideas and a way of life that will take him nowhere, personally and professionally. This angers his ego, which leads him to kill her instantly without an ounce of remorse. He leaves her body in such a way that it would be easy for Kuo and his team to locate her, which they do. Kuo is now worried about Hu Yun Hei and Yen Jhen Lu. He-Ping has crossed the limit by killing a high-profile journalist, and to think from here on that the police will not get to him is foolishness. Kuo will surely get to know He-Ping, and that would be the end of Noh and anarchical talks.

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