‘Chupa’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Does Alex Bring The Lost Chupa To His Family?

If a human is lost, there are certainly ways and means to search for them. But if an animal is lost, unless it is a domesticated one, no one is going to worry about it. “Chupa” is about a mythical creature that Quinn believes to be of a lot of value. Therefore, right at the beginning of the film, you find him with his workers searching the area where he had noticed the legendary creature, the Chupacabra. But in an attempt to get hold of the animal, he hurts it. The mother Chupacabra leaves Chupa hidden in a certain place and runs, diverting the attention of Quinn and his associates. Chupa, thus, is safe but all alone with no one to take care of him.


Chupa looks ferocious, and if you hear the stories about the Chupacabras, you will surely be afraid of the creature. But for all the evil there is in the world, there is an equal amount of good that will help sustain the beautiful world we live in. The rest of the story takes us through how Quinn is adamant about getting hold of Chupacabras and making the best use of them. On the other hand, we are also shown how Chupa survives among humans and how they assist him in finding his home.

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Where Did The Grandfather Of Alex Suddenly Disappear To?

As the name of the movie suggests, the story revolves around Chupa. The other narratives that play around describe how human beings try to either coexist with Chupa or otherwise. When the whole incident of Quinn hunting Chupacabras happened, the mother Chupacabra and Chupa both hit a running 88 Beetle car. An already injured mother Chupacabra leaves Chupa, who the grandfather of Alex gets hold of and places in his shed, taking care of him and trying to make friends with him. Quinn, on the other hand, is continuing his search for the chupacabras, but to no avail. In the meantime, we have the grandchildren Nuna, Memo, and Alex visiting their grandfather, who resides on the farm all alone.

Alex is grieving his father’s death due to cancer. And therefore, he doesn’t mix much with his cousins and secludes himself whenever the topic of his father is brought up in a discussion, or he plays a game on the Game Boy. He is unable to vent all his emotions and suppresses them within himself. To lighten Alex’s mood, Nuna and Memo play a video of their grandfather, who was one of the toughest fighters ever and was famous at El Santo. The video describes how their grandfather fought for justice and protected the people. It was only when he had a skull injury and slipped into a coma that he started to forget things.


Thus, staying on the farm all alone is dangerous for their grandfather. Sometimes, he could just walk out and forget where he was going or not know how to come back home. Nuna and Memo knew about this, so when one day he went missing, they knew exactly where to find him. But before their grandfather went missing, one of their goats from the farm was mysteriously killed by the Chupacabra, and the kids start panicking, but their grandfather brushes off the idea of the existence of Chupacabras and says that they are just legendary creatures that do not exist in reality. All of them leave the site except for Alex, who notices that the goat’s wounds slowly start healing. The suspicious behavior of his grandfather leaves Alex wondering and assuming that his grandfather knows something about the Chupacabras. The following day their grandfather goes missing, and therefore, as usual, Nuna suggests that he would have gone to the market; therefore, all three of them drive to the market in search of him, but they don’t find him there. Thus, they return, and on their way back, they notice their grandfather walking with a goat. Their grandfather didn’t want them to know about Chupa, who was hidden in the shed, and therefore wanted to quietly get a goat and offer a meal to Chupa. Therefore, when his grandchildren ask him why he has purchased a new goat, he remains silent, behaving as though he has forgotten.

What Does Quinn Want From The Mythical Creature?

Quinn wants to find this creature and prove that whatever he has been researching is true. He is not worried about whether the creature is hurt or not. He just wants to get hold of Chupa and exploit him for the benefit of the medical industry. As the creature has healing powers, he wants to send Chupa for further research. This will also make him a lot of money, perhaps more than the amount he has spent on the research. Quinn thus goes blind to the other aspects that his actions cause harm to. First of all, this expedition distorts the habitat of the endangered species. It creates fear in the creatures, which can further be a cause of concern for those residing in the surrounding areas. Harming the endangered species is sure to drive them to extinction as time passes. So what Quinn wants from the mythical creatures is to selfishly sustain himself instead of coexisting with them.


‘Chupa’ Ending Explained – How Did Alex Brings The Lost Chupa To His Family?

One night, Alex finds his grandfather visiting the shed with a music toy, and while spying on his grandfather, he notices Chupa hiding in the bushes. That being his first encounter with the creature, he gets scared of Chupa, and trying to escape, he wounds his hand. Therefore, his grandfather applies ointment to his hand, and they go to sleep. The next morning, Alex notices Chupa licking his hand, and the wound that he had suddenly got better. He, therefore, wants to become friends with Chupa and accompany him, as he understands what it means to lose one’s family. And he also promises Chupa that he will make every effort to get him back to his family.

But it is not as easy as one might think. The cousins of Alex also come to know of Chupa, as does Quinn. Therefore, Quinn tries to take Chupa along with him, but their grandfather, being a wrestler, fights Quinn, and they escape to the forests. Chupa tries to find his way back home, sensing the existence of other Chupacabras through smell. Chupa and Alex almost reach the end of the mountain, and when Chupa starts howling, signaling to the Chupacabras, Alex too joins him. And in a moment, Alex gives a hug to Chupa and states that he will miss Chupa a lot but that he is very happy that Chupa has found his home.

Chupa happily makes his way across to the other mountain, but when Alex tries to return, he encounters a ferocious animal, which is driven off by his grandfather. But then Alex, due to fear, tried to escape the animal onto a dilapidated pole that connected the two mountains. As it has grown rusty, it starts to break off, and Alex cries for help, which is heard by Chupa, who runs to save him. Alex isn’t able to hold the pole for too long, and therefore, Chupa jumps to hold the pole, but by then, Alex slips off from the pole and luckily grabs Chupa’s tail. But both drop from the top as the pole breaks, and as they drop, Chupa starts to flap his wings, and they are saved from the massive fall.

When they are all celebrating that Chupa can fly, Quinn arrives and sedates Chupa and takes him along with him. But then, there is a family of Chupacabras who come to help Chupa and save him from the nasty humans. They do not allow Quinn to move any further with Chupa by surrounding him from all the sides and blocking his way. Quinn is still powerful with the modern equipments he has and therefore he tries to scare the Chupacabraas. But Alex’s grandfather comes to the rescue with his signature move i.e., suplex and Chupa is set free from Quinn. Thus, the lost Chupa reunites with his family happily. Chupa finds his family and Alex finds his, therefore, accepting that his father is long gone but his grandfather, mother and cousins are still with him to accompany along this journey. 


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