‘Big Mouth’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap And Ending – Who Killed Chairman Kang?

The real Big Mouse turned out to be No Park, the room leader. Chang Ho turned the world upside down, trying to prove his innocence. However, it is just another beginning for him. In “Big Mouth,” Chang Ho is now out of prison but again shook the world by representing No Park in court. The mysterious Big Mouse was revealed surprisingly, and he died the same way, leaving behind many questions. No Park got bail and went back home, only to get himself killed in an explosion.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Is The Next Big Mouse?

No Park has been killed. Mayor Choi is behind his murder. The mayor wanted to kill Chang Ho as well, but he survived. He reports it to Chairman Kang, who doesn’t mind even if Chang Ho is alive. The mayor orders his hitman to kill Chang Ho again, but Jerry saves him and takes him to No Park’s funeral. Jerry has also moved Mi Ho and her father to a hotel run by the Big Mouse organization, as it is Jerry’s duty to protect Chang Ho and his family. Chang Ho has been receiving special treatment, and soon the reason becomes clear. His friend Kim Sun Tae had been working with Big Mouse for a long time, and he was the one who turned him into the fake Big Mouse to keep him alive.

All the executives in the Big Mouse organization have gathered for No Park’s funeral, and Sun Tae plays the video that No Park had recorded before getting bail. He has chosen Chang Ho as the new leader, the new Big Mouse. He believed Chang Ho to be braver than him and could lead the organization in the right way. Sun Tae asks him for his decision, but Chang Ho doesn’t really have a choice; he knows too much about the organization. He doesn’t tell Mi Ho directly about being the next Big Mouse but asks her if they should still continue what they were doing. Mi Ho wants to see it through for all the people who died unjustly.

Ju Hee closes down the secret lab, and without any fear of Chairman Kang, she tells him that she will build a new lab and asks him to give her the shares of the company. The Chairman had always believed her, and he does so this time as well. Ju Hee became the biggest shareholder of Woojeong Daily when Ji Hoon had waited for many years to get those shares. Warden Park is also part of the organization and hasn’t accepted Chang Ho as a leader yet. He believes the mayor killed No Park and wants to avenge him. He orders other gang members to kill the mayor, but he survives. To keep Park in control, Sun Tae almost kills him, which is a threat for him to not betray the new Big Mouse.

Chang Ho’s intention from the beginning has been to get into the NK forum, and he has found the right opportunity to get acquainted with Chairman Kang directly. He holds a press conference and announces that he will run for mayor of Gucheon. He asks Ji Hoon for help as they both needed each other right then. Ji Hoon has lost all the power he had, and he needs someone on his side right now, and Chang Ho needs him to get near the Chairman. The mayor is present with the Chairman when Ji Hoon brings Chang Ho to meet him, and he is not happy with it. He had tried to stop them from the meeting, but the Chairman was willing to meet Chang Ho himself.

What Is The Mayor’s Real Identity?

Chang Ho lies to chairman Kang that the new Big Mouse has been threatening him and is making him do things he doesn’t want to. He tries to gain his trust by giving him a list of all the important executives and informing him that they are planning to kill him. The Chairman, the mayor, and Ji Hoon discuss whether to trust Chang Ho or not, and eventually, the Chairman decides to keep Chang Ho close to him. The mayor believes that Chang Ho is more dangerous than Big Mouse, but the Chairman thinks it is better to keep the enemy closer.

Mi Ho and her father have been investigating the chemical factory run by the Chairman. The Chairman had developed a chemical element NF9 a long time ago, but it still hasn’t become commercial. The Chairman’s friend, director Cho, used to run the chemical company, but he died suddenly. Mi Ho discovers that Cho had opposed making the NF9 commercial, and that was the reason the Chairman had to kill him. To find out more, Mi Ho reaches out to an old man who knew the director, Cho. It was a known fact that Cho’s grandson, Cho Sung Hyun, died by drowning when he was young, but it turns out that it was Choi Do Ha, Sung Hyun’s friend, who had died that day. The mayor has been living by borrowing his deceased friend’s name.

Chang Ho has a great opportunity to expose the mayor, and he chooses the Chairman’s birthday to execute his plan. The mayor tried to get Warden Park on his side and believed that he would betray Chang Ho. While the mayor attended the Chairman’s birthday party, Park lured Chang Ho and locked him up. The mayor watched the show on a video call and saw Chang Ho getting killed. He left after the party ended to visit Park, and realized that he had been fooled when Park took his real name, Cho Sung Hyun. He did not have time to check if Chang Ho is really dead  because he got a call from the Chairman, who summoned him. Chang Ho was alive and with the Chairman when they saw the mayor. He admitted that he had wanted to kill the Chairman.

‘Big Mouth’ Episode 14: Ending

The mayor knew that his identity had been exposed, and as Ji Hoon had told Chang Ho, the mayor is more evil than he appears. The mayor already had the Chairman’s secretary on his side, which made it easier for him to kill the Chairman. He injected a drug into the Chairman’s body and watched him die slowly without letting out a scream. He avenged his grandfather, who had died in front of his eyes, without letting out a scream. Now, the mayor is after the Chairman’s entire inheritance.

Chang Ho needed the Chairman to achieve his goals, but the mayor asked for rivalry on his own. The final episodes of “Big Mouth” will be a battle between the mayor and Chang Ho as both of them try to bring each other down. Chang Ho won’t get his hands dirty, but the mayor won’t look back before killing anyone. Chang Ho has to decide which way he wants to go.

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