‘Behind Every Star’ Ending, Explained – What Offer Has Put Cheon In A Dilemma? Will There Be Season 2?

After a conflict with a client, Hyun Joo almost lost her job, but director Ma revealed that she was his daughter and did what she did to protect him. In “Behind Every Star,” the managers have to make sure that their actors do not mess up while working, but the managers themselves make a mistake sometimes, which can affect so many people. Hyun Joo made one such mistake, and now she doesn’t know what lies ahead for her.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Eun Gyeol Save Lee Soon Jae?

Ko Eun Gyeol has gotten a chance to work with the veteran actor Lee Soon Jae. Soon Jae shares with Eun Gyeol how they used to film in the past and the habit he developed. Eun Gyeol is having difficulty remembering his lines, and that’s why Soon Jae tells him to remember his partner’s dialogue as well. Soon Jae developed this habit in the past when he had to reshoot the entire thing if he or his partner forgot their lines. Soon Jae gives really helpful advice to Eun Gyeol to keep his memory sharp, but right after it, as he walks out to shoot his scene, he doesn’t recognize the director he is working with. Manager Kim is with him and takes him to the doctor right away out of concern. The doctor tells Soon Jae that memory disorientation can happen at his age and that he need not worry about it. Soon Jae doesn’t think it is serious, but manager Kim is still concerned. Hae Jun and other managers think that Soon Jae should keep working, but Kim thinks that they are thinking about this only commercially.


Jin Hyeok is confident that he will become the team manager of the talent development team because his interview was good, and he asks Hyun Joo to join his team later. However, the decision depends on Koo Hae Jun, who is the kind of businessman who thinks he is always right. He interrupts Eun Gyeol’s commercial shoot and makes the director change the concept. Cheon gets mad at him because the original commercial gave Eun Gyeol better exposure than the new one. Everyone already treats Hyun Joo differently since her real identity is now known, but things get worse when Hae Jun announces Hyun Joo as the team manager of the new talent development team. It has only been three months since Hyun Joo joined the company and she is still a trainee, but Hae Jun tells everyone that she has performed well while also keeping a big secret. Nobody understands Hae Jun’s reasoning, and nobody is happy about Hyun Joo’s promotion, not even Hyun Joo herself, because this has ruined her relationship with her senior, Jin Hyeok. Lee Soon Jae visits the office of Method Entertainment to personally ask the managers to take care of him until he finishes the ongoing project because he doesn’t want to end his 60-year-long career on such a note. While leaving the office, he encounters Hae Jun and asks him if he is the one who kicked out manager Jang. He calls him a person who cannot understand people, unlike the previous CEO, Wang Tae Ja.

On the filming set, Soon Jae has been doing well at acting, but his memory loss still persists. He doesn’t recognize one of the producers and even forgets who his manager is. While reading the script, Soon Jae suddenly remembers his old days, and after coming back to his senses, he asks for manager Jang. He refuses to come out of the green room until manager Jang arrives. Kim asks manager Cheon for help because he has one more thing to worry about. An investor is going to visit the set to check if Soon Jae is healthy enough to work in the movie, and that is going to decide whether he will stay or get dropped. Cheon is worried, but Hae Jun is relaxed as usual and asks Cheon jokingly if he should reinstate manager Jang. Cheon is already frustrated, and she lashes out at him, telling him that he doesn’t care about anything other than money and that people fear him because of his position but do not respect him. If Soon Jae drops out of the movie, it will be a loss for Hae Jun as well because Method is co-producing the movie, and Cheon has to remind Hae Jun of it. Thankfully, Soon Jae comes out of the green room right before the investor arrives on the set, but he seems to have forgotten what he was demanding just now. Soon Jae answers all of the investor’s questions well until she asks him about the lunch menu. Soon Jae doesn’t remember it, which puts him in a tough spot, but manager Jang arrives at the set and tells the investor that Soon Jae brings his own lunch, so he wouldn’t know the menu.


