‘Big Mouth’ Episode 7 And 8: Recap And Ending – Why Does Chang Ho Make A Public Appearance?

So far in “Big Mouth,” Mi Ho has found out that Dr. Han’s wife has the cross necklace with Dr. Seo’s paper in it. Dr. Han was supposed to come out on bail but got betrayed by his partners as they left him behind as a punishment for joining hands with Big Mouse. Chang Ho’s plan to get Dr. Han to testify has fallen through, and he needs to devise a new strategy to dominate his enemies.


Jerry Betrays Chang Ho

Han has stayed back in prison, thinking he is safe under the chain gang’s protection, but as soon as the warden goes on leave, the chain gang shows their true form. The chain gang is still helping Chang Ho and acting as a spy to help him. They beat up Han with Chang Ho’s men to get revenge. Chang Ho promises Yang that he will take care of him for the rest of his life, but he asks him to look after his juniors because he is going to retire from this life once he gets out of prison.

Mi Ho sees a patient die in the cancer ward and has an opportunity to find out the cause of death or what she believes is a murder. She goes into the morgue and takes out a blood sample but gets caught by the security, who has also informed Ju Hee and the head nurse. Mayor Choi also arrives at the hospital at the same time, but they don’t find anything suspicious about Mi Ho. Sometime later, Mi Ho goes into the morgue again and retrieves the blood sample hidden near the dead body. While sneaking back, she gets an eerie feeling, and a man jumps inside the elevator from the top. He was about to stab Mi Ho, but the elevator opened, and Mayor Choi saved her from the killer.


Chang Ho challenges Big Mouse by keeping the same chariot card inside the bible, which indicates to help yourself. Someone has donated a Virgin Mary statue to the prison’s church, and the warden suggests they should take money in the name of the prisoner’s welfare and show it as they bought it for the church. Chang Ho protests against it and offers to buy it because he doesn’t want them to take away the prisoners’ money. However, he has an ulterior motive behind it. He has installed a secret camera inside the statue to find out who takes the tarot card.

He sees Jerry in the video, who tells him that he was just curious, but now he has figured out that Chang Ho is not Big Mouse. When he checks the footage again, he finds some of the footage missing. Sun Tae has sneaked in a burner phone to Chang Ho to see the recordings, and he gets a call from Mi Ho saying she received white chrysanthemums and a tarot card. The Fool tarot card indicates wrong or foolish acts.


Ji Hoon’s father has held an important meeting related to his business and has invited the children of his close family friends. He shows them a film of how he and his friends grew their businesses, and they are just benefiting from it. He points out that he will soon appoint a successor for his business. Everyone thinks Mayor Choi is going to succeed Ji Hoon’s father because of how close he has been to Ju Hee lately. Ji Hoon cannot sit still, and prosecutor Choi helps him.

Jerry gets a sudden visitor, and it’s his sister who informs him that she can continue her education because she has a sponsor now. Ji Hoon is the sponsor, and Jerry has to do as he says for his sister’s sake. Ji Hoon has settled Jerry’s case, and Jerry is being released. He informs his cellmates and hands them a drink as a goodbye gift. He refused to do Ji Hoon’s work at first, but he told him that Chang Ho wouldn’t die with it. Chang Ho gets a painful stomach ache, and as soon as Jerry leaves the prison, he sees an ambulance going out.


Mi Ho has just arrived at the prison with her father, and Jerry tells them to follow the ambulance. The ambulance is not going to any of the nearby hospitals, so Mi Ho blocks the ambulance and takes Chang Ho to Gucheon hospital. When he was unconscious, a guard took his thumbprint on the bail paper. While on his way back to the prison, the guards took him where he was supposed to go in the first place—a mental asylum. Chang Ho is experiencing a fear he never thought he would, and he wonders if he will ever be able to live a normal life again.

Big Mouse Helps Chang Ho Escape.

Chang Ho wakes up in a blinding white room with his single bed in it. His hands and legs have been tied, and his mouth has been sealed as well. Prosecutor Choi has made this plan to make Chang Ho go crazy by starving him, not letting him sleep, and then injecting him with the painful truth serum to finally make him tell the truth. Their plan works, and Chang Ho indeed goes crazy and answers all the questions truthfully, but Ji Hoon still thinks he is lying. When Ji Hoon takes another syringe in his hands, Chang Ho lies about the location of his money, which Ji Hoon believes is the truth.


Mayor Choi finds Jang Hye Jin’s location and stops her from throwing away the cross necklace, but it doesn’t have the memory chip in it. Mi Ho arrives with her father and Sun Tae and takes over the case as the mayor needs to leave for other reasons. Ji Hoon’s father has collapsed, and he asks Ju Hee if she can become his successor, but she recommends her husband, the mayor, instead. Ji Hoon is busy finding his money at Chang Ho’s said location and surprisingly finds a box, but it has only one gold bar in it. In the meantime, someone else has loaded a truck with gold bars from another location.

Surprised, Chang Ho asks Ji Hoon for a nice meal so he can think of something until Big Mouth helps him. Someone sets fire in the asylum’s storeroom, and the fire brigade arrives before the nurse calls them. One of the firefighters is Jerry, and he helps Chang Ho escape. The security team has been following them, but Big Mouth has prepared everything for Chang Ho. Jerry misleads the security team while Chang Ho escapes to the address he received on a burner phone. Jerry gets severely injured while speeding in his car, and Chang Ho sees him and thinks he is dead.


Mi Ho sees news of Chang Ho’s escape, and all of them turn off their phones. They have planned to pull a big stunt on the day of Seo’s murder trial, and Hye Jin has agreed to help them. Mi Ho has thought of a strategy to save themselves and also to reach Chang Ho. She protests with her father and Sun Tae that her husband is not Big Mouth. She also claims that he has been abducted and hasn’t run away. This saves Prosecutor Choi the effort of tracking them down, but to his surprise, they agree to cooperate and turn in their phones. Chang Ho finds Mi Ho and gives her a hint to call him, and she deduces it successfully.

‘Big Mouth’ Episode 8 Ending

Chang Ho, also called Hye Jin, and she meets him at his hideout. She calls Ji Hoon and tells him that she has Seo’s paper. She makes him an offer and asks him to get her husband’s signature on the divorce papers. Ji Hoon joked that it was a personal matter, but she was serious about it. This creates a conflict between Ji Hoon and Han as he refuses to sign the divorce papers. The VIPs and Ji Hoon have ignored the rumors that have been going around about an informant exposing their crimes.


The VIPs are confident about the trial and are sure that they will win it. All eyes are on trial, but the rumors about the controversial informant have spread like wildfire, and people are interested in checking out the gossip. Chang Ho appears on the Livestream as Big Mouse and creates a sensation. The focus has shifted from the trial to the Livestream as a most wanted criminal has gone public. “Big Mouth” is about to get intense as Chang Ho has made a public appearance for the first time by going against the real Big Mouse.

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