‘Brigands: The Quest For Gold’ Ending Explained: Is Marchetta Dead?

Throughout the five episodes of Brigands: The Quest for Gold, we’ve learned that the real goal isn’t just about the gold itself, but the freedom of Southern Italy. For years, Pidemontese have oppressed the poor, taking away not only their rights but also the gold rightfully belonging to Palermo. Now, it’s time to take that gold back and restore justice to the South. Who are our heroes in this quest? First, we have Filomena, a Southern girl herself who escaped her rich lifestyle, joined the Monacos, and became a brigand, fighting for her homeland. Then there’s Michelina, another leader from the Guerra group. According to prophecy, she’s the one destined to save the South. And let’s not forget Sparrowhawk, the notorious bounty hunter, and Filomena’s love interest. Together, these unlikely allies have formed a strong alliance to reclaim the stolen gold and free the people of the South from oppression. But how do they plan to do it? Let’s dive into the thrilling last finale of Brigands: The Quest for Gold to find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Who killed Marchetta? 

In the previous episodes, we saw Pietro and his father go in search of the gold, only to be shot and hanged to death by the Piedmontese men. Ciccilla was the lover of Pietro, who was the leader of the Monacos, and Pietro meant everything to her. In their tight-knit group, where everyone was considered family, you can imagine that the loss was devastating. Ciccilla discovered their bodies hanging from the cave where they were supposed to find the gold. Her first thought? Maybe Filomena was behind it all. After all, Filomena had been chasing the gold from the start. Could she have struck a deal with Fumel’s men? Maybe if she reveal them the location of the gold then maybe they will release her brother. Perhaps Filomena had betrayed their trust. But the real traitor wasn’t Filomena—it was Marchetta. His plan was to turn the group against Filomena because he never wanted her in the group to begin with. When Ciccilla realized that Marchetta was the true betrayer, she felt betrayed all over again. How could a trusted member of their clan turn against them, especially for money from Fumel? They should have been united, fighting against Fumel, not making deals with him. Ciccilla wanted to kill Marchetta on the spot but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she chose to escape to save Filomena. On the other hand, Jurillo, the young boy who had joined the Monacos had become friends with Fumel’s daughter. He knew that the only way to get to Fumel was to lure his daughter out of the castle and escape with her. As they tried to make their getaway, Marchetta intercepted them. He urged Jurillo to be a man, not a boy, and to not be afraid to kill Fumel’s daughter. But Jurillo valued his friendship with her more than listening to a traitor. Instead, he shot Marchetta dead.


Did they win the war? 

Michelina and Filomena, two courageous women, had always dreamed of saving the South. After a heart-to-heart conversation, they realized that their aspirations could be transformed into a reality. They decided that it was time for the women to lead the others and that they were no longer going to be labeled as weak and judged solely for their beauty. They were determined to take risks and fight for their cause. They joined forces with a Piedmontese priest named Don Orlando, who knew the location where Fumel had hidden the gold. Initially, Don Orlando was hesitant, since he was a man of the cloth and did not believe in war. However, he soon realized that their aim was to save the impoverished Southerners from the oppression of the wealthy Piedmontese. They were sick and tired of being oppressed, and they were ready for vengeance. Don Orlando then told the secret that the gold was concealed in an armored stagecoach in the church, and Fumel had implemented a curfew of 5 PM, making it impossible for any outsider to enter the land after that time. Filomena knew of a passage through the cave of the church that they could use to remove the gold from the church.

Michelina and Filomena were going to lead the war party, while Sparrowhawk and his team would extract the gold from the church. Although nobody else trusted Sparrowhawk since he was a bounty hunter, Filomena believed in him and his intentions to save the North. She was in love with him after all, and that was sufficient for her to trust her man. As planned, at 5 PM, Fumel and his men were ready for the striking of clock so that all the Southerners could go back to their homes. But it was too late. Fumel’s men informed him that his daughter had escaped, and Fumel realized that the end was near. The battle began without any preparation, and the opposition started shooting. Meanwhile, Sparrowhawk removed the gold from the church and left the premises in a cart. Ciccilla arrived at the scene and was eager to join Filomena’s cause. She shoots Fumel’s leg to injure him so that he can not hurt anyone else and as to leave the sight of battle. In the end, we saw Filomena and Ciccilla fleeing from the area; Fumel was not defeated but injured. But sadly, Michelina could not run away; she became his captive. Fumel realized that the gold had been taken away, and his efforts were in vain. Filomena waited at their pre-planned location for Sparrowhawk to arrive with the gold cart to save the Southerners. Finally, they had become victorious in the war against the Piedmontese.


In Brigands: The Quest for Gold‘s ending, Sparrowhawk really let us down. Yes, he turned out to be the treacherous man we kind of suspected he was all along. Even though he acted all in love with Filomena, it turns out he was just after the gold. As he made his getaway with the loot, he told Francesco Guerra to escape before he started shooting. Then, guess where he ends up? In the territory of Carmine Crocco, saving a woman with the gold—maybe his true love? Poor Filomena feels totally betrayed. She waited for Sparrowhawk, but he never showed up. Maybe in next season, we can expect Sparrowhawk to now be Filomena’s enemy, and as the new leader of the brigands, she’s ready to fight her enemies and get that gold back to save the South!

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