Hae Jun pursues Jang Myung Aeh himself to bring her back to the company. Jang has worked for a long time, and she can live comfortably even without working. She asks Hae Jun one reason she should join Method again, and he answers that he wants to be respected by his employees as a boss. Jang returns to Method with honor and shares a deep conversation with manager Cheon about not having regrets in life. The conversation with Jang makes Cheon realize that she regrets losing Sang Woo. She meets Sang Woo and explains her feelings to him. Sang Woo thinks about it and tells Cheon that he regrets taking the case against Method Entertainment, but he will regret it more if he lets Cheon go now. Cheon and Sang Woo decide to get back together and Sang Woo jokes that he hopes he will not regret this decision. Hyun Joo tells Hae Jun that she cannot become a manager because she still has a lot to learn, but Hae Jun doesn’t take her words lightly. Hae Jun calls Hyun Joo a girl with no ambitions and says that he misjudged her. He asks her to take the position or quit the job. Hyun Joo is confused and calls her mother to express her concerns. Her mother tells her to return to Busan if she finds it too difficult, and Hyun Joo decides to go back to her hometown.

Lee Soon Jae still has the investor lingering around him to confirm that he is really able to work without causing a nuisance. Soon Jae covers most of the daily schedule perfectly, but before his final scene of the day with Eun Gyeol, he speaks the incorrect dialogue and confuses Eun Gyeol. Soon Jae blanks out for a while, but Eun Gyeol handles the situation by praising Soon Jae for remembering the next day’s dialogues as well. Eun Gyeol tells everyone that he and Soon Jae remember each other’s dialogues as well, and Soon Jae was just testing her. The investor believes that Soon Jae is able to work in good health. Cheon now spends enough time with Sang Woo, and on one of their dates, Hae Jun sees them and gets jealous. Hae Jun is not the only one getting jealous. Manager Kim has made a big mistake out of jealousy. He has told the producer of Oh Hun’s movie that the movie might get into trouble because there are many racy scenes in it. However, Hee Sun tells him that Oh Hun has removed all those scenes because he wants to express eroticism without showing any nudity. Kim realizes that if anything happens to the movie, that would be his mistake.


Who Helps Cheon In Getting The Hanbok?

Actress Kim Ajoong is hosting the 27th Busan International Film Festival, and manager Cheon has brought her the best dress from Rona Mikel that every actress wants to have. However, the dress gets ripped when Ajoong tries it on. Cheon assures her that she will do something about it because getting that dress was difficult, and even Hae Jun had to use his connections for it. The managers are excited about the film festival, but someone has to stay back in the company as well. Manager Yoo and Jin Hyeok play a lucky draw, and Yoo wins, which means Jin Hyeok has to stay back in the company alone while everyone else enjoys Busan. Hyun Joo is already in Busan, not as a manager but as an employee in her mother’s salon. While working, she purposely burns a woman’s scalp with hot water because she is gossiping about celebrities. Her mother yells at her because she is an important customer and tells Hyun Joo to get out of her manager role.

Ajoong and Cheon reach Busan, and Cheon surprises Ajoong with the Rona Mikel dress that is stitched up again and ready for use. The director of the film festival introduces Cheon to Shin Ju Gyeong, the heiress of the C&G group. Initially, it looks like a casual meeting, but later, Ju Gyeong demands to meet Ajoong. Cheon calls Ajoong to inform her, but Ajoong tells Cheon that Ju Gyeong just wants to become friends with celebrities to show off her connections. When Cheon tells Ju Gyeong that Ajoong is resting, she invites Ajoong to her birthday party. Back at the office, manager Kim gives a ticket for the festival to Hee Sun, and Jin Hyeok gives him a death stare as even a junior employee gets to go but not him. Kim tells him that she is going as an actress and not as an employee. The office is buzzing with calls all day, and Hae Jun is on the phone with Cheon because he cannot find a document. He enters her cabin and starts searching for the document. He finds it, but he finds something else as well. Cheon has a set of Couple Rings in a drawer, and Hae Jun obviously doesn’t like the sight.


