‘Birthright Outlaw’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Fate Befell Rose And Hope?

What would you do if you were born into a family of outlaws? Would you accept that and settle in, or try to escape and lead a better life? Rose was stuck in a similar situation, where she chose the lives of her daughter and herself over those of her family. Directed by Aaron Burns, Birthright Outlaw, is a classic action thriller with several thrilling action sequences throughout and an old setting around the 1900s. The cast that had been selected for the film was top-notch, including Lucas Black, Sarah Drew, Olivia Sanabia, and others. The kind of intense action that this film brings to us, can also be seen in similar films like Mad Max: Fury Road, Dead Men, The Dark Tower, and many others. Will Rose be able to fight her past? Will she reunite with her daughter? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Martha is seen spending her life happily with her husband, Jeremiah, and daughter, Hope, in the countryside. Her peaceful life is disrupted when a spy, Jebediah Goodnight, informs some people of her whereabouts. Later, her daughter Hope is kidnapped by some unknown people, and while leaving, they say “The house always wins”. When Martha and Jeremiah go to Sheriff Beauchamp, he says that it was the work of the ‘House Gang’, and that their leader was William Bridges, also known as the ‘King of the Hearts’. Just then Martha reveals her identity and says that her name is Rose Bridges, the daughter of the King of Hearts, and that she could help the sheriff rescue her daughter from their clutches. Even Jeremiah did not know about her real identity and was taken aback. Later,  she gets locked up by the sheriff as she was on the wanted list. However, Jeremiah holds a pistol to the sheriff’s head and rescues Rose to save Hope, and the sheriff’s wife Bonnie also helps the couple get away.


They embark on their journey to reach the gang of her own father, and enroute, she teaches Jeremiah how to shoot a gun so that be can be of use. Meanwhile, in William’s camp, Hope is given good treatment by her grandfather, and her real identity is revealed to her. She is told that she will carry forward William’s lineage. She becomes close friends with another young boy named Diamond there and asks him why so many people had joined the illegal troupe of William. He says how the outcasts have been gathered by William to form the gang and how he cares for them all. On the other hand, Jeremiah and Rose are seen to be attacked by Goodnight, and he tells Rose that he was a bounty hunter who had betrayed her father’s men. He wanted to take her captive so that he could get back his bounty money. He manages to capture Rose initially, but later she manages to kill him and escape. She was injured by him during the action, and later, when she is reunited with Jeremiah, he takes care of her, and they both again start their journey to reach William’s den.

On reaching her father’s den, Rose tells them that she would stay back if her daughter and husband were let go. William forces Jeremiah to let go of his marriage vows and break all ties with his daughter, but he refuses and is then shot down. After both Rose and Hope think him to be dead, we see him tied to a tree, injured, from where he is rescued by the sheriff. On the other hand, William says that he would kill Rose and keep Hope to carry forward his lineage. Diamond shoots at him. After being shot, he kills Diamond, and before dying, he tells Hope that his real name is Dylan, signifying that their real identities were taken away by William and that they were turned into criminals. Later, the sheriff and Jeremiah arrive to save them. After William tries abducting Hope in a hot air balloon, Jeremiah tries stopping them by hanging onto the rope of the balloon. Hope shoots at the air balloon, causing it to crash down to the ground. Jeremiah then shoots at William, killing him and rescuing his daughter from the clutches of her evil grandfather. Rose, however, laments the death of her father, as she was caught in a dilemma because, despite having evil intentions, William was her father after all! At the end of the film, it is seen that Rose and Jeremiah get married to each other before being arrested for 9 months and being deported by the sheriff. He tells the couple that the tenure will be over before they know it.


Why Did Rose Hide Her Real Identity Even From Jeremiah?

While on their way to save Hope, Rose tells Jeremiah of her own identity. She says that her first memory was that of her father, William, teaching her to pull a trigger on someone. While in her father’s troupe, she met a boy whom she fell in love with. She later got pregnant, and something in her shifted. She knew that she had to protect her baby and keep her away from all the violence. After she decided to flee, she was hunted down by her father’s men because she had taken a vow, and fleeing meant getting killed. They hunted down the boy and killed him, but Rose managed to escape. She was badly injured and had no hopes of the survival of her child when she met Jeremiah. He was the one who gave her shelter and accepted her baby as his own, naming her Hope. Rose had kept her real identity a secret even from Jeremiah and told him that her name was Martha because she did not want to put Hope’s life in danger. She knew that her father would someday find her and take away everything that she holds dear, and that is why she wanted to keep a very discreet life.

Why Did Rose Choose To Have A Life Away From Violence?

Rose wanted to keep her and her daughter’s lives discreet so that they could not be located by the men of her father. At a certain point in her life, when she was pregnant, she wanted a simple life for herself and her child. She had also later understood that her father wanted her to get pregnant with a boy only to keep his legacy going. After Hope was adopted, she understood that her daughter was kidnapped by her father’s men so that her father’s legacy could be kept alive and that the same things  that were once done to her, would be done to her daughter. Hope was made to spend time with Diamond by William so that they could fall in love and so that he could have a great-grandchild, helping him to carry forward his name. Rose did not want her daughter to be just a tool for her father to keep his banner flying high even in the future, and that is why she was so intent on taking away Hope from her father’s troupe.


Final Thoughts

Birthright Outlaw has been very beautifully executed with the help of able actors, who have done justice to their roles. The very title of the film gives us a hint of the fact that the story would be about a bunch of outlaws who had gained it as a part of their birthright. The concept of William trying to carry forward his legacy through his daughter and granddaughter also syncs with the title Birthright Outlaw. The love of a mother and her willingness to save her daughter from her own toxic past are very evident in the film. Rose goes against her own father to safeguard Hope, and she was also ready to sacrifice herself if her husband and Hope were let go. The familial bond has been stressed by the director to engage the audience further. The film was packed with action, making it quite thrilling to watch. The sudden twists in the film were very enjoyable, and there were absolutely no loopholes in the film, making it a solid watch.

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