‘Class’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Is Dheeraj Suspicious Of Neeraj?

As we saw previously in “Class” that Suhani’s pregnancy threw the investigation and interrogation into a frenzy. The police are tightening their grip over Dheeraj, Balli, and their classmates as they are trying hard to find out how Suhani was killed and who is responsible. At many junctures, Veer is losing his mind over his sister’s untimely death, and the police are not ruling out the involvement of her parents. The second episode of “Class” was all about Dheeraj trying to get money for his brother, but his conscience forces him to rise above this and not steal the money from the one person who trusts him and likes him for who he is.


Spoilers Ahead

Balli’s Party

Koel and Balli hooked up again, and this time Sharan was peeking through a tiny gap as Koel and Balli spent the night with each other. Sharan is a voyeur, and gets excited seeing Koel with other men, watching her derive physical pleasure. Back in the interrogation room, Balli is questioned ruthlessly by the police, just like Dheeraj was questioned. He is asked questions about Suhani, the rave party he threw, and the people that attended it. Balli is quite scared for the first time because there is a murder involved. Balli might come across as a carefree, confident boy, but for the first time, he fears what the investigation and interrogation will turn into. Dheeraj is again harassed at this point to divulge more information about his friendship with Suhani. The police are again and again told by other kids that it is Dheeraj who caused mayhem, for things at school used to be smooth until the three of them showed up. All the kids blame Dheeraj because they think his poor background will not be helpful if he ever wants bail.


Yashika’s jealousy towards Saba is never ending as she keeps pushing Veer to work on the plan she has asked him to. Veer, on the other hand, is not keen on going ahead with Yashika’s plan, for he starts to wonder if this is the right way to win any healthy competition. He respects Saba and makes sure he doesn’t cross the boundaries set by her due to her familial restrictions. Veer, on the other hand, is also worried for Dhruv because he has completely stopped hanging out with him. Veer and Dhruv, until a few weeks back, used to be there for each other no matter what, but this time Veer can sense Dhruv going away. He tries to talk to Dhruv, but he makes it clear to Veer that his issues have nothing to do with him; Dhruv is just going through something due to pressure from his parents regarding his swimming practice, and still insists that Dhruv talks to them about anything that is bothering him. Dhruv thinks no one will believe whatever he has to say about himself; that is why he remains aloof and likes to hang out with Balli and Faruq. Faruq and Dhruv are inseparable. Both are into each other, and it is obvious from their gaze that they love each other too.

Balli organizes a party and invites all his classmates to the same. Balli is a strong personality, and he knows he has an identity outside the school, so he makes sure to invite his classmates so that they can see another version of him. Suhani heads to the party with Dheeraj. Dheeraj is given a narcotic substance, and because he has no habit of consuming one, he gets high quickly. Neeraj takes advantage of Dheeraj’s state of mind and body and starts flirting with Suhani, eventually making out with her. Dheeraj is in no state to understand or comprehend this matter, but Suhani is aware of what she is doing, and she gets carried away by the attention shown by Neeraj at this point. It is obvious why Neeraj is making sure Suhani stays close to him.


‘Class’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Why Is Dheeraj Suspicious Of Neeraj?

Suhani’s mother is paranoid about knowing which party her daughter has gone to. Suhani’s mother is forever anxious about where her daughter is since the incident; they keep mentioning what happened a year ago with Suhani. She knows her parents will get paranoid, and to get their attention she runs off to the party by hoodwinking her security. Veer is later sent off to look for Suhani at the party. Veer contacts Saba to help him out. Saba is initially skeptical but decides to help him. He is a protective younger brother, unlike their parents. Veer only wants good for Suhani and talks to her like an adult, unlike how their parents communicate with Suhani. Veer’s only way to get into Balli’s party is to get Saba’s help. Saba comes by Balli’s place to help him, and he is grateful for her taking time off, risking lying to her father, and taking off for the party. Saba slowly starts liking hanging out with Veer as well, and they become friends. This party is a new environment for Veer. The people and the atmosphere get to him, but he doesn’t let it mess with his mind, for he is at the party to get Suhani.

Veer, on the quest to find Suhani, ends up witnessing Dhruv making out with Faruq and heading to the terrace with him. Veer is taken aback by what he sees, for he realizes Dhruv never opened up to him about who he is. Veer is not angry, but he starts looking for Suhani when he notices Saba has gotten high too. Saba had consumed a non-alcoholic drink which was already spiked. Suhani, in the quest for adventure, heads out of Balli’s party right in time when the police raid takes place. Balli and Dheeraj to the station for being underage. Just at the nick of the moment, Saba is also dragged out of the party by Veer because he does feel protective of her. Suhani takes Neeraj to her home, and Veer does the same to Saba so that she can sober up. Neeraj and Suhani end up sleeping with each other, and this is where Neeraj’s intention emerges, which is to steal money from Suhani’s parents to pay back his debts. Neeraj heads to the room where the locker is kept. He sees the tons of cash in the locker but decides to not rob Suhani’s father. Since he was the one who slept with Suhani, there was a high chance the kid in Suhani’s womb was Neeraj’s child. Neeraj, unlike Dheeraj, is an opportunist who is taking advantage of Suhani just to get close to her father’s money. Veer, on the other hand, tries to shoot Saba’s video in their pool but goes against that idea, for he realizes Saba is an innocent girl, and she cannot be treated that way. He drops the plan Yashika had made. Dhruv and Faruq are caught by the police, and they are also taken into custody. Faruq is beaten black and blue, and Dhruv is simply hurt by seeing the way cops hurt him. He has never seen anybody being beaten this way before, and he wants to make things right with Faruq now that he has made it clear that he does not want any communication with Dhruv.


After the raid, Dheeraj and Balli are at the station, where Dheeraj is looking for his brother and Suhani. He calls up his brother to find out about Suhani’s whereabouts. Dheeraj is suspicious of his brother and wonders if he has got into any untoward incident involving Suhani. Dheeraj knows Neeraj is desperate to get hold of money to repay the debt. Even though Neeraj lets his brother know that he has gone to drop Suhani off, Dheeraj is a mixed bag of jealousy and suspicion if anything did happen between Suhani and his brother. Even if something did happen between them, Dheeraj is sure his brother is doing it only to take advantage of Suhani and not out of love.

The next day after the party, Yashika, in all her rage and jealousy, reveals to Saba Veer’s actual plans with her. Saba is angry at what she heard from Yashika and asks Veer to stay away from her, and she ends up slapping him publicly. Saba is understandably angry, but doesnt understand the game Yashika is playing to create a rift between Veer and Saba’s friendship. On Suhani’s front, Neeraj comes out and claims that he loves her. Suhani is confused if she should believe him or not, keeping in mind the issues that have befallen her for trusting men. Suhani acknowledges his feelings, and they again start hooking up without realizing the consequences of it.


‘Class’ Episode 4: Expectations

As the investigation and interrogation get tighter and more secrets slowly come out, “Class” Episode 4 will focus on what was the incident that happened in Suhani’s life. There is a mention of Mayank Tyagi, and the police will want to know how Veer and his friends were involved in beating him up. Dhruv, on the other hand, will also probably find it hard to admit his love for Faruq, especially now that a full-blown investigation is going on.

Final Thoughts

All five writers of the show should be given all the credit for handling the subject matter with the utmost sensitivity and making sure the right kind of messaging is sent out about caste discrimination, class distinction, and the treatment of people from the LGBTQ community. The writers so far have a good hold over the narrative, which is making the show so far highly engaging. “Class” is turning out to be a good and faithful remake of “Elite.”


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