‘Big Mouth’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – How Did Chang Ho Avenge Choi Do Ha? Will There Be Season 2?

So far, in “Big Mouth,” Park Chang Ho has stepped into politics and is running for mayor of Gucheon city. He has the support of the Big Mouse organization and almost has Chairman Kang’s support until Choi Do Ha kills him. Chang Ho had exposed Do Ha’s real identity as Cho Sung Hyun to the Chairman, but Do Ha killed him before he could do anything about it. Do Ha’s goal is slowly coming to fruition, revealing his evil nature one by one.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Choi Do Ha Want To Become a Mayor Again?

Choi Do Ha pretended to be upset at Chairman Kang’s funeral, and Chang Ho threatened to finish whatever he was planning to do. Chang Ho was expecting the Chairman’s support for elections, and Ji Hoon also turned his back on him. Ji Hoon had checked the Chairman’s will beforehand, and he was sure that he was going to get the highest share of his wealth. Chang Ho warned him that he would have to  beg him, but Ji Hoon ignored him. As Chang Ho expected, Ji Hoon doesn’t get anything from the Chairman’s will, and everything goes to Do Ha and his wife, Ju Hee.


Do Ha had manipulated the will and became as powerful as Chairman Kang was. Ji Hoon begs Chang Ho to help him, and Chang Ho agrees because his ultimate aim is to defeat Do Ha. Ji Hoon finds out Do Ha’s real identity and thinks that it will get all the other shareholders to riot against him. To his disappointment, the other shareholders sided with Do Ha and Ju Hee and threatened to kick Ji Hoon out of the board of directors. Ji Hoon became completely powerless and helped Chang Ho for the last time by providing him with confidential information about the NK forum’s illegal activities.

Mi Ho has been diagnosed with cancer caused by the radiation she was exposed to in the NK chemical factory. She can’t bring herself to tell the truth to Chang Ho. Though Chang Ho didn’t tell her, Mi Ho knew that Chang Ho was the new Big Mouse. She makes him promise to her that he will become a good big mouse—a helpful and righteous one. Mi Ho meets Tak Kwang Hyun, the psychopath from the prison who is breathing his last breaths. Kwang Hyun trusted Mi Ho, and in his final moments, Mi Ho comforts him by telling him that his mom has received the surgery and is healthy.


Kwang Hyun’s siblings reveal to Mi Ho that Kwang Hyun was not a serial killer and he got arrested in the place of a rich person to make money for his mother’s treatment. This motivates Mi Ho to bring justice to all those who have died an unjust death. Chang Ho understands that the only way to stop Do Ha from becoming powerful is to bring back the Chairman’s son to Korea. The Chairman had abandoned his son a long time ago because he was a serial killer. Ji Hoon has little idea about his residence, and if he can bring him back, he can claim back his inheritance from Do Ha.

Choi Do Ha had planned to run for the National Assembly, but he changed his mind and wanted to become a mayor again, to stop Chang Ho from becoming the mayor and gain power. According to Ji Hoon, smear campaigning is Do Ha’s specialty, and as expected, he uses it against Chang Ho. Chang Ho had represented a group of people against a cryptocurrency scam but lost the trial. Do Ha found the perpetrator in that case and made him speak against Chang Ho.


The perpetrator claimed that Chang Ho had taken a bribe from him to lose the trial on purpose. This was just the beginning, and Do Ha had prepared to make Chang Ho back off from the run before election day. Chang Ho and Do Ha are among the top three candidates and will appear on live television for a debate. After the bribery scandal, this debate is the final chance for Chang Ho to make a positive image of himself.

How Does Chang Ho Get Elected As A Mayor?

Mi Ho and Jerry had been investigating the fish farm near the NK chemical plant, and they decided to raid the place with all their force since the farm had strong security. Jerry and the chain gang break the security of the fish farm and bring the chief to Mi Ho. Mi Ho makes him confess the truth behind the fish farm and records it. The fish farm is a secret way to dispose of the radioactive water from the chemical factory that eventually pollutes the ocean. A worker at the farm informs one of Do Ha’s men about the raid, and they head out to the fish farm to stop the truth from going out.


