‘Bora! Deborah’ Episodes 1 And 2: Recap And Ending: Does Ju Wan Propose To Deborah?

Yeon Deborah, a social media influencer and a popular dating coach in her 30s, is also a bestselling author. While many are eager to hear Deborah’s dating advice, Lee Su Hyeok thinks that she is a fraud. He believes that a romantic relationship should be based on trust and sincerity, not techniques from a coach. “Bora! Deborah” deals with the story of two people who have contrasting views on love and relationships and the change they bring into each other’s lives.


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Why Does Su Hyeok’s Girlfriend Break Up With Him?

Two youngsters bump into each other, their eyes meet, sparks fly, and that’s it; they move on with their lives. A young woman signals to a man that she is interested in him, but he is more concerned about building his biceps. According to Deborah, the young generation’s dying interest in dating is because of many socio-economic reasons, as they don’t have enough energy to spend on building a relationship and taking responsibility for someone. Deborah is more focused on the camera clicking her pictures than on the questions asked by the interviewer. Deborah has a number of bestsellers under her name, and more is expected of her than superficial answers. The president of Jinlee Publishing, Han Sang Jin, wants to sign a contract with Deborah, but vice president Lee Su Hyeok opposes him because he thinks her thoughts are superficial and not worthy of being in a book. Deborah often gets asked about her love life, but she has kept it a secret. She has been dating Noh Ju Wan for three years and is waiting for a wedding proposal from him. It’s their third anniversary soon, and she is expecting the proposal on that day.


Deborah is excited to get proposed to, but Ju Wan only talks about his business achieving a milestone on their anniversary and later thanks her for understanding his workaholic tendencies. She is disappointed, but she is a dating coach and believes that she has a solution for everything. She appears on a morning radio broadcast to advise listeners on their relationship issues. While guiding a woman through her toxic relationship with her boyfriend, who doesn’t want to commit, she stresses the fact that a ring is important in a relationship. If he won’t put a ring on you, he isn’t the right guy. It’s a subtle hint for her boyfriend, who listens to her broadcast diligently. Lee Su Hyeok, the vice president of Jinlee Publishing, gets intrigued and buys Deborah’s books. He feels personally attacked after hearing Deborah’s advice and buys a ring for his girlfriend. They accidentally bump into each other at the jewelry shop when Su Hyeok buys the ring that Deborah wishes to buy. However, Deborah isn’t too upset over not getting the ring because her friend informs her that she saw Ju Wan buying a ring. While Deborah is on cloud nine and dreaming about her distant future with Ju Wan, Su Hyeok gets dumped by his girlfriend. He is the toxic boyfriend mentioned on Deborah’s radio broadcast, and his girlfriend made the decision to break up with him on Deborah’s advice. His girlfriend tells him that she was never happy with him, but he doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

Will Deborah Sign A Contract With Su Hyeok’s Publishing Company?

Su Hyeok drinks all night with his friend, Sang Jin, after his breakup. He looks indifferent to emotions, but he cries a lot over his breakup. He thought he was being good to his girlfriend when he never even said ‘I love you’ to her in their four years of dating. He never called her first, always joked about her getting married to someone else, and never bought her gifts, calling them cheesy. He didn’t have an emotional connection with her because he didn’t find it necessary. He just wanted to hang out with her whenever either of them wanted, and it was mostly her who wanted to be with him. He blames Deborah for their breakup and doesn’t want to work with her anymore. Meanwhile, Deborah goes on another date with Ju Wan, expecting a proposal but getting a boring date instead. Other than her love life, Deborah also has her sister, Bo Mi, to worry about. She neither studies nor works and is dependent on her sister. Deborah finds her crying after she returns from a party, and she gives her the excuse that her feet hurt because of her dress shoes. However, the real reason is that she was disrespected by a rich and charming guy, and an average guy protected her, which hurt her pride even more. Deborah isn’t aware of Bo Mi’s love problems because Bo Mi hides them from her.


Han Sang Jin has arranged a meeting with Deborah, but Su Hyeok is not interested in signing her anymore. He only agrees to sit for the meeting to handle it professionally, but he has made up his mind to dissuade Deborah from signing a contract with them. Amidst the current confusion in her love life, Deborah is focused on her career. She goes to the publishing house, but before even entering the meeting room, she overhears Su Hyeok trash-talking her. Su Hyeok is arguing with Sang Jin about how Deborah is nothing more than a social media influencer who talks crap and fools her followers. He even criticizes her looks, saying that she looks different in real life than in her pictures. Deborah barges in when Su Hyeok calls her a fraudster and compares her to a cult leader. She recognizes Su Hyeok from the jewelry shop as soon as she sees him, and he recognizes her as well.

‘Bora! Deborah’ Episode 2: Ending

Su Hyeok and Deborah start criticizing each other over their professions and personalities. Deborah says to Su Hyeok that he is living in an outdated world if he doesn’t know how photography works these days, to which Su Hyeok replies that she is just a ‘know-it-all’ who has become famous for spewing nonsense. The argument escalates quickly when he calls Deborah’s looks unappealing, and Deborah asks him if she should prove her charm by seducing him. In the heat of the moment, Deborah agrees to sign a contract with them, and Su Hyeok’s plan fails. They go out to drink to celebrate, where Deborah and Su Hyeok’s phones get exchanged. Deborah is drunk and goes to surprise Ju Wan at his house, and Su Hyeok follows her to get his phone back. When Deborah reaches Ju Wan’s house, she gets shocked to see Ju Wan kissing another girl in his car.


“Bora! Deborah” is a typical romance drama that follows the enemies-to-lovers trope. Su Hyeok is aromantic and never wishes to get married, and Deborah is a passionate lover who daydreams about a fairytale romance with a happy ending. Deborah is currently in the sort of relationship about which she warns other people. Ju Wan was never fully invested in his relationship with her, but Deborah thought he would change. It turns out that he has been cheating on her. Moreover, it happens in front of Su Hyeok, who runs after her to exchange their phones. Su Hyeok already looks down on her, and now he has further reason to criticize her.

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