‘Colton Wolf’ In ‘Dark Winds,’ Explained: Are B.J. Vines & Colton Dead?

Colton Wolf, the most terrifying antagonist in Dark Winds season 2, is a captivating character, who has the potential to give us goosebumps. This AMC+ Adaptation takes a close look at Colton Wolf’s character, trying to figure out what makes him lose his mind and choose the path of killing. In this analysis, we’ll dig into Colton Wolf’s mysterious personality, trying to understand how he shakes up the world of Dark Winds.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Colton Wolf Want To Find His Mother?

Colton Wolf’s past was shrouded in darkness and tragedy, making him one of the most mysterious characters in Dark Winds season 2. Although the show kept many Details vague and open to interpretation, his backstory provided a glimpse into his tortured soul. One of the key elements of Colton Wolf’s past was the haunting incident involving his mother. It was suggested that his mother, driven by motives unknown to us, committed a heinous act by killing her husband and daughter. Perhaps she was suffering from a severe mental disorder, prompting her to take such a drastic decision. The gravity of this event couldn’t be overstated, as it not only led to the loss of innocent lives, but also left a deep scar on Colton’s psyche. This traumatic experience undoubtedly shaped his character and motivations in the future. What added another layer of mystery to Colton’s past were his own actions in response to his mother’s horrifying act.


Colton, seemingly driven by a desperate need for justice or vengeance, took matters into his own hands and shot his own mother to death. However, we didn’t get to see if he really shot his mother, as it was the only gunshot that had been heard. The mystery deepened when Colton Wolf resurfaced in Dark Winds Season 2 with his killing rampage. But along with orchestrating explosions to take out some Native American people, he was seemingly on a mission to find his mother. But if he was the one who had killed his mother, why was he on this pointless mission?

The only possibility is, that Colton might be seeking closure or answers about the events that led to the tragedy in his family. He might carry a deep sense of guilt, remorse, or even a desire for reconciliation. Alternatively, his quest could be driven by a need for retribution, if his mother was alive. Colton’s decision to hire a detective to find his mother suggested that his Motivations ran deep and that he was willing to go to great lengths to uncover the truth. In the end, Colton Wolf’s character arc remains veiled in shadows and inadequately explored, which doesn’t serve as a satisfying ending to the second season.


Why Did He Hate Native Americans?

When Joe Leaphorn asked Colton why he killed the Charleys as well as those six innocent men at the drill site, Colton replied that he hated Indians. He grew up in a community, where negative stereotypes and prejudices against Native Americans were pervasive. These beliefs were ingrained in him from a very young age. Perhaps since his childhood, he has had negative encounters or conflicts with Native Americans, that have shaped his attitudes.

By the end of the second season, it became clear, who was really behind Colton Wolf’s actions. It turns out that B. J. Vines was the one pulling the strings. B. J. Vines shared the same prejudiced and power-hungry mindset as Colton, and he had hired him to carry out a devastating explosion at the Drumco Oil Factory. B. J. Vines had a sinister plan. He wanted to take over the land, where the factory stood, and he figured that by causing this explosion, he could buy it at a lower rate.


Colton, unfortunately, went along with this terrible plan. He carried out the explosions one after another, leading to tragic consequences. It was a grim situation, where one person’s greed and another person’s willingness to inflict pain for personal gain led to a series of destructive events. In the midst of this, Joe Leaphorn’s son, who had nothing to do with anything, fell victim to the explosion and tragically lost his life at a young age.

Is B. J. Vines Dead?

In the second season of Dark Winds, B.J. Vines emerges as the cunning mastermind behind the string of murders that took place in the Navajo community. Colton, acting as Vines’ ruthless enforcer, skillfully removed every obstacle in his path. However, this partnership took a horrifying turn when Colton was captured by the police. Fearing that Colton might reveal incriminating information, Vines killed his trusted coworker, erasing any trace of his involvement in the crimes.


With Colton’s life tragically cut short, the secrets surrounding his own mother’s fate remained buried. Meanwhile, on the other side, we find Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, who had pieced together Vines’ connection to the devastating explosion at the drilling site, which also claimed his own son’s life. Fueled by anger and a need to bring the greedy white man to justice, Leaphorn gathered enough evidence to put Vines behind bars. However, the confines of the jail cell proved insufficient to hold a man of Vines’ wealth and influence. He secured his release on bail, which further infuriated Leaphorn. Frustrated by what he saw as a failure of the justice system to adequately punish an evil individual like Vines, Leaphorn took matters into his own hands. He went in a desolate, freezing land near the drill site in Malpais, where he left Vines at the mercy of nature.

As the season came to a close, we witnessed B.J. Vines isolated in the freezing cold, probably facing his demise. It seemed like Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn’s determination had finally put an end to B.J. Vines’ reign of terror. Seeing Vines stuck in the freezing wilderness, facing a tough situation, makes it seem like he is dead and won’t be making a comeback in the next season.


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