Camille In ‘Berlin’ Season 1, Explained: Can She Return In Season 2?

Berlin is the brand-new spin-off show of Money Heist, and it revolves around him and the heist he pulled off in the city of Paris. Berlin is now streaming on Netflix, and there are many new characters introduced through this show. Most of them work with Berlin, while there is another who just walks into his life and changes it forever.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Camille Polignac?

Camille Polignac is one such character who changed Berlin’s life. The first season of this show began with Berlin’s third wife walking away from him after the divorce. Meanwhile, he was quick to move on, as shown in the show. Berlin and his team of five plan to rob an underground auction house that would be storing precious jewels belonging to royal families from across Europe. To get his hands on the details of the auction and the arrival of the jewelry, Berlin and his team placed cameras inside the house of the curator of the auction house, who lives across from the hotel they were at. Monsieur Francois Polignac was the gentleman who was the target, but Berlin ended up having a love-at-first-sight moment for Camille, Monsieur Francois’s young wife. Camille comes across as the happy wife of the rich man, but there seems to be a distance between the two. Their marriage appears to be one of convenience, as Camille and her husband seem to have two different tastes when it comes to their life choices. All the details of their lives are recorded through the cameras placed inside their home, and Berlin could not have been more excited to find out more about her.


How Did Camille And Berlin Meet?

Camille used to wake up in the middle of the night to explore the city on her own, which would also include visiting nightclubs and singing her heart out. Berlin followed her and made sure to make it a pattern to find out more about the woman who fascinated him. Unlike her husband, Camille had a large group of people she hung out with. Berlin was trying hard to fit in to gain her attention. On hearing her spat with her husband over not attending an opera, Berlin used it as an opportunity to accompany her, albeit making it all look impromptu.

Camille happened to like all things unconventional, which would also mean attending an electronic concert at a nightclub named Opera, something that took Berlin by surprise. There was some attraction between her and Berlin, but she was unaware of his manipulation tactics. Her marriage seemed to be on the verge of breaking up, and she also couldn’t sense why Berlin walked into her life out of the blue. Camille was a woman who was forever confused about what she wanted from life. She wished to retain her marriage, but on the other hand, Camille could sense the passion she felt for Berlin.


Was Their Affair Short-Lived?

Berlin and Camille began an affair in no time, as they spent days with each other away from the conventional life she was leading. Berlin’s only request was that she take the relationship with him seriously, as he was not looking for a fling, unlike Camille. Camille was not sure what she wanted, as she was happy to be playing two roles if things were smooth. They spent time at a chateau outside of Paris, which further deepened their relationship. Although Berlin was under the impression that he could help Camille change her mind, the lady had other plans.

Camille was a confused woman who could not let go of the two things that kept her satisfied all this time. She wanted to have her husband around just because of the name and status that come with it. Meanwhile, with Berlin, she loved the physical gratification and romance he showers on her. Camille was probably naïve and a little clueless to not have seen right through Berlin and realized the man was a fraud. It was a projection of a young woman who is seeking intimacy and romance, but who also requires stability and security from her husband. Camille had briefly introduced Berlin as a snobbish Spanish art dealer to her husband in a bid to avoid being caught having a clandestine meeting. Berlin was accommodating of her oscillating behavior because it gave her time to decide who she wanted more in life.


Who Did She Decide To Be With—Francois Or Berlin?

Camille’s life fell apart when her husband found out about the affair and was reprimanded for seeking love outside of their marriage. The woman was devastated, for she believed her affair had been discreet, and she would never let anyone discover the double life she led. Being caught gave her a chance to come clean and have a perspective on what she wanted from life. She asked Berlin to break things off because Francois was the love of her life, and she would rather be with him. Her conviction to stay back increased when Francois was accused of the robbery that happened at his place of work. Since Francois had access, he was the usual suspect. Camille was tormented because, after this point, she could never change her mind about leaving her husband. She would be branded as the woman who left her spouse when he fell in trouble.

Camille had a sudden change of mind, and she ended up having to find out what went wrong and why her husband was framed. She was keen on finding out the truth because there was no way an employee who would be at risk of getting caught would carry out the robbery. She was also shocked that the safe in Francois’ office was forcefully opened by the police for the sake of an investigation. Camille ended up having to resort to Berlin and restart their affair. Berlin was again under the impression that she would fall for him if her husband was convicted for a long time.


Does Camille Find Out About Berlin’s Role In The Robbery?

Camille, on the other hand, was having a tough time choosing who she wanted in her life all over again. However, Berlin offered to give the bail money in cash as her assets were frozen. Francois and Camille were forced to take the money as they were practically penniless at this point. Berlin’s love was dangerously crossing over the line of becoming an obsession that Camille again could not see through. She never questioned his source of money and went along with it because it helped her temporarily. Camille and Berlin’s affair was very fluctuating, but soon the woman was finally getting some clarity on what she wanted. She began doubting Berlin and stole his room key.

Berlin’s goal of having Camille by his side was almost coming to fruition, but his lady love found herself inside his hotel room. She found equipment, such as CCTV monitors and telescopes, that gave Berlin a peek into her room across from the hotel. She also found evidence of his role in the robbery and framing her husband. Camille and her next-door neighbor wanted to inform the police about Berlin when they both found a better way to tackle the matter. Camille and her friend almost informed the police but let the plan go. Berlin and Damian rescued themselves from being caught, and everyone would presume that would be the end of the affair, which ended rather abruptly.


Why Does Camille Come Back?

Camille comes back months later to have a meeting with Berlin in the hope of getting him to confess his role in the robbery. Unbeknownst to him, she was recording the conversation. Berlin does admit to being in love with her, but he also reveals the truth about the heist. To her surprise, Berlin was aware of her intentions behind visiting him, which allowed him to get rid of the recording she had of him. Camille was hell-bent on getting her revenge and wanting her husband back from prison, but Berlin was ten steps ahead of her and found a way to keep her quiet. He confesses his name to be Andres De Fonollosa, a name he had never shared with anyone.

Camille was taken aback, but her mission was close to becoming a success. Camille could feel the love Berlin had for her, and she remained stoic because his words could not be trusted. She had all the information she required that could bring Berlin and his team down. Camille had to resort to blackmailing her lover, and in return, she wanted a share of the loot. She wanted this money too as revenge for Berlin being directly responsible for the breaking up of the marriage.


Although Berlin pointed out that the marriage was already finished, he nudged it further. Berlin offered to give her the money they collected by selling the jewelry. Berlin truly loved Camille, but she could never come around to loving the man who caused a mess in her life. She left for France with her friend with the money she collected, and it included an invitation for a dinner with Berlin in Singapore. It could either mean Berlin was keen on recruiting her into his team or he wanted her to make up her mind about having him as a partner.

We could see Camille in the next season as a person who would play hot and cold with Berlin to mess with his mind. Camille would not fall for his charms right away, and as stated by him, there was no fun in a convenient love story. It would take a lot of hard work for Berlin to finally have Camille by his side.


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