‘Behind Every Star’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending – Did Director Ye Cast Daniel In Her Movie?

In the last episode of “Behind Every Star,” Manager Cheon’s childhood friend and now a businessman, Koo Hae Jun, has bought Method Entertainment and saved the company from going bankrupt. However, he has been making changes to the company and its policies without consulting experienced people. Hae Jun knows how to make money in business but doesn’t understand how the entertainment industry works. He has a lot to learn, but the managers have had a tough time adjusting to him.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens Between Cheon And Hae Jun At The Party?

Actress Joo Ryeong has been offered a part in an adventure reality show by director Na, who is popular for directing many entertainment shows. Joo Ryeong meets with director Na and manager Kim to talk about the show’s format, but Na wants to keep it a secret. However, he tells her to train for rappelling. Kim takes her for rappelling lessons, and that’s when he finds out that Joo Ryeong has become afraid of heights since she acted in her final scene in Squid Game.


Method’s office is undergoing many changes, and Sunny is the new boss, even if she hasn’t been appointed as one. She takes over director Jang’s office after she resigns and has started bossing over junior managers. Manager Cheon is already frustrated over model Ahyun not accepting her offer when she gets a call from Won Jae telling her that CEO Koo has cut down the budget of field managers. 

All the senior managers meet Hae Jun to tell him that this isn’t how this industry works and that his amateurish decisions will shake the company and its values. Hae Jun has a valid reason for cutting down on the field managers’ budget because they don’t need to accompany artists on their personal schedules as if the managers don’t have their personal lives, and that is the most viable way he could find to cover for the tax fine that the company had to pay. However, he gives the managers one week of time to produce some significant results if they want to have a say in the company’s management.


Sunny has decided to end contracts with all the old actors who do not bring any profit to the company. Hyun Joo has to do this job and answer all the actors’ questions about why their contracts were suddenly canceled. The old actors don’t have many questions, as they know that it will be difficult for them to get work without a manager like Jang, who has years of experience and connections in the industry.

Director Oh Hun has been looking for new talent to feature in his musical movie, and manager Kim pitches in for Hee Sun to star in it. Kim is no longer Hee Sun’s manager, but seeing that director Ma pays no attention to her, he has to do something. Kim works diligently for his actors, and right now, his attention is on Joo Ryeong and getting rid of her fear of heights. When simulations don’t work, he takes her to see a therapist.


Hyun Joo’s mother has come to Seoul to see her, and she asks Hyun Joo to bring her father, Ma, with her because it’s been eight years since they last met. When Ma goes for lunch with Hyun Joo and his mother, his wife comes to the office looking for him. She knows that he is close to Yoo Eun Sook and asks her if she knows where Ma is. Eun Sook is scared that Ma’s wife will find out that she kissed her husband and tries to avoid her by saying that she is going to meet Hyun Joo’s mother. Ma’s wife tags along with Yoo, only to find Ma having lunch with them. Ma’s wife had come to check on him after finding out that he had collapsed, but seeing him like this made her certain of getting a divorce.

The actress, Ahyun, whom Cheon has been pursuing for over a year, turns out to be Hae Jun’s friend, and she has come to visit him at their office. Cheon sees this as a great opportunity to get her signed into their company and asks Hae Jun if he gave her the offer. Hae Jun didn’t talk to Ahyun about business because the senior managers told him that he didn’t understand the entertainment business. Cheon calls him an amateur looking for attention, which hurts his ego, so he announces a big inauguration party to celebrate his becoming the CEO.


All the managers initially decide not to attend the party to show their displeasure towards Hae Jun, but most of them end up attending the party for various reasons. Manager Kim attended the party because both director Na and actress Joo Ryeong were invited as well. Director Ma has planned a new project with Director Bae and has to show up at the party for him. Manager Cheon has the final chance to crack the deal with actress Ahyun, who is going to leave the country after the party. 

The party is a success as Cheon succeeds in signing actress Ahyun with them; director Bae signs an exclusive contract with Method Entertainment, and Hee Sun impresses director Oh Hun with her singing skills. Moreover, director Na finds out about Joo Ryeong’s fear of heights when she gets drunk and climbs a tree to save a cat. However, director Na has no problem with it, as it will add variety to his entertainment show.


