‘Chamak’ Season 2 Theories: What To Expect Next From Sony LIV Series?

Rohit Judraj’s Chamak is a decent attempt to showcase the ever-thriving music industry in Punjab, which reflects the amount of talent that has been coming out of that state in the past many years. Rohit Jugraj takes this scenario and gives the audience a decent thriller drama surrounding the toxic nature of the industry, where competition is cutthroat, and artists would do anything to survive.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Season 1 End?

Season one’s goal was to let Kaala know about his parents and his quest to find the people he thinks killed them twenty years ago. Gurpal Singh was a journalist and a close acquaintance of Kaala’s father, Tara. The aging man informed him about the possibility of the involvement of his father’s friends in the murder. Kaala was on the trail to find out who could be the killers, and he finally narrowed it down to Baldev Dhillon, Pratap Deol, and Lata’s father, Jugal Brar. Baldev Dhillon was the closest to being a bigger suspect because his tattoo resembled the symbol of the death threat Tara had received from a radical group for his songs and their lyrics. Pratap Deol was also a suspect because he took over the organization, which Tara himself had founded, ‘Teej Sur.’


Kaala finally got close enough to Baldev Dhillon and Pratap Deol in the finale and revealed himself to be the son of Tara Singh Gill and Navpreet Kaur. The main men present at the ‘Peer Ka Mela’ were shocked at the news that Kaala dropped but did not react as much as he had expected. Kaala was aware he had ruffled a lot of feathers by making this announcement, which overshadowed Guru taking over an organization to be run in the name of Tara Singh. He crashed at his home later that night, given to him by his friend Dimpy Grewal, and woke up to being arrested by the Punjab police for possession of narcotics. Kaala heard one of the men offering confirmation to Dhillon about his arrest. This moment confirmed Kaala’s suspicion about Dhillon’s involvement in his parents’ deaths, even though his henchman had claimed otherwise, which paved the way for the second season. The makers and the streaming channel are yet to make any announcement about the second season. This article is written based on how the first season ended and the narratives the makers should consider. The first season concluded by pointing to where the second one might be heading.

Chamak is loosely based on the death of the legendary Punjabi singer “Amrit Singh Chamkila,” who was killed along with his wife on stage. The story of Chamak expands to a fictionalized tale of a son who is on the lookout for their killers. Kaala is arrested by the end of the first season, and the second installment might begin with Kaala still in prison, trying to obtain bail. Since Baldev Dhillon is in power and is slated to be the next Chief Minister of the state, the man would make sure Kaala remained in prison for a long period of time.


What Is Kaala’s Fate To Be?

Kaala might also remain stuck for some time with Dimpy’s hands tied as well. Dimpy and Baldev’s family are friends, making it difficult for the former to help his protegee. Dimpy and Pratap’s family were always at loggerheads. Pratap Deol would use this opportunity to offer the bail money to Kaala so that he could switch allegiances. Dimpy would be livid at Kaala for taking this drastic step and would probably get carried away by his father’s and Baldev’s words. Dimpy is gullible and might work against the man he once called his friend. Kaala and Dimpy had developed a solid friendship ever since his first song was out, but Kaala’s imprisonment would test their friendship.

Guru and Pratap Deol, on the other hand, would try to use Kaala for their selfish reasons. The Tara Singh Foundation, which Pratap had begun and offered Guru to run it will see some benefit in having Kaala on their side, who is the actual son of the legendary singer. They would use his image to promote the organization. There might be some underhanded illegal work functioning which would be kept discreet until Kaala himself finds out.


The entire music industry is corrupt, and there are plenty of powerful ministers who invite these influential singers to garner votes using their fans. These two fields are connected, as established in the first season. The same would be carried forward in the second season to understand the nexus. There is the possibility that Kaala will ultimately be betrayed by Pratap Deol for speaking up about the illegal business his company might be carrying out.

Would Lata And Jazz Help Kaala?

Meanwhile, we believe that while Kaala was in prison, Jazz’s career would pick up, and she might become one of the leading female percussionists. Kaala, who might be on the verge of losing his life, will most likely ask for Jazz’s assistance to get to the bottom of the answer he is seeking. Jazz would be hesitant to help because of the way their relationship ended. She might be harboring some love for him, which would make her help him eventually.


Lata would back out on Kaala at her father’s insistence. There is a possibility she will be kept in the dark about her father’s role in Tara’s death. She will be further manipulated into making Kaala the villain of the story. The breakup will probably add some sense to Kaala, who was using Lata for selfish reasons as well. Breaking away from Lata will make him closer to Jazz once again. Jazz will most likely oblige to his request to help and nothing more. They are likely to grow closer as their mission is about to end. Kaala would want Jazz by his side, but it would depend on her if she wanted to pursue a relationship with someone who had previously abandoned her.

Who Killed Taara And Navpreet?

There is the possibility that Baldev Dhillon might not have operated alone in the planning and execution of Tara and Navpreet’s murder. Just like the henchman mentioned, Baldev was powerless, and he could not have pulled off this feat on his own. Pratap, Jugal, and Baldev may have planned, orchestrated, and executed the crime to kill Tara, and Navpreet may have been collateral they probably did not expect to kill.


All three of them were probably jealous of Tara’s popularity, and Baldev may have egged them to follow their worst instincts. Pratap got hold of the music company as a result, and Baldev could pursue his acting career without worrying about being overshadowed by Tara. Out of the three, Jugal may have felt a pang of guilt. That could be the reason behind his going away from the limelight to indulge himself in music, an art that was close to Tara.

Kaala might come to know of these stories and will try to kill them when Gurpal requests him to not commit a crime. Kaala was neck-deep in trouble back in Canada. Jazz and Gurpal wouldn’t want him to spend his life in an Indian prison. Most likely, Pratap, Jugal, and Baldev would confess to the crime they committed twenty years ago and look forward to jail time. This could be the end of the two-decade-old saga of a killing that rattled the state, but people forgot as well. We hope to see these scenarios and more, coupled with some excellent music.


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