‘Becky And Badette’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Becky Decide To Save Badette?

Directed by Jun R. Lana Becky and Badette is a Filipino comedy currently streaming on Netflix. The plot revolves around the lives of two friends, Becky and Badette, who have been struggling to find recognition in society. They decide to lie about their sexual orientations just to gain some momentary attention. However, when their high school crush enters their lives with an evil motive, their plan falls apart, and they turn against each other. How did Becky and Badette manage to climb the social ladder? What was Pepe’s motive? Why did Nirvana want to seek revenge on Becky and Badette? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Becky And Badette Support Each Other?

Badette and Becky had been the best of friends ever since school, and they had formed this bond as their mothers were also the best of friends. While Becky had a knack for singing, Badette was good at playing different roles in dramas. They supported each other’s dreams but ended up in a bad financial situation as they didn’t receive any scholarships after school. The two started living above a gay bar, but the little joys in life made them happy. They would often watch movies together and recreate scenes to pass the time. They had been working all sorts of odd jobs, but as a side hustle, they also sold their special fried chicken. 


When Badette got a role in a film as a person who would have to cry over a dead body, she practiced it thoroughly at home, only to be given the role of the dead body at the shoot the next day. She was extremely depressed, as she hadn’t gotten the role that she had expected. Becky was also facing similar troubles at her workplace, where the assistant of a famous singer mocked Becky after she tried to pitch her self-composed songs to the singer. Even though both were not able to achieve any success in their careers, they knew that they had each other by their sides. 

What Happened At The School Reunion?

Nirvana, a former school bully, came up to Becky and Badette to invite them to a school reunion gathering, and when she saw that they were reluctant, she lied, saying that they would receive awards at the function. Despite their unwillingness to attend the function (as their other classmates were a lot more successful than them), they went there and made a fool of themselves. They had dressed extravagantly, as they had been lied to about the dress codes as well. When they saw all their classmates receiving awards for their achievements, they felt left out and ashamed of their own position in society. 


Later, the two got drunk and reenacted a scene from their favorite movie on the stage (to grab attention), making people think that they were a couple. The very next day, people started congratulating them, and they realized that their video had gone viral and people were now paying a lot more attention to them. When Badette and Becky saw the video, they recalled that they had supported the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and brought out the perils of being poor. The support that they showed each other on stage captured the attention of thousands of people. When their mothers saw the clip, they revealed that even they (the mothers) had been dating each other for a while, after their fathers had passed away. They had kept it a secret so that Becky and Badette wouldn’t be embarrassed. But instead of criticizing them for it, they accepted their sexual orientation. 

Why Didn’t They Help Nirvana After They Got Famous?

Becky and Badette started receiving offers from famous film producers and swingers to work with them. Within a matter of a few days, Becky and Badette got the fame that they had never expected. Meanwhile, they kept their real sexual orientations a secret from the audience and kept pretending that they were lesbians. When they went to a meeting where they were supposed to endorse a bar, they saw that Nirvana had been chosen as the advertiser for the brand. They made fun of her work and criticized her (as revenge for what she had done to them in the past) for trying to demean lesbians. Nirvana told them that she needed the project or else her company would go bankrupt, but they turned a deaf ear to her, and she eventually lost the project.


What Caused A Rift Between Becky And Badette?

Shortly after they became famous, Pepe posted a photo in which he lamented losing someone in his life. Both Becky and Badette kept thinking to themselves that he had made the post for them. They also started keeping secrets from each other, and they stalked Pepe on social media. Both of them had seen that Pepe was in Batangas and decided to go there. Just as they came across Pepe, they started trying to woo him. The three spent quality time together, and there was a constant internal rift between Becky and Badette as to who would win over Pepe. Later, Pepe said that he was previously in a relationship with Nirvana, but they had broken up for good. He further added that the woman he had posted about wasn’t Nirvana and gave hints that she wasn’t into men. This sent out a hint to both Becky and Badette that Pepe had been talking about them. 

Who Did Pepe Choose Between Becky And Badette?

Later, Nirvana came to Batangas and said that Badette was stealing Pepe from her and that it was because of her that they had broken up earlier. She said that Pepe was always obsessed with Badette, and his phone was full of her pictures. Saying this, she started attacking Badette, but Pepe came to her rescue and said that she was the love of his life. Later, when Pepe proposed to Badette, Becky told him that they weren’t happy with each other as Badette had feelings for him. However, Becky was sure that Pepe had some evil intentions and started keeping an eye on him. However, while keeping an eye on both Badette and Pepe, Becky realized that she had developed feelings for Badette. When Badette proposed moving in with Pepe, Becky was hurt. Badette, however, said that she would tell people she has been unfaithful and will leave Becky, which will help her garner the sympathy of the audience. 


Why Did Becky Decide To Save Badette?

When both Becky and Badette’s mothers came, they asked Becky about Badette’s whereabouts, and Becky confessed their truth to them. They said that they were disappointed in Becky and Badette for letting millions of people down with their false influence. Becky, however, owned up to her mistakes and said that she would help Badette out of the mess. She wouldn’t let Pepe’s charms ruin their friendship. 

Becky started keeping an eye on Pepe and caught him red-handed with Nirvana! They were plotting how they could ruin both Becky and Badette’s careers by exposing them. Nirvana wanted revenge on them for ruining her career. Meanwhile, Becky recorded them plotting and said that it was true that they had been fooling their audiences, but there was no solid proof. This confession by Becky was, however, secretly recorded by Bona. When Becky asked him why he had decided to betray Becky and Badette, he said that they were acting against the guidelines of the LGBTQ+ community, and he was against it. Nirvana started blackmailing Becky, asking her to pay up 50 million pesos for keeping it a secret. Meanwhile, Badette came to the forefront and said that she had in turn recorded Nirvana blackmailing Becky, which was a crime and could cause her to end up in jail. 


What Happened In The End?

Later, Becky and Badette got back to becoming friends and decided to confess their fake sexual identities to the public. After confessing to their mistakes, they transferred all their money to a charitable foundation and also faced criticism and public anger, which went hand in hand. They got back to their old lives and their old residence above the gay bar. However, they were very depressed to learn that the bar would be sold, and they finally came up with an idea. Becky and Badette opened a business selling fried chicken and gave their best performances in the bar to stop it from getting sold out. 

They had forgiven Bona for betraying them, and he opened his own gay bar somewhere nearby. After the incident, Pepe went to New York, and Nirvana followed him there but wasn’t able to find him, and there has been no news of the duo since then. Even though Becky and Badette had not been able to flourish in their careers after the incident, they decided to stick together and fight through all the difficulties together! 


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