‘Class’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Is Dheeraj Being Blackmailed For Money?

Episode three of “Class” ended with Dhruv and Faruq being in love; it is just that they cannot come out in public to discuss the same. Adding to that, Faruq was beaten up by the cops because they were caught making out. Faruq decides to go all silent on the relationship with Dhruv because he realizes it is better if Dhruv stays out of his life. On the other hand, Neeraj and Suhani slept with each other only for Suhani to realize Neeraj wanted to enter the house to get hold of Suhani’s father’s black money to repay his loan. Dheeraj is suspicious of what is cooking between his brother and Suhani, and he does not trust his brother one bit.


Spoilers Ahead

Suhani’s Tryst With Danger In The Past

Suhani’s parents become paranoid day after day, and all Suhani can think of is how to get out of this claustrophobic situation. Her mother has her security following her every footstep, and despite all this, Suhani can meet Neeraj. Suhani is at a point in her life where she is emotionally drained, expecting love from her parents. Attention from Neeraj helps her feel loved and appreciate the fact that someone likes her. She is right now too blind to notice Dheeraj is there looking out for her and would do anything to save her from another downfall. Back to the interrogation after Suhani’s death, the principal is called in to give out more information about Suhani’s parents because Balli pointed out the fact that the parents and the brother are crazy, and Suhani was extremely unhappy with the way her family was functioning. Her complicated relationship with her family led to Suhani taking up drugs eventually, which led to one big incident which everyone kept talking about at various points.


Dhruv goes looking for Faruq, and he eventually finds him. Dhruv wants to talk about what is bothering Faruq. Faruq is initially not interested in carrying out the conversation, but slowly he starts opening up. Faruq talks about his childhood in Kashmir and his father during their stay. He was always stylish, modern, and broad-minded, but he has become the opposite of who he was before. Faruq’s uncle was beaten and killed by a mob in Srinagar for being gay, and Faruq’s father and the rest of the family have never been the same ever since. This bothers Faruq the most because he wonders if that will be his fate too. Dhruv understands his problems and lets Faruq vent them out. Since both are going through something similar, they are unable to express themselves at this point and are worried about how their family will react if they ever come to know their reality. Dhruv is constantly under pressure from his father to perform better in swimming, but as the days go by, Dhruv struggles to keep up with the standards set by his father. His confusion, lack of communication with his parents, and the fact that he is unable to convey anything to Veer as well make it hard for him to give swimming all his mind and body. One can only empathize with Dhruv and realize once the kids hit the teens, it becomes difficult for them to communicate their feelings to their parents, and parents find it difficult to deal with their kids in the struggle to control them with the hope they would go on the right path. Dhruv is going through a similar phase. But soon, Dhruv finds the courage to come out to Veer. Veer, being the best friend he ever had, understands and supports Dhruv.

‘Class’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Why Is Dheeraj Being Blackmailed For Money?

Veer tries talking to Saba after the fallout they have. He buys her expensive gifts, hoping she will accept them as an apology. Veer brings a gift because this kind of apology might have worked with Yashika, his sister, or any other woman in his life. But Saba makes it clear that gifting her something is equivalent to bribing her. Saba asks him to stay away from her and not make an issue out of the fallout they had. Veer is trying hard to apologize to Saba the way he always knew, but Saba is a different person altogether who has self-respect, and she will not do anything to harm that. Veer must come up with better words or manners to convey his apologies to make sure Saba is finally ready to talk to him.


Dheeraj and his father were beaten up by the corporator Chaudhary and his henchmen because Neeraj has failed to repay the loan of 15 lakhs so far. Neeraj asks to have the loan forgiven because he is trying hard to get the money, but so far, he has been unsuccessful. Chaudhary offers to forgive the loan if Neeraj agrees to kill a man they want to eliminate. Neeraj is in two minds as to whether to take up this deal or not. Though he has a rowdy nature, he never had a weapon to kill someone. Neeraj, at this point, must think about his brother, father, and well-being.

