‘Behind Every Star’ Episodes 7 & 8: Recap And Ending – Who Takes Over Method Entertainment?

Method Entertainment has already been facing issues, and after his breakup with manager Cheon, Sang Woo has fined the company a big amount. “Behind Every Star” has Method Entertainment struggling to stay afloat, and director Tae Oh’s hopes of buying the company are dying slowly as he has fallen out with his wife, and his deal with his father-in-law to buy the company might not go through.


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Where Does Cheon Meet Hae Jun?

Actress Kim So Hyun and actor Son Jun Ho are a popular celebrity couple and have been cast as judges for a reality TV show. Right after giving their first interview regarding the new show, So Hyun calls Tae Oh at midnight to say that someone has clicked her pictures with her male friend, which Jun Ho doesn’t like. Tae Oh suggests she tell Jun Ho the truth, but So Hyun just ignores it and leaves the matter for the time being.


Tae Oh has been giving more time to Hyun Joo as he has been living away from his family, which has given him an opportunity to connect with Hyun Joo more. He even asks her if they should reveal their real relationship to their colleagues, but Hyun Joo opposes the idea, as she thinks that they will feel betrayed. As they leave the restaurant after dinner, Tae Oh sees his CEO’s wife with the president of Star Entertainment, which worries him.

However, Tae Oh has one more headache waiting for him at the office. Someone has leaked So Hyun’s pictures with her friend, and it has caused So Hyun and Jun Ho to have a big fight. Tae Oh manages both of them and gets crushed in the middle of their fight. He changes So Hyun’s manager to Kim, as having different managers will keep them separate. Both So Hyun and Jun Ho don’t want to see each other, and it is disturbing their schedules and risking their careers and the company’s reputation.


Manager Cheon is visiting her hometown as she is going to get felicitated for making it big in her career field. There is one more person from her hometown who has just returned from the USA and is also going to get felicitated for becoming a big businessman. Koo Hae Jun is the founder of a dating app that has become a huge hit worldwide, and he is Cheon’s schoolmate. He is back in Korea to invest in a new business, and Cheon has a pitch for him. She needs him to buy Method Entertainment.

After their felicitation ceremony, Cheon brings up the topic of buying Method Entertainment to Hae Jun. He seems uninterested in the beginning but asks Cheon to take him to one of the filming sets. Cheon thinks it’s the best opportunity to impress Hae Jun and get him to buy the company, but nothing goes right on the film set. The set is not as impressive as Hae Jun imagined, and he gets into a petty fight with a crew member. Hae Jun leaves the set without greeting Cheon, and with him, Cheon’s hopes also walk away.


So Hyun and Jun Ho’s fight has gotten worse, and now they do not want to do a talk show together. They cannot pretend that everything is fine between them and laugh during the show. Jun Ho leaves home and goes to stay with Tae Oh for the time being. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Tae Oh goes to So Hyun to convince her to mend things between the couple, but his visit causes his personal life to tumble down. When Tae Oh meets his wife, she shows him a picture of him at So Hyun’s house and asks for a divorce. She thinks Tae Oh is a womanizer and cannot trust him anymore.

Jun Ho has lost a lot of money in stock trading, and Tae Oh knows about it. Tae Oh blackmails Jun Ho to tell this to So Hyun and makes him do the talk show alone. However, the president of Star Entertainment meets So Hyun and tells her about Jun Ho’s lost money. He pursues her to leave Method Entertainment because Tae Oh is not a good companion for her and her husband.


Jun Ho joins the talk show alone, but after her meeting with Star Entertainment’s president, So Hyun makes a surprise appearance on the show. During the break, she asks Jun Ho about stock trading, and he confesses that he did that to make more money so that he could send her on vacation abroad as she was working so much and needed a break. So Hyun and Jun Ho’s relationship goes back to normal after this conversation, but they decide to leave Method Entertainment because So Hyun thinks Jun Ho makes wrong decisions because of Tae Oh.

