‘Chamak’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Why Did Kaala Reveal His Real Identity?

Rohit Jugraj’s crime thriller series, Chamak streaming on SonyLIV, delves into the dark alleys of the Punjab Music Industry that no one talks about. Amongst the glittery and glamorous world of the industry, the lead, Kaala, is looking for those who were instrumental in murdering his parents many years ago. Kaala will find closure, but at a great cost as Chamak Season 1 concluded on an open-ended note, paving the way for season two.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Tara Singh And Navpreet Kaur?

Chamak begins with Tara Singh and his wife, Navpreet Kaur, performing at one of his stage shows, surrounded by his fans. Two gunmen shot at the couple, and both died instantly. Ever since, the mystery of their deaths has loomed around Punjab. The gunmen were caught, but they never revealed who hired them. Over the years, there were many theories on who would want to kill them, but there was no conclusive evidence to back any of them. People soon forget about it, and the men who were associated with Tara Singh and his wife moved to various ventures. Tara and Navpreet’s son was being raised far away from his homeland.

Why Did Kaala Leave Canada?

Kulvinder Singh Gill, aka Kaala, was out on parole in Canada when he committed another crime. Kaala would not want to give up on his dream to become a singer or artist, and going back to jail would put an end to it. Kaala escaped to Punjab, India. Canada was his home, and leaving everything to pursue his dream came easy to Kaala. His father didn’t join him on his trip back home. The man had no contribution in making Kaala strong and resilient. Kaala was an NRI on the run but never showed off his status since his nationality was under scrutiny.

How Did Kaala And Jazz Meet?

Kaala and Jasmine, aka Jazz, met after an impromptu rapping session that took place right outside the establishment where he worked. Jazz was enamored by his talent, and both began flirting. Jazz was also a struggling singer and a percussionist, and she somehow understood his zest for wanting to establish a niche for himself. Quite early in their companionship, Jazz accidentally learned of Kaala’s past in Canada. Jazz was willing to look past his crimes and see him as a talented artist. Kaala had also confessed to having fallen in love with her in their brief interaction, to which she did not respond, but she was willing to get to know him further.

Why Was Kaala Obsessed With His Parentage?

Kaala and Jazz pursue a gurdwara, as seen in a photograph he had of his mother and father. This trip to the holy place turned out to be an eye-opener for Kaala. He came across certain life changing information he wasn’t ready to face. Kaala learns that he was the son of the legendary singers Tara Singh Gill and his wife, Navpreet Kaur. The man who raised him was his uncle, and he is livid at him for not disclosing his legacy. Kaala learns of his parents’ deaths from a priest at the gurudwara and receives a hostile reaction from his mother’s family upon visiting them. Kaala soon became obsessed with knowing the truth behind their deaths, and he briefly abandoned his dream of becoming a star. His search took him to a journalist, Gurpal Singh, who hinted his parents’ deaths could be caste-related. The strongest rumor around their deaths was the theory of an honor killing carried out by Navpreet’s family. Kaala’s mother’s family revealed they wouldn’t have killed her on a public stage. Their admission of rage against a daughter who went against societal norms was palpable. Navpreet marrying a man of her choice still triggered them.

Kaala’s estranged grandmother asks him to become famous as Tara, and the actual killer will finally come out of the den. Kaala was not sure what his plan would be if he discovered who the orchestrator of their deaths was, but his grandmother’s words resonated with him. He decided to pursue music and hunt the killer. His obsession arises from the fact that he has been kept away from this information all his life.

How Did Dimpy Grewal And Kaala’s Friendship Form?

Kaala wanted to become a musician, but his bigger plan required him to find out who among his father’s friends killed them. Gurpal Singh’s detailed research on Tara Singh and Navpreet Kaur’s deaths provided many leads that could help Kaala get closer to the perpetrator. One of the perpetrators could be the now-sitting minister in the state, Baldev Dhillon. Kaala planned to get closer to the man through Dimpy Grewal and his father, who were producers of Baldev’s older films. Dimpy Grewal was a gullible man, which Kaala took advantage of so that he could manipulate the situation in his favor. Kaala’s tactics helped him get himself a song in Dimpy Grewal’s film. The song was a success, and Dimpy and Kaala became fast friends. Dimpy was willing to believe Kaala because it was the confidence in his talent that fascinated him. Carried away by his grounded nature, Dimpy offered him a new car and an apartment. Kaala found a genuine friend in Dimpy, and Kaala revealed about his past in Canada. Dimpy was moved by his honesty, but the man was not close enough to reveal his parentage. Kaala was in no mood to sabotage his plan to get intel on Baldev Dhillon’s involvement in his parent’s death. Their friendship was the reason Kaala became a well-known singer in the state. He could move forward with his plan to get closer to the person Kaala assumes is the killer.