Balli, on the other hand, requests Koel to let him come for her mother’s birthday party, which will help him connect with many fashion designers. Balli uses this as something he would do in return for the relationship games Koel and Sharan are playing. All Balli wants to do is connect with the designers so that he can be considered as a model for their outfits. Koel’s mother has plenty of fashion designer friends, which will help him fulfill his dream of becoming a runway model. Koel agrees to his demands and invites him to the party. At the party, Koel shows her bedroom to Suhani and reminisces about all the time they spent being friends in childhood. Suhani is made aware of the broken window in Koel’s bathroom, which has not been repaired for years. Suhani and Koel used to be best friends, but with age, they grew apart, and Suhani’s life mantra became dramatically different from Koel’s lifestyle. Suhani hates her family, but Koel loves her family to bits. Koel showcases her father’s special edition phone collection, which is stored in a secure bedroom. The phones are studded with gold, diamonds, and rare stones and are one in a million objects now collected by Koel’s father.


Back to interrogation, Veer is asked about Mayank Taneja, who he had beaten up with his friends. Veer claims Mayank was a pedophile who preyed on underage girls, took advantage of their situation, and leaked their images and videos. Back to the party. Suhani starts talking to Dheeraj about what happened to her last year. Suhani has been on psychiatric pills for as long as she can remember, and soon, in her teens, she started indulging in hardcore drugs just to be able to get rid of the emotional pain inflicted by her parents. Veer is the only understanding person in the family, but he has a rough side too. This pain made her meet a man through one of the dating apps. He was an older gentleman who seduced her and took advantage of her vulnerability. This person was Mayank Taneja, who at one point also leaked the images and videos she shared with him. Veer took his friends to beat Mayank Taneja black and blue as revenge for ruining his sister’s reputation. This incident further deteriorated her mental health. When she met Dheeraj, she realized how much he liked her for who she was, and she wanted him to be her friend. Suhani is emotionally vulnerable right now, and her vulnerability is something only Dheeraj gets, and he never takes advantage of it, which Suhani appreciates. This makes her hang out with him the most and take him along to all the parties she and her family are invited to.

Neeraj has been assigned to kill a man who turns out to be an ex-peon who had worked for the school that was gutted in the fire. The peon turns out to be the only eyewitness of the arson which was committed to vacating the Nurpur area. Neeraj is now made aware of the fact that the fire was indeed not an accident but started by the said person who rescued Dheeraj, Saba, Balli, none other than Suhani and Veer’s father, Suraj Ahuja. Neeraj is unable to kill the man, and he goes into hiding to avoid being tracked by Chaudhary. He informs Chaudhary that the peon and his family had run away by the time he reached their home. Neeraj is in a state of shock to know Suraj Ahuja would murder to make way for his projects and behave as the savior of the people living in the slums. Dheeraj is soon contacted by Chaudhary to let him know that his brother is absconding, and now they will have to pay back 20 lakhs instead of 15 lakhs, and the said Peon was killed anyway by Chaudhary’s men. Dheeraj is also shivering after watching the video being sent to him of a peon being pummeled to death, informing Dheeraj of his fate from here on. Dheeraj is not sure why his brother would take up tasks such as this, and at this point, even Dheeraj is clueless about how to gather 20 lakhs.


‘Class’ Episode 5: Expectations

“Class” Episode 5 will be about Neeraj trying to manipulate Suhani and gathering money somehow to pay the loan back. But the information Neeraj has will surely make sure Suraj Ahuja will go behind bars for many years. It will be interesting to see how the kids of Suraj Ahuja will react when they come to know of their father’s involvement in the fire.

Final Thoughts

The fourth episode of “Class” felt more like a dragging of the screenplay when there was plenty of beating the bush around happening. The revelation came at an important juncture, but the editing could have been tighter to let viewers understand and not feel that the episode is lagging. This is the first time in “Class” where an episode’s pacing was affected even though the narrative moved forward. I hope the fifth episode of “Class” will serve the purpose of what happened just before Suhani was killed and help the story to take it forward.


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