‘Beyond The Light Barrier’ Summary & Review: Was Elizabeth Klarer’s Story Trustworthy?

Beyond the Light Barrier, directed by Uga Carlini, is a conglomeration of several testimonies and points of view of people around Elizabeth Klarer, a renowned meteorologist in South Africa. The film is an adaptation of the book Beyond the Light Barrier by Elizabeth which is a part of her autobiography. In the book, she explains how she meets an alien, Akon, falls in love, and gets impregnated to have a child in outer space. There are mixed testimonies of people, some declaring her story to be a hoax while others are staunch believers of the story. The film showcases the interviews with the family and friends of Elizabeth and other experts in the field. Is the story of Elizabeth Klarer true, or is it just an act to grab the attention of a wide audience to convey something greater? We are sure to find that out through further discussions.


Spoilers Ahead

What Were The Opinions Of Elizabeth Klarer?

Elizabeth claimed to have met an extraterrestrial man, Akon, whom she used to meet at Flying Saucer Hill. She stated that they had fallen in love, causing her to give birth to her son Ayling on planet Meton, hosted by Proxima Centauri. She described Akon as a man who had aquiline features, with a large forehead, gray eyes, and golden hair that was white in the temples. She also said that his height was around 6 feet 4 inches. She had stated that he had a compelling and loving nature, with a lot of compassion in his heart for nature. Elizabeth, in an interview with Petrovna Metelerkamp, a journalist, in 1893, said that she was a descendant of the Venus race. Akon had wanted a child from her because he wanted a sample of the fresh blood from our planet to exist within his own community.


Elizabeth’s opinion about the extreme pollution and harm that we were inflicting on planet Earth was backed by a retired doctor, Hennie Smith. He was a former student at the University of Pretoria with a major in physics. He said that the burning of fossil fuels released toxins in the stratosphere, eventually damaging the environmental balance. Elizabeth also said that she had gotten a message from Akon that the pollutants that were being generated on the earth were causing a depletion of the ozone layer, which was also affecting their lives. She also stated that the toxins would cause a blockage of sunlight in the future, bringing forth an ice age on earth. She further went on to describe how the people on Meton thrived on plants and fruits that were grown in the labs submerged in a solution that would help the plants regrow immediately. She further states that the people of Meton did not age like us and never died.

Denis Delestrac, a law and journalism graduate who became an award-winning documentary filmmaker, made the revolutionary documentary ‘Weaponization of Space”. He claimed that we needed to be more aware of the environmental damage that we were causing, which was one of the major messages of Elizabeth. Maybe she had woven this interesting story to capture the interest of the people and get them to focus on the declining environmental health. There is also a possibility of her being a mad meteorologist turned environmentalist who understood the importance of preserving the earth.


What Were The Major Opinions Of Different People?

Some people trusted Elizabeth blindly, while others raised questions about her mental health and claimed the story to be a hoax. GB McKenzie, the son of Elizabeth’s sister, claimed to have faith in Elizabeth’s story and said that he was happy to probably have a cousin somewhere in outer space. On the contrary, Elizabeth’s own son, David, did not believe in his mother’s story and stated it to be false. Sue Armstrong, the wife of a farmer living near Flying Saucer Hill, was a believer and said that Elizabeth was not a woman who was totally from this earth and that she found her love story to be incredible.

Ubaba Vusamazulu, who was a Zulu Sangoma, was of the opinion that there was something unique about Elizabeth’s ears and that she never fully disclosed it. He shared a close bond with Elizabeth but could not meet her as often because of the strict laws of the Apartheid. Helene Rabie, another famous journalist of the 70s and 80s, testified to the saucer mark that she had seen on the mountain. She was also astonished at the sight of the strange plants that had grown there. Kitty Smith, one of the closest friends of Elizabeth and the founder of the first and longest-running UFO clubs in South Africa, believed her story. She said that maybe we never got to see Akon because he did not want to be a subject of experimentation in our hands.


The Zulu tribe often spotted flying objects in the sky and referred to them as “the lightning bird.” They looked up to those lights as something supernatural. Bob Forbes, the sculptor of the statue of Akon, also testified, having seen some lights popping together in the sky, only to disappear later. When he contacted Elizabeth about it, she said that those lights were Akon’s show of gratitude to him for making the sculpture. Piroska Clements, another close friend, confidant, and travel partner of Eliza, supported her, saying that she believed in the environmental message given to us by Akon. After Elizabeth’s death Akin’s ring was inherited by her, which was later passed down to her daughter, Audre. As per reports, the stones on the ring were not made out of any earthly element; they seemed to be made out of unidentified stones.

Besides having a lot of believers, there were a lot of people who did not believe her story. Hayley and Greg Muirhead owned the farm that hosted Flying Saucer Hill. They claimed to have never seen anything extraterrestrial. Dr. Enrico Oliver, an astronomer-physician, explained in scientific detail about Alpha Centauri being our nearest neighbor. Proxima Centauri was 500 times further away, hosting the planet Meton. Neither did he negate Elizabeth’s point nor did he support it, placing his facts based on research from a neutral point of view. Paul Brogan, being an engineer, stock broker, company executive, and environmentalist, said that he was a rationalist and did not believe in the story. He further said that it was not a good love story that could be looked up to, as Elizabeth was supposedly abandoned by Akon after childbirth.

Are There Any Proofs Of Extraterrestrial Existence?

Captain Chester, a retired South African airline captain, was involved in an infamous project called the ‘Blue Book’ in which 12618 cases of sightings of spaceship sightings were collected. Out of those reports, some were identified as those of other aircraft, while some sightings remain unexplained to date. In 1972, Officer Piet Kitching fired shots at a UFO that he had seen. Later, a reservoir had been said to burst open suddenly, and soon after, the flying object had been noticed yet again, whirring in the sky. As per the research of Dr. James Hurtak, which started in 1952 and continued until the 1970s and 1980s, it is stated that the nuclear installations from Maine to Montana in the US were visited by extraterrestrial beings. There were also reports of alien sightings in Ruwa and Ariel School on September 19, 1994. There are several other proofs and testimonies to the sightings all across the globe that prove that we are not alone!

Final Thoughts

There is a wide possibility that Elizabeth was suffering from a serious mental illness because the picture of Akon that she had painted looked like herself. She was delusional because, as per her son David, she would have never agreed to stay away from her child Alyn, who was taken away, as stated in her book. For her second book, “The Gravity File”, she was also blamed of plagiarism by many other authors and experts. They stated that she had stitched bits and pieces of her favorite books and even parts of the Bible together in her autobiography. However, there are wide connotations about the impending doom of the environment that have been brought to light through the film. There are similarities in the statements made in another series, Encounters, about the appearance of extraterrestrials in places of nuclear activity to warn us about the harm caused by us to the flora and fauna. These films and documentaries bring to light the importance that should be given to the environment while there is still time.


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