‘Bring Back Alice’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Alicja Find Out About Michael And Monica?

At the end of Episode 2 of “Bring Back Alice,” Alicja decides to let go of her past and take control of her life. She thus decides to resume her career as a social media influencer. Meanwhile, Detective Marta Werner has told Sargent Laura Bartos to gather intel on Weronica Bielecka. Marta believes that Alicja is connected to Weronica somehow.


Spoilers Ahead

Influencer Returns

There was a break-in at Janek’s house last night. The thief apparently stole the usual stuff, like money and some equipment. Janek’s mother, Milena, finds the cassettes of Alicja’s interview recordings missing. She informs the police. It might have been Alicja who stole the cassettes because she didn’t want anyone else to know what she was feeling. But we can’t tell for sure.


The same day, Alicja comes to school in her influencer avatar after more than a year. Her schoolmates: Patryk, Monica, Paula, Janek, Michael and everyone else are surprised to see her. Michael and Monica exchange glances (“Bring Back Alice” Episode 2) while the others hug her. Outside, Alicja’s father meets Milena and tells her that Alicja will have to repeat one year. She has decided that she won’t need therapy anymore and is thus back in school.

Later on, Janek sees Monica coming out of the boy’s locker room. He enters, finds Michael, and tells him that he should not sleep with two girls at the same time. Michael scoffs at him and reminds him that he isn’t worthy of addressing the matter because the last time he dated a girl, she died. Is Michael referring to Weronica? Did Janek kill her? Is this why Janek was acting weird at the party at Alicja’s House (“Bring Back Alice” Episode 2)? Later on, he speaks to Alicja, who tells him that she knows that he has a crush on Monica. She “pinky” promises to keep it a secret. Patryk notices their conversation from a distance. After school, Michael invites Alicja to dinner at his place. Paula invites Tomek as well, telling him that Alicja will be present.


The Dinner

At the dinner, we have Oskar (father of Paula, Michael, and their elder brother), his second wife Emilia (stepmother of the kids), and Michael and their elder brother, as well as Alicja. The mutual hatred between Tomek and Michael is clearly felt. Both take turns lashing out at one another at the slightest chance. Michael mocks Tomek by addressing his profession as stealing and calling him a beggar who lives in the slums. Tomek makes fun of Michael and his whole family by stating that nothing will change if lawyers (Michael’s father and brother are both lawyers) go on strike, but it will be a mess if janitors, household staff, and cashiers (Tomek has done many jobs like these and presently works at a garage) decide on it. The dinner is interrupted by a call for Oskar, and the others decide to leave as well. Tomek is disrespected and leaves after snapping at Paula. Michael comes out to give Alicja a lift. That’s when he receives a text from Patryk saying that he saw Alicja promising Janek something. Meanwhile, Michael’s car brings back another flash of memory for Alicja, and she is terrified. She decides to walk her way home. Later that night, Michael gets a call from a guy named Kris. He wants his car back within 48 hours; not doing so will lead to the video of Paula stealing Kris’s car (“Bring Back Alice” Episode 2), which has somehow found its way to Kris now, going viral. Tomek can also be seen in the driver’s seat.


The next day at school, Michael pins Janek against a wall and asks him what he has told Alicja. Janek, in turn, asks him about the night of Alicja’s disappearance. It seems Michael did something after the others left. Michael doesn’t answer, but in turn, he reminds Janek of what he did the same night. This makes it clear that they both did something inappropriate, to say the least. Later on, Michael tells Alicja about Paula’s video, which could jeopardize his father’s reputation big time. Alicja tells Michael that she will talk to Tomek for him. She meets Tomek at his garage and finds out that the car is gone. Tomek asks Michael about his sister, and she tells him that she will record a video addressing it. Tomek doesn’t believe that influencers will be able to do anything to find his sister. He asks Alicja to pass him a wrench from a drawer. Inside, she finds a packet full of pills (drugs). She takes it and leaves without saying another word. Back at home, Michael asks Paula about the car, but she doesn’t seem to care and asks him about his behavior lately. Michael quietly walks out of her room.


That night, Alicja finds her mother watching one of her childhood videos. Her eyes brim with tears, and she pauses the video, telling her mother that the Alicja she is looking for is gone and will never come back. We know that whatever she had been through had changed her completely. We then see a woman listening to a recording of one of Alicja’s sessions with Milena. It’s dark, so we are unable to see her face, but from her hair, it seems that she is Alicja’s mother.

The Deal

The next day, Alicja approaches Kris and offers a proposition. Later on, she tells Michael that Kris is willing to let go of Paula’s video if only Michael steps down as the captain of the basketball team. This will make Kris the new captain. Michael won’t do it. Alicja reminds him that Paula has owned her mistake, and it is high time he does too. Monica notices this conversation and loathes seeing them talk.

Paula arrives at Tomek’s place to try to patch things up between them. Tomek isn’t interested. However, when Tomek finds his mother on the ground and not breathing, it is Paula who gives her CPR and brings her back. Tomek tells Paula that her brother’s car is a lost cause. Paula seems to be cool about it. After all, she has Tomek back.

Monica calls it off with Michael. She has had enough, and she has realized that Michael never stopped loving Alicja. Michael asks her if she has told Alicja about them. Although she hasn’t, she knows how much more convenient it will be if she tells Alicja about her and Michael and not him.


Alicja gets texts from both Monica and Michael asking her to meet. Sometime later, she gets a call from Tomek asking her to come over to his place for their campaign that is supposed to help Tomek find his sister. She arrives at Tomek’s place, and he shows her the postcards that someone had been sending his mother until a week before Alicja returned. He knows that they aren’t from Weronica. Alicja gets flashbacks of her and Weronica together. It seems that she was the one who wrote the postcards. Tomek tells her that the police know about the messages. Alicja reassures him that with her campaign, the media (YouTubers and others) will find out about it, and this will force the police to take action.

The same night, Alicja finds Michael waiting for her in front of her home. He asks her to marry him, and she rejects him, saying that she would never marry a guy who is sleeping with her best friend. And no, it wasn’t Monica who told her about it. She understood it the day she returned. Saying this, she goes inside.


‘Bring Back Alice’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – What Is Alicja’s Campaign?

The next day, a basketball match takes place. Kris is announced as the captain of the home team. Michael has stepped down. In the stands, Alicja tells Paula about the offer. Paula checks her phone and finds that her video has been removed. Michael’s team wins the match, but Michael’s father is very unhappy. He meets his son in the locker room along with the other boys. Within a few minutes, cops arrive, saying that they have an anonymous tip about someone being in possession of drugs. They search the locker room and recover a packet of pills from Michael’s locker. He is arrested.

Alicja goes live with Tomek, telling all her viewers about another girl who went missing on the same night she did. The name of the girl is Weronica Bielecka. Monica, Janek, and Patryk watch the live stream with panic-stricken faces. Somewhere else, a woman with multi-colored braided hair watches the stream too. She then heads outside and hands over to a guy what seems to be a bundle of cash. The guy then leaves in his car.


Michael has been taken care of. We know that it was Alicja who put the packet of pills in his locker—the one that she took from Tomek’s garage. Her game has thus begun. One by one, she will take down Monica, Patryk, and Janek. Things are slowly coming back to her, it seems. On the other hand, we have a woman with braided hair whom we have never seen before. How is she involved in all this? She must know something about Alicja, Weronica, or both. And who was the one listening to Alicja’s recordings? Also, Detective Marta Werner is yet to find any information on Weronica. The episode should have shown at least something about Weronica as it would have been effective for the plot. “Bring Back Alice” Episode 4 will have a lot to answer for.

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