Hae Jun challenged the managers to bring a significant result, and both director Ma and manager Cheon showed him what they could do by cracking new deals. Cheon and Hae Jun empty a bottle of liquor each while arguing with each other about who is better in the entertainment business. Hae Jun sobers up soon but has to bring sobering medicine to Cheon, and as he gives it to her, she mistakes him for Sang Woo and kisses him.

Cheon soon realizes that he is not Sang Woo and slaps him as if it were his mistake. This creates tension between them the next day, as Cheon is not ready to talk about it yet, and Hae Jun has started acting coldly toward her.


Why Shouldn’t Daniel And Director Ye Meet?

Hae Jun has brought a new film to the company that they are also co-producing, and he wants actor Daniel Henney to star in it. However, director Ma is reluctant to offer him the role. Daniel is having a meeting with Ma in his office, but Ma hasn’t shown him the script yet. Seeing Ma’s behavior, Cheon shows Daniel the script herself and convinces Daniel to meet the director. However, when Cheon calls the director to inform her about Daniel, she hangs up the phone.

Cheon meets director Ye Min Su the next day to talk about her project directly and discovers something that she didn’t know before. Director Ye had met Daniel Henney four years ago at a film festival and offered him a role. Daniel asked her to send him the script via email, but after she sent it, Daniel replied that he didn’t like to be contacted personally and that he would delete the script. It was the script for the same movie that the director is working on right now. She believes that Daniel wants to work with her now because she has become an award-winning director.


Director Oh Hun has been contacting Hee Sun personally for his project, and manager Kim doesn’t think that it is right. He has especially become concerned after finding out that Oh Hun always dates the actress he works with. However, he is still happy that Hee Sun might really get a role this time. On the other hand, manager Cheon is adamant about mending things between Daniel and director Ye. When Hyun Joo tells Ma that Cheon is trying really hard, he reveals to her that it was he who rejected the script four years ago because he didn’t think it suited Daniel.

Cheon hasn’t stopped pursuing Director Ye Min Su, and when she tells her that Daniel is excited to meet her, she opens up to her and tells her that she wrote the script for this movie, keeping Daniel in mind. She is a fan of Daniel and, hence, finally agrees to meet, but she doesn’t confirm that she will cast him in the movie. Cheon has been checking the schedules of both artists to set up a meeting, but Ma has been conveniently hiding this from Daniel.


Daniel finds Ma’s behavior suspicious and insists on meeting the director right away when he hears her on a radio station. Ma has to take him to the station, but he messages Hyun Joo to do something about it. Hyun Joo panics for a moment but comes up with an idea quickly. Director Ye’s previous film was involved in a controversy because of a certain community, and Hyun Joo informs that community that the director is at the radio station. The people of the community start their protest against the director in front of the radio station, which gives Ma a reason not to let Daniel enter the radio station.

Daniel is not going to give up and enters the radio station through the backdoor. Hyun Joo reaches the radio station by then and makes Cheon and the director take an alternate route to leave the station because of the protest. Cheon calls Daniel after reaching back to the office, and Daniel tells her that he just missed them at the radio station; however, the director doesn’t believe him.


Hee Sun has been selected for the leading role in Oh Hun’s film because he has broken up with his girlfriend, who was supposed to be in the lead role, and manager Kim doesn’t have a good feeling about it. He asks Hee Sun to always have someone from the agency with her whenever she meets Oh Hun regarding work. On the other hand, Hae Jun and Cheon have been arguing over the kiss. While Cheon claims that it was a mistake, Hae Jun thinks it was more than that. Hae Jun has had a crush on Cheon since their childhood.

‘Behind Every Star’ Episode 10: Ending

Director Ye and Daniel finally meet, but the director’s behavior towards Daniel is unusually rude. She makes him introduce himself and makes him do an improv when he is already an established actor. Suddenly, she lashes out at him and asks him why he humiliated her four years ago and why is it that he has returned now. Daniel has no idea what the director is talking about, and he only finds out when Cheon tells him. 


Daniel tells her that he never got the script, but the director calls him a liar. Hyun Joo has been watching all of this unfold and panicking. She blurts out that she deleted the script four years ago when she was a rookie. Hyun Joo thought that she handled the situation well, but both the actor and the director felt humiliated for their work and themselves. Their new project with Method fell through.

“Behind Every Star” finally has director Ma revealing that Hyun Joo is his daughter. Hyun Joo tried to take a fall for her father and risked losing her job, and a father cannot see her daughter suffering because of him. Hyun Joo feels the same. She thinks that she messed up her father’s life by joining his company.


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