Choi Do Ha colluded with the TV station director and set up a citizen panel during the debate. Chang Ho was not informed about this, and an even bigger surprise awaits him as the cryptocurrency scam perpetrator appears as a citizen and accuses Chang Ho on national television. Choi Do Ha waited for this opportunity and asked Chang Ho to retract his name from the election. Do Ha had this hidden card, but Mi Ho appeared as a wild card entry that even Chang Ho was not aware of.

Warden Park used his connections to escort Mi Ho and Jerry safely from the fish farm to the TV station, and Sung Tae arranged for Mi Ho to appear as a citizen on the live show. The Big Mouse Organization’s power and connections are so widespread that one may not even notice. Do Ha has caught Chang Ho in a trap, but Mi Ho takes the mic, determined to take down Do Ha with what she is about to reveal. In a heartbreaking scene, Mi Ho reveals her cancer diagnosis but gets to the point and exposes the illegal and harmful activities of NK chemicals, which is now owned by Do Ha. The debate ends abruptly with a negative wave formed against Choi Do Ha.


The victims of NK chemicals sue Do Ha, but the trial is postponed until after the election. Do Ha gets re-elected as the mayor of Gucheon despite the controversies, but Mi Ho still hopes the law will punish him. The mayor’s wife, Ju Hee, believed in her husband blindly, but after discovering his evil side, she chooses to help Mi Ho. Ju Hee sends Do Ha’s burner phone to Mi Ho secretly and also agrees to testify in court. However, on the day of the trial, she gets kidnapped and another person takes the fall instead of Do Ha. Do Ha gets rid of all the accusations due to a lack of evidence and sets himself free. As Warden Park mentions, the law can never punish evil.

Mi Ho fought until the end to make Do Ha pay for his sins, but she failed. Right after the trial, Mi Ho collapses and passes away in the hospital. Chang Ho had promised Mi Ho to spend leisure time with her after he got out of prison, but they didn’t have enough time. Mi Ho’s unwavering faith and unconditional love for Chang Ho had helped him come this far, and she had to leave  him when they could have lived a normal life as a normal couple.


‘Big Mouth’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Will There Be Season 2?

Chang Ho stayed strong in front of Mi Ho and let her pass away in peace, but he was filled with despair and brutal rage to avenge the death of the most important person in his life. Do Ha was relaxed after winning the elections and gaining the Chairman’s wealth while also keeping his beloved wife under his confinement. There was no limit to Do Ha’s wickedness, and Chang Ho killed him wickedly, to make give him the taste of his own medicine. He filled Do Ha’s favorite swimming pool with radioactive water, which had caused Mi Ho and many others to die an unfair death. This was the only evil thing Chang Ho did, since the only way to punish evil was to become evil.

Ji Hoon finds Ju Hee in the psychiatric hospital, and she testifies against the wrongdoings of NK chemicals. Ji Hoon gets the majority shares of the Woojeong company, and he gets promoted from CEO to president. As Chang Ho had promised Mi Ho, Chang Ho becomes the good Big Mouse and donates huge amounts of money to NGOs all around Korea anonymously.


“Big Mouth” ended with Chang Ho actually becoming Big Mouse, but a better one. The major part of the story had Chang Ho acting as Big Mouse, but after the real one was revealed, the story shifted focus to Do Ha’s real, evil personality. Big Mouse was hyped so much, but there was no exposure to how he became the most wanted mafia. It is suspicious that such a big criminal died so easily and had no security while Chang Ho had the top level security after he became Big Mouse.

It makes us wonder if Chang Ho was the real Big Mouse all along. It is not easy to stop big drug cartels easily, and Chang Ho could easily run it now that he doesn’t have Mi Ho by his side. The mysterious son of the Chairman was also mentioned quite a few times but didn’t make an appearance. These small yet intriguing points may be the hints for us to look forward to the potential of “Big Mouth” Season 2.


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