‘Bring Back Alice’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Alicja Get Familiar With Her Old Friends?

At the end of Episode 1 of “Bring Back Alice,” we saw Alicja looking at a photo strip of her kissing someone who seemed to be Weronica. This proves that Weronica was with her on the night she disappeared. “Bring Back Alice” Episode 2 shows Alicja meeting all her friends together for the first time since she was found. But it’s not like it used to be. A year has passed, and they have all changed more than Alicja knows. How does Alicja cope with this? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead


Lead Detective Marta Werner and Sergent Laura Bartos are at Alicja’s house. They tell her parents about Tomek, whom an officer spotted with Alicja the previous night (“Bring Back Alice” Episode 1). Tomek’s sister went missing on the same night, and he believes that the two cases are somehow connected. Alicja tells the investigator that she doesn’t know Tomek. Her mother tells them that Alicja had been at home all night. The investigator assures them that Alicja isn’t a suspect. Outside, as they are leaving, Marta tells Laura to release Tomek, as he knows something. If he can lead them to anything that can help solve the case, that’s good enough. Marta believes that Alicja is lying and that she was with Tomek the previous night. Later, we see Alicja wearing a necklace that was given to her by a woman, most probably Weronica, on the night of the party. It was a birthday gift.


Tomek is released, and Paula greets him outside the police station. She tells him that his mother has apparently been receiving postcards from Weronica. Tomek knows it can’t be true. The postcards are from someone else. He knows that Alicja is hiding something, especially after the incident from last night. This is when Paula finds out that he has met Alicja. When she questions him about it, he doesn’t say anything and just leaves.

Paula returns home to a disgusted father who is angry because she was out all night. Her elder brother Luka calms him down. Michael is also present. Paula goes to her room, and Luka sends Michael to calm her down. Paula tells Michael that the irony of the whole situation is that she is the only one who hasn’t done anything wrong. Does she mean that the others (Monica, Janek, Patryk, and Michael) are responsible for something?


Tomek is working at the garage when he gets a text from Alicja. He calls her and thanks her for not telling the cops about him. She apologizes to him for his sister and is about to tell him more when her father calls out to her. She has an appointment with her new counselor, Milena, Janek’s mother.

Monica is speaking to Michael via video call and has just found out that he is going to meet Alicja that night. She disconnects the call, and at the very next second, she gets a text from Janek asking her to meet. Alicja just had a session with his mother.


The Party

Alicja returns home. A few minutes later, Michael arrives to take her out. Her parents let her go, realizing that it would only help her get back to the way things were. They also decide to throw a surprise birthday party for her the next day. Monica, Paula, Janek, and Patryk are partying at the beach. Monica mentions that they need to speak to Alicja to clear things up and find out where she has been for a year. This is when Patryk sees Michael and Alicja walking toward them. They stop their conversation and rush toward Alicja, hugging her. Among them, Janek walks up to her and says sorry. Before Alicja could ask him why he was apologizing, Patryk and Michael pulled him away with the excuse of going to the bar. They take him to one side and tell him to calm down. By now, it is clear that they all know something about the night Alicja went missing but don’t want her to find out about it, at least not until they figure out how to tell her. All of them party at the beach until nightfall, but Alicja again has flashes from the fateful night. Later on, she looks at the video of her friends speaking to the press about her right after she disappeared. She notices how Michael isn’t sad but rather concerned and ill at ease. The same night, Tomek returns to his home and finds Detective Marta speaking to his mom. She tells him that if he knows something about the cases, they should work together. Tomek tells her to leave and she leaves.

The next day, Alicja visits Milena and tells her that she needs to know what happened that night at the party. Fragments of her memories are coming back, but she wants to see the whole picture. Thus, she is ready to testify. Tomek picks Paula up from her dance class, then to her utter disapproval, steals a car, and they leave. Tomek assures Paula that he really wants to know what happened to his sister. What he’s doing isn’t a stunt.


The Surprise

Monica meets Alicja after her session with Milena. She is responsible for stalling her while the other people and Alicja’s parents decorate the house for her surprise birthday party. Tomek drops Paula off at Alicja’s house and leaves. The party begins. Everyone is awkward, but there’s no stopping anyone from drinking and snorting drugs. Alicja kisses Michael. Monica can’t stand it and walks outside. Michael follows her, and Monica mentions her fear regarding Alicja remembering stuff. Michael assures her that they will make sure that no one believes Alicja if she does. Unbeknownst to them, Alicja has seen and heard them. Inside, she snaps at all of them for waiting until the next morning to report her missing. But she doesn’t mention what she heard from Monica and Michael. She then heads back to her room. That’s when Janek tells them that Alicja will be going to the police station the next day to testify. Michael heads to Alicja’s room and explains why they didn’t report her disappearance. They thought she had left and gone home. Michael apologizes to her. Alicja kisses him, and they end up making love. Monica sees this, is shocked, and screams. She ultimately leaves for home. Meanwhile, Alicja imagines making love to Weronica. Later on, Michael, Paula, Janek, and Patryk also leave.

‘Bring Back Alice’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – What Does Alicja Reveal In Her Testimony?

The next day, Alicja is at the precinct to submit her testimony. In front of her are Detective Marta Werner and Sargent Laura Bartos. Marta shows her some photographs that might help her remember. Among the photographs is a picture of Weronica. Alicja remembers meeting her at the party and also that something happened to her that got all of them (her, Janek, Paula, Monica, Michael, and Patryk) terrified. Marta pretends as if it got mixed up by mistake but asks her if she knows the girl. Alicja pauses for a couple of seconds before saying no. After the testimony is over, Marta tells Laura to gather intel on Weronica Bielecka.


Janek, Paula, Monica, Michael, and Patryk are tense and drinking on a yacht. That’s when Alicja arrives there and apologizes for her behavior the previous night. This lowers the tension, and all of them have a great time partying, drinking, and swimming. Alicja returns home and finds a gift box from his dad. Inside are a laptop and phone. She realizes that it is time for her to resume her life the way she lived it and was proud of it, i.e., as a social media influencer. She dresses up, burns her missing posters (that her parents had already thrown in the bin) along with the picture of Michael [thereby proving that she is over him], and begins her streaming. She tells her followers, including Tomek, that from now on, she will tell them the truth and nothing else. The past is dead to her.

Will Alicja begin revealing her flashes on her streams? She has clearly moved on from Michael, and this might mean that she has also decided not to care about the others either. She must have realized that they are hiding something from her and needs to figure out a way to get them to reveal what they know. As for Weronica, we need to wait and see what information Marta is able to get her hands on. “Bring Back Alice” Episode 3 will reveal more about the past.


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