‘Class Act’ (2023) Plot, True Story, Cast, Release Date, & Where To Stream

Netflix has established itself as a powerhouse of biographical series that spotlight the lives of prominent figures for a worldwide audience. Notable examples include The Crown, a detailed exploration of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign that takes the viewers to the historical era to help us get insight into British royalty’s history, power dynamics, and human drama.


Narcos takes us on a gripping journey through the rise and fall of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, uncovering his connection with the drug trade and law enforcement. The People vs. O.J. Simpson revisits the iconic trial, offering gripping insights into American legal history. Selena: The Series beautifully tells stories of Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla’s evolution from a budding musician to a global icon while paying homage to her musical journey and legacy. Furthermore, in recent times as well, we have relished a few intriguing biographical dramas, such as Freud, The Law According to Lydia Poet, Dahmer, and many more.

While not a series, The Irishman delves into organized crime through Martin Scorsese’s lens. It spotlights mob hitman Frank Sheeran and some of the other hidden underworld figures. Netflix’s biopic approach combines extensive research, historical accuracy, and top-tier production values to make these stories accessible to a global audience.


Similar to these popular dramas, Netflix France is all set to release a biographical drama, Class Act, on Bernard Tapie’s life. Netflix has dropped the trailer for the upcoming series, offering us a captivating glimpse into the life of Bernard Tapie. This seven-part limited series promises to take audiences on the incredible journey of a man who rose from humble beginnings to achieve prominence in politics, business, and sports. Class Act will unveil the highs, lows, and pivotal moments that shaped Tapie’s life, all portrayed by a talented cast of actors. The trailer has already set the stage for higher expectations, introducing us to the world of Tapie.

Story And Plot

In the trailer, we get a glimpse of Bernard Tapie as someone with big dreams and a lot of ambition. He even describes himself as indestructible. Tapie’s life story is like a rollercoaster ride—he’s been a singer, a businessman, a government minister, and even spent time in prison. Despite all the ups and downs, his life is like a fascinating love story with destiny. It shows how a regular person can become an extraordinary public figure through their successes and failures. So, in Class Act, we’ll get to see the exciting journey of this remarkable man.


It can be expected that the upcoming series will cover a wide range of intriguing aspects of his life. It might begin with his humble beginnings and early struggles, showcasing how he rose from a modest background to pursue his dreams. The show could highlight his successful business ventures, like managing companies such as Adidas, and delve into his business acumen. Tapie’s involvement in sports, particularly his journey to becoming the owner of the Marseille football club, is likely to be a significant part of the narrative, along with the controversies surrounding his ownership. His political career, legal battles, and allegations of corruption are also expected to add drama to the series. Personal aspects of Tapie’s life, including his family and relationships, might offer a more intimate perspective. Class Act could wrap up by reflecting on his legacy and his struggle with cancer, which ultimately took his life.

Who Is Bernard Tapie?

Netflix’s French series Class Act is based on the true events of one of the most popular figures in French history, Bernard Tapie. He was a prominent French businessman, politician, and TV host known for his dynamic and multifaceted career. Born on January 23, 1943, in Paris, France, Tapie’s life has been marked by a series of achievements and controversies. He initially started his career as an artist, believing he could make a living singing songs, but it didn’t last long. Later on, Tapie acquired and revitalized several struggling companies, most notably Adidas. Under his leadership, Adidas experienced a resurgence, becoming a global sportswear giant.


Tapie’s famous political career was also noteworthy. He served as a member of the French Parliament and as a government minister. But his political career was marked by controversies, including legal troubles. His life story is characterized by highs and lows, making him a compelling figure for a series like Class Act. Bernard Tapie’s life is like a colorful story filled with ups and downs. His success in business, sports, and politics while also facing a lot of controversies is an intriguing journey that viewers are about to experience in Class Act.

Cast And Character

The casting choices for Class Act are certainly impressive, and they promise to bring depth and authenticity to the characters. Laurent Lafitte, known for his versatile acting skills, taking on the role of Bernard Tapie is a promising choice. His ability to portray complex characters will likely make Tapie’s journey truly engaging. Supporting actors like Ivan Murphy and Alexandre Blazy add to the ensemble, indicating a well-rounded cast that can deliver captivating performances. Josephine Japy, portraying Tapie’s wife, brings her talent to the mix, promising compelling on-screen chemistry. With these familiar faces, viewers can anticipate a show that feels real and emotionally resonant. Through their exceptional performances, the cast will likely help the audience connect with the characters on a deeper level, making Class Act a must-watch series that promises to provide insight into the lives and experiences of these intriguing personalities. 


When And Where To Stream

Stay tuned for an unforgettable exploration of this remarkable figure’s legacy and get ready for an exciting journey as Netflix is all set to release the show on September 13th. The series will have seven episodes for you to enjoy and get to know more about the scandalous life of Bernard Tapie. Through the upcoming show Class Act, we’ll get to uncover the history of Tapie, beginning from his early days to his success, challenges, and everything in between. So, mark your calendar to dive into the enigmatic life of Bernard Tapie when the show hits the Netflix screen. 

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