‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Black Raven Burn Down The Ship?

Previously in episode 7 of “Carnival Row” Season 2, we saw Ezra consent to help Agreus escape from Ragusa, but unfortunately, before Agreus could escape, the Pact army attacked New Dawn, leaving them with no choice but to engage in a war. Tirnanoc, meanwhile, was a free land where the Critch of the Burgue decided to settle down, but Black Ravens didn’t let that happen. With the Sparas, Black Ravens had come to the Row and burned down the transport ship that was to go to Tirnanoc. Berwick wanted to stop the massacre, but the Sparas killed him as well. Philo was in a dilemma about whether he should stay in the Burgue to confront the Sparas or go back to Tirnanoc, forgetting everything.


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Why Did Agreus And Imogen Return To The Burgue?

The beginning of Episode 8 of “Carnival Row” Season 2 takes place in the Burgue, where Philo is devastated upon seeing the passing of his closest friend Berwick. He felt Berwick, an upright officer, didn’t deserve to be killed in this manner. Agreus, Imogen, and Ezra were fleeing for their lives in Ragusa, where the Pact army had destroyed the New Dawn’s base. They witnessed numerous deaths while traveling, which crushed Imogen’s soul. She had earlier been seen becoming sick while dancing with Kastor, which might have been a sign that she was expecting. However, throughout this time, she is shown not to tell Agreus about anything.


Eventually escaping the base alive, Agreus, Imogen, and Ezra traveled in search of a settlement toward a desolate area. Yet Ezra was secretly planning to murder Agreus. He was aware that Burgue was an ally of the Pact; therefore, they would not hurt him. He tried to provoke Agreus by talking about Imogen’s past as a golddigger, but Agreus refused to take his words at face value. While Imogen felt terrible about what Ezra had said about her, Agreus disclosed his prior life, which was the primary cause of his wealth. He disclosed that he was a skipjack who had taken the Critch to the humans after capturing them in order to collect a hefty bounty. He was powerful and free due to the fortune he had accumulated on the basis of the blood and deaths of his own kind. The revelation shocked Imogen, but before she could react, the Pact army arrived.

Even though they were unaware of their presence, Ezra made every attempt to have Agreus captured. Agreus restrained him, but during the process, Imogen killed Ezra by suffocating him. Although Ezra’s departure was a good thing, Agreus wanted to take care of Imogen, which she disapproved of because, with her brother gone, she didn’t want to feel controlled anymore. Because of Agreus’ past, Imogen might have assumed that, like the feeble Fae people, Agreus would wish to bind her so he could control her however he pleased, but Imogen refrained from doing so. The New Dawn observed the two of them in the interim and instructed them to pick up Ezra’s body. Ezra’s body had been thrown into a teeming mass grave.


Leonora was aware that Agreus and Imogen intended to flee, but she chose not to kill them and instead offered an opportunity for them to return to the Burgue as her emissaries. Imogen was given the assignment by Leonora to present the treaty between the Burgue and New Dawn in the Burgish Parliament. After speaking with Kastor about the deal, Agreus and Imogen went back to the Burgue with the Republicans. The members of the Republican Party initially objected to Imogen’s request to speak in the Parliament about the treaty, but after she emphasized that she had a legal right to do so, Millworthy granted her request. Agreus and Imogen moved in together at the Spunroses’ home; however, it appeared that their relationship had grown distant after their prior argument.

Why Did Black Raven Burn Down The Ship?

However, in the Burgue, Philo told Dombey about the Sparas, whom he thought to be a man. Regardless of the fact that Dombey was furious with Philo for betraying him and Berwick, he considered the information. When inspecting the scene, Philo and Dombey found the dead bodies of the Burgish marines, but the motive behind the killing was unknown because the Faes would never harm anyone. Philo came to the conclusion that these troops weren’t coming to battle the Fae but rather to reclaim Tirnanoc. He confronted Millworthy about it, and Millworthy responded that he had to reach many agreements with the military in order to return the Fae to their homeland but that all he had been trying to do was assist the Critch so they could at least be at Tirnanoc, which was much safer than the Burgue.


Vignette struggled to come to terms with the idea that the Black Ravens had betrayed their own kind and dashed their hopes of returning to Tirnanoc. Vignette learned, however, from the Ravens that the Burgue was not only allowing them to wander free in their homeland but that they were also about to seize Tirnanoc. But with this revelation came an even bigger surprise: the Black Raven’s connection to the New Dawn. The head of the New Dawn, Leonora, who had successfully repelled the Pact army, approached Vignette and suggested that she take charge of the movement using her forthright and revolutionary leadership skills. Let’s see if with Vignette’s leadership, the New Dawn can set the Critch of the Burgue free and assist them in getting back to Tirnanoc in the season finale of “Carnival Row” Season 2.

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