Manager Yoo is packing her bags for Busan when director Ma’s wife comes to the office and asks her about Ma’s schedule. Ma’s wife wants to mend things with him because she has seen him cry and wonders if she has ever tried to understand him. Yoo not only gives her the schedules but also gives her the train ticket because there are no more seats available. She cancels going to Busan and gives her invitation card to Jin Hyeok. However, Jin Hyeok decides not to go either because Yoo cries in front of him, and he stays back to be by her side after the heartbreak. Ajoong doesn’t want to go to Ju Gyeong’s birthday party because it hurts her pride as an artist. She is happy just being an actor and doesn’t want to make fake connections or act like someone’s toy for the money. Cheon gets her point, but later, when she meets Hae Jun, he tells her that Ajoong needs to go because her ceremony dress is sponsored by C & G Group, and it will only benefit Ajoong later. However, Hae Jun also wants her to go because he has personal relations with the C & G group, which Cheon doesn’t like.

Ajoong is ready to go to the birthday party because she can’t avoid Ju Gyeong for long, but Cheon stops her because an artist’s pride is more important than anything else. However, this causes Ajoong and Cheon to get into trouble on the day of the ceremony. Ju Gyeong takes away the dress Ajoong is supposed to wear and wants her to apologize if she wants it back. Ajoong needs to get the dress back and, hence, goes to apologize to Ju Gyeong. However, Ju Gyeong insults her by calling her an actor who gives in to money. Ajoong insults her back and returns without getting the dress. Cheon appreciates Ajoong, but now they have to find another dress quickly. Cheon, Ajoong, and her assistants are all calling people, but no designer dresses are available in Busan, and Cheon doesn’t want Ajoong to wear just any dress. She remembers that there is a famous Hanbok designer in Busan named Han Bo Reum, and she visits his atelier to request a Hanbok from him. Bo Reum’s family has been running the business for three generations, and he says that his mother wouldn’t like it if their dresses became a trend among people who did not understand their value.


Cheon leaves his atelier with disappointment and runs into Hyun Joo. Hyun Joo has come to the atelier to apologize to the woman whose scalp she burned a few days ago. The woman is Han Bo Reum’s mother, and Cheon asks Hyun Joo for help. Bo Reum’s mother has already forgiven Hyun Joo, and hence, she agrees to meet Cheon. The mother says that if her son doesn’t want to give the dress, it is totally his decision, and she doesn’t want to meddle in it. When nothing seems to work, Hyun Joo promises to give her a ticket to her favorite actor Young Tak’s fan meeting, and she finally agrees to give the dress to Cheon. 

‘Behind Every Star’ Season 1 Ending Explained – Will There Be Season 2?

The film festival begins, and Ajoong impresses everyone with her beauty in a Hanbok. Ma and his wife have been watching the festival from their hotel room, Yoo and Jin Hyeok are enjoying it from Seoul, and Hyun Joo gets to attend the ceremony as Ma gives her an invitation. The first day of the festival was successful, especially for Cheon and Ajoong. The director of the film festival has seen Cheon’s work, and she informs Cheon that she has recommended her to a friend’s talent agency in the USA, and they would like to meet her. Director Oh Hun cancels his trip to Busan because he is so angry about his movie getting canceled that he wants to give up making movies. Kim is relieved because he doesn’t want him or Hee Sun to find out that he is the reason behind it all. However, Hee Sun finds out anyway when some women ask her how she can still work with Kim after what he did. On the other hand, Hae Jun is planning to take over a talent agency in the USA and asks Ma if he would like to lead it. Hae Jun seems to have discovered the offer that Cheon has received because he is planning to take over the same company. Cheon is already confused because she has just gotten back together with Sang Woo and has just found out that she is pregnant.


“Behind Every Star” Season 1 ends with a lot of questions and cliffhangers. Hae Jun has offered a new position to director Ma, but Ma seems to have other plans, and his wife doesn’t look happy when she finds out about it accidentally. In season 2, we will find out Ma’s plan and the answer to the most intriguing question—whether Cheon will go to the USA, leaving behind Sang Woo. Cheon seems to have accepted her pregnancy well because she wants to become a mother one day, but she has to make a choice between staying with Sang Woo or excelling in her career.  

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