‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: The Revival Of Rakel

The ending of “Copenhagen Cowboy” episode 4 gave a deeper insight into Nicklas’ survival. At first, it was believed that he had lost his life fighting Miu, as it was clearly shown that the pigs ate him. In reality, Nicklas was saved, but his body was covered in multiple stitch wounds. Now, the fifth episode of this show is connected to Miu’s identity and backstory. The episode began with a conversation between Danny and Miu, where he informed Miu about an impending gang war. Danny wanted Miu to stick by his side since this war would determine if he had been loyal to them or not. Moreover, Danny clearly warned her about their friendship; even though they were friends, Danny would never choose Miu over his work and responsibilities. Both of them left to meet some clients since they wanted more supplies before the war began. Miu watched from afar and waited for Danny to come back with the supplies. Bjarke and Polixen emerged from their car and handed over a bag that was filled with eight bricks of cocaine. These drugs were supposed to be hidden to avoid any conflict with the other party. After they left the parking lot, Danny and Miu walked alongside, and Danny got Miu a gun to protect herself with. This wasn’t Danny’s first time, as he had experienced the brutality of war previously. Suddenly, a masked man approached from a distance to attack Danny and Miu. She rushed towards the stranger and defeated him instantly.


But, on the other side, another masked stranger shot Danny, which gave him a serious injury. Miu kicked him to the ground, and Danny shot another stranger at the same time. Danny did not survive, and Miu left with the bag. Moreover, Bjarke and Polixen approached Miroslav and complained about Miu since she stole eight kilos of cocaine. They wanted Miroslav to find her as quickly as possible. On the other hand, Miroslav believed that Miu brought him bad luck and that Miu’s sole purpose in visiting him was to complete her witchcraft mission. The following night, Miu came back to the Dragon Palace and offered Chiang eight kilos of coke. Miu hoped that he would accept it in exchange for money. Meanwhile, Ai waited to meet Hulda and didn’t sleep for days. Chiang was delighted to have Miu back and expected a whole lot of cash, but the drugs caused him to change the whole deal again.

Chiang flushed the entire bag of drugs and did not accept it. He offered her a new deal, and this time Miu had to kill someone for Chiang. Well, guess what? It was Dusan, Miroslav’s best friend. Time passes by, and Miu comes back to Miroslav’s apartment. Miroslav asked her about the drugs, and Miu simply informed them that she had to use them for something personal. Miroslav lost control entirely and shouted at her. But Miu questioned Miroslav about situations that he put her through. Miroslav didn’t respond to her questions as he wanted to know Miu’s true motives this time. Well, Miu simply needed a job and a place to stay, and for some reason, Miroslav believed that Miu wanted to exact her revenge on him. Even though this episode didn’t reveal all the details, it was pretty clear that Miroslav had caused Miu a lot of trouble in the past. Suddenly, Miroslav went down on his knees and begged Miu to forgive him, as he feared that Miu would place a curse on him.


But she refused to place a curse on him. Miu asked Miroslav about her past, and he said he remembered nothing. Well, Miu saw through Miroslav and caught him lying. Miu wanted to know about her past, and he gave her all the details. Miroslav found her on the street when she was a child. Miu was on the verge of dying as birds in the sky circled above and waited for her death. But she survived, and all that time, Miu’s skin was pale and ice-cold. Miroslav predicted that Miu was not a human since no human could have survived that snowy climate. Suddenly, a woman appeared out of nowhere and claimed that Miu was her child. She started breastfeeding her, and it killed the woman. Even though Miu had the appearance of a human being, the woman’s death was enough for Miroslav to understand that Miu was strange. Miu possessed the ability to save and to kill. While some of them got a chance to live, others died because of her.

There was a prophecy around Miu. If she ever came back without her long hair, someone was destined to die. Flash forward to the next day, and Miu arrives at Dusan’s house and kills him. She called Miroslav and informed him about Dusan’s death. The episode took an entirely different turn when a disfigured Nicklas arrived on the scene. Out of the darkness, Nicklas’ sister Rakel stepped out. Rakel’s soul communicated with him as it was time to awaken her. To do this, Nicklas had to revive her with his mother’s blood. As Miu had destroyed Nicklas’ body completely, a part of his soul was already dead. Miu destroyed his human body and haunted his thoughts. Moreover, Rakel promised to help him, but killing their mother was the only way to revive her. The next day, Nicklas prepared Rakel’s coffin in the attic and killed his mother. He placed the sword he’d used to kill her above Rakel’s face, and the blood dripped inside her mouth, reviving her. The episode ended with Rakel’s revival and a new challenge for Miu.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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