‘Behind Every Star’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending: Why Does Sang Woo Break Up With Jane?

Behind Every Star” has Method Entertainment struggling to keep the company on its feet as the problems keep coming one after another. The managers have barely managed to keep the artists on board, and director Tae Oh had to play a game to stop the company from getting sold off. However, the deceased CEO of the company has created a big fraud, which can cause the company to shut down if the tax officer chooses to take action over it.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Tae Oh Get Caught By His Family?

The actors always have tantrums, and the more experienced they are, the more tantrums they throw. Oh Na Ra and Park Ho San have been shooting a film, but the shooting is being delayed because of their constant arguments. Both of them have worked together before and are close to each other, but something about this movie script is not working right for them. The director is frustrated and calls their managers early in the morning.


The managers have a difficult job and have almost no time to maintain their personal lives. It is Hyun Joo’s birthday, but her father, Tae Oh, doesn’t even remember it. Jane congratulates her coldly and gives her instructions about work. Jane also had to leave behind her new love interest to handle Park Ho San and Oh Na Ra’s conflict. However, Park Ho San is understanding and lets her chat with Sang Wook.

As if one conflict were not enough, the writer of an ongoing drama complains about actor Young Tak’s poor acting. The writer wants to get the character out of the show, but the company cannot afford that right now. Hyun Joo brings up the idea of a fan protest, but her senior calls her idea cute and brushes it off. On the other hand, manager Cheon and manager Kim are worried about how Ho San and Na Ra will do a kissing scene if they cannot even bear to look each other in the face.


Hyun Joo spends her birthday making a banner for Young Tak’s Fanclub in Busan, where her mother is a vice president. She sends the banner to her mother, who will post it on the online forum. It’s already past midnight when Hyun Joo celebrates her birthday with her senior, Jin Hyeok. She is still upset that her father didn’t even wish her a happy birthday.

Manager Kim finds out about manager Cheon’s affair with Sang Wook when the hotel manager informs him that they are charging extra for an additional person. Kim barges into Cheon’s room and sees Sang Wook sleeping on her bed. Kim is worried that if Cheon breaks up with Sang Wook, it will become troublesome for their company, but Cheon assures him that this time it is different, and she is serious about Sang Wook. She just wants Kim to keep it a secret from others to avoid any conflict.


The film director is on the verge of giving up, and the kissing scene between Ho San and Na Ra is his final straw. As expected, both of them start arguing during their kissing scene, and the director is about to leave when the scene turns out much more steamy than the director had planned. Na Ra is afraid of bugs, and when a spider appears in their prop car, it causes chaos and makes it look like an intense romantic scene between Ho San and Na Ra.

Tae Oh finally remembers that he forgot to wish Hyun Joo a happy birthday and asks her what she wants as a gift. Hyun Joo asks to have a drink with him as an adult, and he agrees to it. However, he forgets that he has promised to attend a concert with his family. His wife and son go to his office, enraged, and see him with Hyun Joo. His son, Eun Cheol, asks Hyun Joo if she’s having an affair with his father, and his wife asks him to tell them the truth once and for all.


How Do Ho Young And Soo Ro Resolve Their Conflict?

Veteran actor Kim Soo Ro is working on a play with newbie director Ho Young, and the atmosphere between them is not so good. While manager Cheon brings in a reporter to show him the rehearsal of the new play, a fight breaks out between Soo Ro and Ho Young, and Soo Ro leaves the rehearsals. He claims to not work in the play anymore. 

Tae Oh’s secret is out to his family, and they are not happy with it. However, they don’t blame Hyun Joo for anything. Tae Oh’s wife meets Hyun Joo and asks her if her mother knows that she is working with her father and how many times Tae Oh has visited her in Busan. She also asks for her birthdate, which makes her realize that Hyun Joo was born when Tae Oh was married, which means that he cheated on her. She goes home and throws Tae Oh out.


Actor Kim Soo Ro is a professional, and Cheon did not expect him to behave in the way he did at the rehearsal. She needs to know what is bothering Soo Ro so much that he refuses to do the play. She thinks that director Ho Young’s way of working is the issue, but Soo Ro reveals something totally different. Soo Ro has a fear of water, and Ho Young wants him to do a scene in the pool. Soo Ro cannot tell Ho Young because he doesn’t want to wear his shortcomings on his sleeve. A dispute can be fixed, but an issue like this is difficult to solve for Cheon.

Tae Oh has been thrown out of the house, and he goes to the office with a bag of clothes, which makes others wonder what he has brought in it. One of the employees thinks that Tae Oh has laundered money as he declared that he is going to buy the company but gets disappointed when she sees clothes in them. Hyun Joo has no idea that he has been thrown out of the house, but she soon finds out when Eun Gyeol meets her. Eun Gyeol accepts her as his sister but asks her for some time to adjust to this new relationship.


Director Ho Young and actor Soo Ro again get into a fight during rehearsals, but this time it escalates to physical confrontation. Ho Young accidentally pushes Soo Ro into the pool, and Soo Ro pushes Ho Young so hard that he falls down and hits his head. After this incident, it is impossible for both of them to work together, but Cheon has to resolve their conflict because the actor’s name will be tainted if he drops out of the play suddenly.

A lot of a manager’s work involves lying. They have to lie every time they want to feed an artist’s pride. Cheon tells Soo Ro that Ho Young wants to apologize to him in person, but Ho Young never says so. She meets Ho Young later at night and sends a text to Soo Ro from his phone to invite him to his birthday party. Cheon is so busy working she forgets that Sang Wook has been waiting for her at home as they have planned a date.


Even the next day, Cheon has to go to Ho Young’s birthday party with Soo Ro before her planned date with Sang Wook. During the party, Ho Young and Soo Ro resolve their conflict when Soo Ro talks to him about his fear of water. He even jumps into the pool to show him that he is trying his best. Cheon is happy and celebrates by drinking a few drinks, but she forgets that she has to go to dinner with Sang Wook. Sang Wook comes to pick her up and sees her drinking while in Ho Young’s arms. It is the final straw for Sang Wook, and he tells her that they should break up. Only Sang Wook puts effort into their one-sided relationship, and he has to stop before it is too late.

‘Behind Every Star’ Episode 6: Ending

Tae Oh’s father-in-law is going to finance him to buy Method Entertainment, but after the new family conflict, it will become difficult if Tae Oh’s wife tells her father about Tae Oh’s illegitimate child. Moreover, Sang Wook has given the company the fine amount they need to pay for all the embezzlement that the previous CEO was responsible for.


Though Cheon doesn’t like Tae Oh or his way of working, she has been sacrificing a lot to keep the company afloat. She is the one who proves that “Behind Every Star,” there is someone who would do anything to make them a star. Method Entertainment needs to survive for all those managers who have worked hard to build the careers of the artists under the company.

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