Tae Oh did everything to mend So Hyun and Jun Ho’s relationship, only for them to leave the company that is already on the verge of going down. He goes back to the office and gets introduced to the new president of the company, Koo Hae Jun. However, he doesn’t understand anything that is going on and collapses because of stress as Hae Jun puts forth his hand to greet Tae Oh.


Does Kim Ji Hoon Switch Agencies?

Cheon’s friend Koo Hae Jun has bought Method Entertainment, and though the employees are happy that their jobs are safe, Hae Jun starts power-tripping as soon as he takes over. He forms a strategic planning team without consulting any of the senior employees and makes his assistant, Sunny, the head of the team. As Tae Oh protests, Hae Jun asks him why So Hyun and Jun Ho left the company before their contracts expired.

When Hae Jun finds out that another agency stole their artists, he proposes that they should steal their artists as well. Hae Jun doesn’t know much about the entertainment industry, but he knows how to do business. He asks the managers to bring actor Kim Ji Hoon to their company, and whoever manages to do so will get an incentive. Cheon makes all of her juniors find as much information as they can on Ji Hoon, as she is determined to bring Ji Hoon to Method.


Hee Sun has been auditioning for roles one after the other, and one of the directors insults her, saying that she is getting all the auditions because she has an affair with manager Kim. Hae Jun suggests they change Hee Sun’s manager, and that’s when the idea of bringing more new artists to the company comes to mind. Hae Jun has been making rapid changes in the company, and the employees do not have enough time to grasp them.

Cheon has not found any big leads on Ji Hoon, but Hae Jun’s assistant, Sunny, comes to her rescue. She knows the gym that Ji Hoon has joined recently and gets Cheon to access to his gym. Cheon meets Ji Hoon and introduces herself, but Ji Hoon is not interested in talking with an agent. Cheon is a seasoned player and knows to act patiently. Though her conversation with Ji Hoon doesn’t go well, she finds out that Star Entertainment has been making decisions on Ji Hoon’s behalf, and he has lost good projects because of it, including a big project from a Japanese director.


Cheon is the field manager, and Won Jae acts as the Japanese casting director of the movie that Ji Hoon was considered for. Won Jae meets Ji Hoon and tells him that he was considered for the movie, but his company declined the offer. He doesn’t forget to mention that manager Cheon asked him to consider Ji Hoon for another role again. Ji Hoon is convinced and asks Cheon to meet him.

Ji Hoon tells Cheon that he is going to leave Star Entertainment but has not decided on his next company yet because he wants to be on his own for some time. He talks to Cheon about what role will suit him and what he can try next. They share a good conversation, and Cheon is sure that she has almost cracked the deal with him. They meet the next day, but the president of Star Entertainment catches them together and tells Ji Hoon that the Japanese director he met is fake.


Ji Hoon is disappointed, and Cheon is even more disappointed that she lost the deal. When Hae Jun calls her, she curses at him in frustration, which gets her fired the next day. Hae Jun might be her friend, but he is also her boss, and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to firing an employee who is disrespectful towards him. Cheon is ready to leave when she gets a call from Ji Hoon, who wants Cheon to be his manager and wants to join Method Entertainment. Ji Hoon likes Cheon’s determination and wants to work with her as long as she doesn’t deceive him anymore.

‘Behind Every Star’ Episode 8: Ending

Cheon keeps her job and also gets an incentive. Other managers who have shown great performance get an incentive as well. However, the senior-most employee in the company, Myung Jae, leaves the company after hearing a humiliating comment from Hae Jun that she is a slacker and doesn’t contribute much to the company. Sunny befriended Hyun Joo to get insights about the employees, and because of her, Myung Jae left the company.


“Behind Every Star” has finally moved past the issue of Method Entertainment’s bankruptcy and is shifting the focus slowly toward the personal lives of the employees. Cheon met Sang Woo again and wanted to talk to him, but her work commitments got in the way again. Tae Oh has been disturbed by his separation from his wife, and he gets intimate with his colleague Yoo, inviting further complications.

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