‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Was Philo’s Plan?

In the previous season of “Carnival Row,” we learned about the history of the Faeries and their animosity toward the Pact, who had seized control of their homeland, Tirnanoc. Shortly after the Burgue abruptly broke off their alliance with Tirnanoc, the Pact started their horrific torture of the Faes. Meanwhile, Burgish soldier Philo, who had a romantic relationship with a fae named Vignette, fled the Fae land, faking his death. But Vignette ultimately learned Philo was still alive when she arrived in the Burgue. While the political efforts were going above and beyond the pale, a slew of demonic killings had been taking place. Piety, the Chancellor’s wife, was reawakening the Dark Asher demon to destroy the Faes. But she eventually received her ultimate punishment, and Philo and Vignette finally reunited. However, since the Pact had resumed operations to eradicate all the Critch, which had decimated many of the Burgue’s neighboring cities, the level of damage had increased. The criminal organization known as Black Raven didn’t keep quiet either. New Dawn, a new set of revolutionaries, arose in the meantime. We’ll go over each issue individually through the new episodes of “Carnival Row” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Purpose Behind The Train Heist?

The first episode of “Carnival Row” Season 2 opens with the Black Raven pulling off a raid on a freight train, but Vignette is shown in charge instead of Daliah. The Faes had been suffering from an unidentified epidemic, so Vignette believed it was necessary to arrange the medical supplies so that the Faes might survive and be treated. Philo was seen engaging in fights with trolls and fauns somewhere in a ring. The faun ringmaster Boz, with whom Philo had struck a deal, was betting on the fighters. But rather than money, Philo was interested in sanctioning the deal. Though the deal wasn’t yet made clear, we can infer that it involved Darius.


As a result of Philo’s victory, Boz reluctantly agreed to uphold his promise. While robbing the train, Vignette was confronted by an officer with a gun pointing at them. He was knocked out by one of the Fae, but Vignette prevented her from killing him. However, it was later revealed that Dahlia had not authorized these raids, but Vignette was prepared to confront her if she caused any trouble. At Carnival Row, Faes were falling ill, and one of them was Kaine’s lover, who had given up all hope of survival.

In the meantime, a huge crowd was spotted in the center of the city where the new Chancellor, Jonah, looked forward to punishing the assassins of his parents, who were, he believed, the puck servants that the Chancellor had. Deep down, Jonah also knew that these pucks had nothing to do with the murder, but Sophie was the brains behind framing them. The Guillotine sliced the heads of the pucks in front of the outraged crowd, and then the severed heads were displayed in the Carnival Row, which was yet another form of mental torment for the Critch.


However, officer Dombey made it clear that if anyone spoke out against it, he would find a place for them among the severed heads. Sophie Longerbane overheard the advisers’ whispers in the Republican assembly, which wasn’t very admiring of her; rather, it disturbed her that they were trying to downplay her. She faced Jonah, who was still unsure if he had done the right thing or had been doing injustice to the congregation, but Sophie brainwashed him once more, telling him that he was no less great than his father. Jonah was conflicted and unable to make the proper choice; Sophie, on the other hand, was a calculating, determined person who wouldn’t mind removing others from her path to success. She helped Jonah think about the authority he inherited even while he was struggling with the fact that he wasn’t even the biological son of Breakspear.

What Was Philo’s Plan?

When Vignette went back home, Philo moved in with her. While Vignette felt pressured to launch raids because the medicine’s effects wouldn’t last for more than a week, Philo was concerned about his meeting with Darius. Afterward, Millworthy, who was now the Chancellor’s chief advisor, visited with Philo. In order to prevent the injustice caused by the new Chancellor, Philo decided to reveal his identity as the son of Absalom Breakspear. Millworthy knew the decision was suicidal, but it was apparent that Philo had already made up his mind. After Millworthy advised him to divulge the knowledge to the correct audience, Philo chose to speak up in front of the Pact ambassador, who would be visiting the city’s capital, where a state dinner would be held in his honor.


Tourmaline smelled something sinister near a house, and when she peered inside, she was startled to see the Haruspex staring back at her. According to what “Carnival Row” Season 1 showed, the Haruspex was dead, but seeing her in Tourmaline’s vision suggested that an evil force must be enticing her into its trap. Ultimately, we saw Tourmaline inhale a mysterious haze that gave her a wicked inclination. She viciously slaughtered a neighborhood cat, removing its insides. In the meantime, a cop was killed and hung on the wall in the police department. Berwick called Philo to investigate the situation. Berwick still had a lot of respect for his senior, but he didn’t think it was possible for someone to hang the victim on the wall other than a pix or Fae. He specifically referenced the Black Raven, so he wanted Philo to use his knowledge and his half-blood ancestry to deliver some information on the Black Raven. Dombey, however, couldn’t contain his rage when he saw Philo nearby. He insulted him, causing him to leave the area.

What Happens To Agreus And Imogen?

Imogen and Agreus were still running away. They boarded a ship headed to a distant location, leaving behind any ties to the Burgue. Yet without her brother Ezra, Imogen was unable to even sleep soundly since she started having nightmares about her brother killing her. She told Agreus the following morning that she enjoyed the freedom of travel and wished to stay a little longer. Agreus, however, preferred to settle down, build a home, and most likely marry Imogen, but he agreed with what his sweetheart desired. However, Agreus’ and Imogen’s hopes of freedom were dashed as a massive Pact airship flew over their ship and started to drop explosives on it. How will Agreus and Imogen make it through this journey? Let’s explore that in the upcoming episodes.

Will there be a long-lasting cure for the epidemic discovered, or will the disease still be prevalent in the Burgue? We’ll find out in later episodes of “Carnival Row” Season 2 if Philo and Vignette can prevent the injustice and make a difference in the lives of the Critch.

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