‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Nicklas?

The third episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy” ended with a strange revelation wherein Miu spotted Cimona’s spirit in Nicklas’ manor. She tried to communicate with her, but Miu couldn’t understand the message behind Cimona’s sudden appearance. Cimona roamed around the lake, and Miu went towards it and checked. At the beginning of the fourth episode of “Copenhagen Cowboy,” Miu understood that Cimona had been killed by someone from Nicklas’ family and that her corpse had been dumped in the river. Apart from Simona, Miu had visions of several other young women who suffered the same fate. Finally, Miu and Nicklas met each other; they had a strange connection, and Nicklas immediately asked her about the corpses. To which Miu replied that she saw all of them. Suddenly, Nicklas started a countdown and gave her an ultimatum of ten seconds to escape the castle. As Miu ran to save her life, Nicklas followed her, and their chase was quite a stressful experience. Miu escaped and hid in the pigsty. Nicklas gradually stepped inside, but Miu knocked him to the ground and made her move. Miu waited for his arrival, and they fought each other until Nicklas lost consciousness entirely. Well, Miu was no ordinary woman; she was a fighter with exemplary combat skills. Nicklas couldn’t keep up with her movements and immediately lost the fight.

After everything was resolved, Miu peacefully left the place, but a new surprise was waiting for her. Ying was waiting for her outside the manor as Chiang wanted to meet Miu. He was extremely disrespectful toward her, which hinted that something had gone wrong at the Dragon Palace. Miu controlled and suppressed his headaches, and this time she asked him for a huge favor. Miu wanted Chiang to reunite Hulda and her daughter Ai. Chang refused to do so and offered her a gold bracelet. Despite everything, Miu didn’t change her mind. To compensate for his losses, Miu made a collateral deal with him. Once Ai was returned to Hulda, Miu promised to follow his commands. Chiang was skeptical about the whole situation since Mother Hulda had tried to run away with Ai without repaying the debts, but Miu promised her life in return. Chiang still refused to make a deal, so Miu had no choice but to threaten to give him more pain.

Finally, Chiang offered an agreement to Miu. He gave her a receipt for a certain amount and asked her to pay it off within seven days. Completing the payment was the only way to get Ai back. The next day, Hulda and Miu met Ai for a while until she was taken back to Chiang again. “Copenhagen Cowboy” Episode 4 introduced a new character into the story, a lawyer named Miroslav. Even though he was busy, Miu waited for him outside, and all this time, Miroslav spent his time- solving cases for his clients, and at the same time, he also smuggled ammunition and bombs. Meanwhile, the whole day passed by, but Miu still waited outside Miroslav’s office. He had no intention of meeting her until his employee addressed her as “a lucky coin.” Miroslav canceled all his other engagements to meet Miu; at the same time, he was shocked to see her alive. This was enough to understand that Miu and Miroslav were somehow connected. Miu tracked him down since he hadn’t changed his name or identity, and for some reason, Miu wanted help with a job and a house of her own.

But he insisted that Miu was a lucky charm; she was not supposed to work under compromising job profiles. Miroslav owed Miu the same thing. So, to pay her back, Miroslav gave her the job and introduced Miu to his friends, Polixen and Bjarke. She joined as a sales worker, and the employees trained her about the entire workflow of Miroslav’s business. Moreover, his employees kept many things from Miroslav; they gave a clear warning to Miu and informed her to work diligently. If Miu messes with them, even Miroslav won’t be able to protect her. The following night, Miu sneaked into Miroslav’s closet and stole a knife to protect herself. Once she was done with this, Miu and Ying met and warned each other about the money again. Soon, Miu started working as a dealer with a man named Danny. Even though she had no expertise in this field, Miu was ready to supply drugs to various customers. Throughout the whole day, Miu supplied drugs to many people, and some of them were too violent towards her.

They refused to pay and attacked her, but Miu was sharp enough to tackle their moves. Danny and Miroslav shared a great bond. Soon, Danny left to meet a man named Bjorn, who suffered from violent thoughts and hallucinations, and it always haunted him, he was clearly under the influence of drugs, but Danny stood by his side supporting him. Even though Danny was a drug dealer, he had bigger ambitions in life, as he wanted to reach greater heights in the future. But things became too difficult for him to handle as the notion of survival became relevant. Meanwhile, the finale of “Copenhagen Cowboy” Episode 4 went back to the very beginning, when Miu and Nicklas fought. After a while, the pigs began feeding off of his body, but in the end, he was saved. Nicklas suffered from multiple wounds that had to be stitched, and his body was completely disfigured. Some of his body parts were missing, including his reproductive organ. The pigs consumed it, and it was impossible to restructure his body. Nicklas’ father wanted to create a reproductive organ for him using prosthetics since, for him, these body parts defined a man’s well-being.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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