‘Big Bet’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap And Ending: How Does Moo Sik Get Trapped?

“Big Bet” Season 2 has brought the battle of the enemies out in the open. Previously, Cha Moo Sik almost died at the hands of Seo Tae Seok. However, Tae Seok’s enemies save him, and later, they get rid of Tae Seok together. Moo Sik’s problems won’t stop as Oh Seung Hoon is constantly looking for evidence against him. Min Seok Jun was shown dead at the beginning of the first season, and Moo Sik was accused of having a hand in it. It turns out that Choi Chil Gu, Min’s business partner, is the one who killed him, and by framing Moo Sik for it, he tried to get rid of two birds with one stone.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Reports Moo Sik To The NBI?

Jung Pal is at a salon near Min’s office when Min’s secretary enters the salon, scared, and tries to tell Jung Pal about him. Jung Pal senses that something is terribly wrong and rushes to Min’s office to find him dead. Seung Hoon reaches Min’s office along with the Filipino police, and his first suspicion goes to Moo Sik. He tries to get information from Min’s secretary, who saw him getting killed, but she is too scared to answer anything. On the other hand, at Min’s funeral, Choi Chil Gu and Jo Yoon Gi are also present. After the funeral, Yoon Gi and Chil Gu get into a fight because Yoon Gi has no idea that he actually hired men to kill Min. He only remembers joking about wanting to kill Moo Sik. However, Chil Gu convinces Yoon Gi to work with him because he has plans to take over Min’s hotel. They break into Min’s office and put a fake contract among the documents that Min’s secretary later collects to give to Moo Sik.


Jo Yoon Gi has joined Chil Gu in his plan, and he meets the special NBI agent, Terrence, to do his part. He tells Terrence about Moo Sik and how he could have murdered Min because he had a motive for taking over his hotel. Terrence believes him and assures him that he will take action on it. On the other hand, Chil Gu meets Moo Sik with the fake contract and asks for 40% of the shares in Min’s hotel, which will make him the biggest shareholder. After Chil Gu leaves, Min’s secretary tells Moo Sik that the contract is absolutely fake because she remembers every single contract from the last 15 years as she updates them every quarter. Not much time has passed, and Terrence already has a warrant against Moo Sik, even when he doesn’t have any evidence against him. This is all due to the city mayor, who holds a grudge against Moo Sik. In no time, Moo Sik becomes a wanted criminal and has to go into hiding. The news is also spreading throughout the media that Moo Sik is a murderer.

Seung Hoon doesn’t really like how this is proceeding, and he gets a call from Moo Sik just when Yoon Gi comes to meet him along with Chil Gu. He is there to request that Seung Hoon catch Moo Sik faster so that he can deport him, but when Moo Sik meets Seung Hoon the next day, he tells him about Chil Gu’s fake contract and how he could be responsible for Min’s murder. Their discussion remains incomplete as Moo Sik gets a message that NBI has found him. He thinks that Seung Hoon exposed his location, but Seung Hoon himself doesn’t have any idea about it.


‘Big Bet’ Season 2 Episode 4: Ending

Moo Sik manages to escape briefly, so Chil Gu comes up with another trap. He sends Moo Sik a business proposal through a middleman, and Moo Sik agrees to a meeting. The businessman doesn’t show up to the meeting, and instead, Terrence catches him. However, Moo Sik knows the tactics and acts sick to get himself admitted to the hospital. He talks with the big boss, Daniel, to help him get out of this situation. He wants to go back to Korea and spend some years in jail instead of being a wanted criminal forever. The big boss tells him that it is possible, but NBI has a condition. They want Moo Sik to do a press conference.

Chil Gu and Yoon Gi have bribed the minister of justice to allow them to deport Moo Sik. He is just a suspect, but even at the press conference, the reporters ask him questions as if his crime has been proven. Moo Sik is not impressed with the situation, but he is not scared either. The anti-hero of “Big Bet” is trapped by a villain who has appeared all of a sudden. In this situation, could Seung Hoon be the hero who changes the game? He doesn’t like how everything has turned out and has become suspicious that a big game is in play. He wants to catch Moo Sik, but at the same time, he seems to have gotten the idea that there are other criminals just as vile as Moo Sik.


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