‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Kuo Find Something After All?

In “Copycat Killer” Episode six, all of Kuo’s work goes down the drain with the death of Jian Wun, who was being hunted by Kuo and his team; for he had been identified as the serial killer/rapist of Songyang city who had created havoc, especially among the female population. Along with Jian Wun, his best friend from childhood, Jian Ho, died, which was a pity as he was turning out to be a great asset to the investigation team because Kuo had hoped to get more information about Jian Wun from him. Jian Ho and Wun did not survive, but Yong Lin’s daughter Yu-Tong survived the accident. It will take her a while to recover from the shock she has been through. But Kuo feels there is more here than they are being shown; he does not know what, but he is keen to find out. What is this missing piece?


Spoilers Ahead

The Police Are Happy

With one of the major prime suspects in the chase for the serial killer having died, the police are more than happy to let the citizens know that the worst is behind them, and women can now live and walk out of the house peacefully. With the death of the serial killer/rapist, the police are very keen on wrapping up the case as soon as possible. They are closing in on the post-mortem report, finding out all the missing links, and connecting it to Jian Wun and Jian Ho. Jian Ho, though, was considered one of the major suspects, even though Kuo seems to understand that Jian Ho was not the one who killed those women. They collect all the DNA, fingerprints, and samples from Jian Wun and Jian Ho’s homes to make the closing of the case legitimate. They want to wrap the case up and for all so that nothing new springs up related to this case years later. They find the body of a woman with no right hand just outside the now-deceased culprit’s home, which proves that Jian Wun was the one who killed these women. The rest of the team with the force is happy, but something seems to have been bugging Kuo more than the others. He has a feeling that this is not the end and that there is more to be investigated and discovered. Kuo is feeling fidgety and restless and realizing that there is more to this case than is being revealed to the world. There cannot be an easy end to this serial killer case.


What’s Bothering Kuo?

Kuo, though, is going through all the case documents again and again, one too many times, and his teammates, superiors, and subordinates are confused by his behavior and wonder what he is trying to find out, even though it is obvious that the case is closed for legitimate reasons. Kuo is somehow not satisfied with the way the investigation was suddenly closed. It felt like the case just came to an abrupt end, and Kuo was left with a dissatisfied aftertaste that made him want to dig deeper into this. Kuo is going through all the pieces of evidence all over again because he is sure they missed something, and he’s breaking his head, his mind, and his sleep over this already-closed case. He gets orders not to snoop around further, but Kuo goes ahead anyway and digs deeper into something he thinks is a nexus that they could figure out.

‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Will Kuo Find Something After All?

With Kuo trying to find more information on the case, which has been closed by his team, he has to have realized that a lot of things don’t make any sense now in retrospect. As he goes through Jian Ho’s diary entries, which he did not have the last time, he writes about his daily routines and his inhibitions about things that happened to him on that day or any other person that affected him. Jian Ho mentions this highly secretive club called Sodom, which is run behind an adult bookstore and is meant for only those who indulge themselves in extremely intimate activities. There is a percentage of people who indulge in these, and Jian Ho discovered that his best friend Jian Wun was also found hanging out at this place often. When Jian Ho’s employers, TNB News, made a crackdown on adult movie films a few years ago as well as the adjacent books that are sold, they ventured into this highly secretive club to know more about such a lifestyle. When Jian Ho entered the club, he was intrigued to see Jian Wun at this place and wondered if he indulged himself as well.


All of this was brand new information for Kuo, and it opens more doors for the investigation the other way and lets him dig deep into the psyche of how Jian Wun used to lead a secretive life. Jian Wun had a tough childhood, which made him venture into worlds that led to him making such formidable decisions in his life. Kuo is sure that Sodom was responsible for making him the monster that he became. Jian brutally raped and killed the girls he kidnapped. Ya-Cih is also currently researching the same topic to find out more about how this scene could have led to a generation of late teens subjecting themselves to obscene material. The police and media want to wipe out such messy things, especially for a generation of kids who will soon hit puberty. Ya-Cih also notices Jian Wun in one of the videos from the archives, which intrigues her. She is curious to know how Jian Wun got into this secretive club, and whether this club is the reason why he is a monster to the girls he kidnapped. Maybe Ko and Ya-Cih will find something extraordinary and manage to come together to form a report; they never thought they would sit together and come up with theories to properly close this case.

On the other side, Hu Yun-Huei, Jian Ho’s elder sister, who also happens to be a psychiatrist, is being hounded persistently by the media to talk about her deceased brother, who was a suspect in the serial killer case. She is unwilling to say anything or to mention anything to the media with the hope of making sure her brother’s memory is not tarnished, at least whatever she has left of it in her mind. He-Ping Chen gives the team at TNB News the idea of interviewing Yun-Huei to understand the trauma she is going through and not to ask any triggering questions as well. Sticking to just what she is going through would be the topic of the interview. Yun-Huei agrees to the interview, but Ya-Cih starts hounding her with questions about her deceased brother, who is accused of killing women. Yun-Huei is rendered speechless because, at this point, she has frozen because of the trauma and is unable to respond to any of the questions in front of the camera. He-Ping Chen comes to the rescue of Yun-Huei and requests that Ya-Cih back off because a journalist is not supposed to cross the line. Yun-Huei breaks down and starts talking about how Jian Ho was a part of TNB news, and everybody knew him, including Ya-Cih, and still, people ask questions about how he was as a person. She stuck to the narrative that her brother was the innocent one and he would never hurt anyone. This is true because Jian Ho was only a suspect, not a convicted killer, which is why people have no right to call him a killer long after his death. Yun-Huei does not crumble under pressure and makes sure to say the right thing about her brother.


Kuo comes across Grandfather Nan, who comes to him with another piece of information: the voice that had called him through the public telephone booth was the voice of an older man, but the voice of the killer all had heard through television was the voice of a younger man. This is the only distinct difference he could make out. Tian, who was the confessed killer of Jian Ping, is offered to become an official police witness to help Kuo find out who the actual killer is. Tian is not sure what to do from this point because he wants to save himself and his father, but he is also sure the actual killer will hunt them down and finish off his family for good. There are a lot of twists and turns that happen as Kuo is nearing finding out that there is probably another man who pushed Tian and Jian Wun to commit those murders and made them accomplices so that even if they are caught, they had done most of the deeds, and the mastermind will only have to feed into their heads. Kuo was sure, and his intuition turned out to be right at this point.

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