Why Did Kaala Want Lata In His Life?

Kaala was close to his goal, but on Gurpal’s advice, he planned to get closer to the other singer, Jugal Brar, who had gone under the radar ever since Tara and Navpreet’s deaths. Jugal dedicated most of his life to classical singing and teaching and never made any public appearances. The man was also famous for not singing for movies, and he discouraged his daughter from doing so. Lata developed a penchant for singing growing up, and she chose to quietly rebel against her father by singing for bands in her college, which is where her meet-cute with Kaala took place. Kaala, being a charmer, found his way to request Lata to hang out with him and eventually sing with him for the Dimpy Grewal song. This song not only exposed her talent but also angered her father for obvious reasons.

Kaala manages to end his relationship with Jazz in his bid to find the answers he is seeking. Kaala was under the impression that Jazz would be an obstacle in his attempt to locate the killers. Lata, on the other hand, fell for his charm and became his sole gateway to reach his end goal. After a lot of insistence, Lata manages to introduce Kaala to her father, and they speak about ‘Peer Ka Mela’ music festival. Gurpal stressed that Kaala should be part of the festival to get further leads on his father and mother. He made sure Jugal’s student did not make it so that Kaala was chosen for the ‘Peer Ka Mela’. Kaala being a part of the prestigious festival is farfetched and too convenient. Jugal was a seasoned musician, and it does seem odd for him to not see Kaala for who he is instead of falling for his tactics. Lata was smitten with love, and her ignoring all the tell-alls was expected in a narrative that is very Kaala-centric. Even though he carried out many questionable moves, seeing him as the nicest guy around was not an easy task for the viewers. His end goal could be justified, but the route he took was not.

Why Did Kaala Reveal His Real Identity?

Chamak‘s finale episode was about the ‘Peer ka Mela’ that had artists from all around the country. This show would also be attended by Pratap Deol, head of the music company ‘Teej Sur,’ who was always looking for new talent to launch. Pratap’s son Guru was close to being named the head of the Tara Singh Foundation, which was a big feat. Guru and his father always had a strained relationship because of his sexuality. Pratap choosing Guru to run the organization is a monumental step in their relationship, and Guru cannot wait to impress his father. Guru suffered a lot at the hands of his father, but he was willing to move past that and get serious about the work assigned after the announcement would be made at the festival.

After weeks and weeks of practice, Kaala was finally chosen to be part of the music festival, and he was blessed by none other than Jugal Brar himself. It was tough to crack the man because the qualities he sees in a singer are specific. Kaala transcended that and became well-versed in a short period of time. The amount of hard work he put into making an appearance at this festival is a testament to his coming closer to his end goal. His performance at the festival is revered and appreciated by many, including Pratap Deol and Baldev Dhillon.

Kaala achieved a status that not many could achieve in a short period of time. This appreciation gave him the courage to come out and reveal the news of his parentage. He did this to create a shockwave. Kaala wanted to witness the reactions of the three men present in the audience and make a final judgment on who could be the killer. A surprise of this nature would allow them to make a quick decision that would help him narrow down the orchestrator of the crime. Maybe his grandmother was right; his coming out in the open would allow the killers to show their real faces. Kaala risked his life to seek revenge for his parents. Kaala’s plan had worked, and Jazz wasn’t around to see him succeed. He found the fame he was looking for, and, in the process, he could easily locate the killers.

Chamak Season 1 ended with Kaala reaching home and sleeping after a long day at the festival. On waking up, he was surrounded by cops who arrested him for possession of narcotics. News of his parentage created a lot of noise, and so did his arrest. This was the move he was waiting for the killer to make, and to some extent, Kaala had expected a retaliation of this kind. Even though the media would have a field day with this news, there was a possibility that Kaala might have to fight harder to get out of this situation. He hears one of the men speaking to Baldev Dhillon about the arrest, which Kaala overhears. It confirms his suspicions that it was the minister in his younger days who had orchestrated the brutal deaths of his parents. The motive so far seems to be caste, and the controversial lyrics Tara wrote represent his community. Only the next season would bring Kaala closer to Baldev, who would finally reveal his role and the motive behind their murders. This will also shed light on caste-based discrimination, which is a harmful aspect of the social fabric of our country. Tara was most likely killed for speaking up against it, and his popularity will make others in his community come out and stand up to the unjust social behavior. Baldev wanted to bring the world back into order by getting rid of Tara and his wife.

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