Fuches, Noho Hank And Cristobal In ‘Barry’ Season 4, Explained

Barry primarily revolves around the titular central character, but it also delves into the lives of several flawed characters connected to him. The crime associates, Noho Hank, and his love interest, Cristobal, as well as Barry’s mentor and father figure, Fuches, play pivotal roles in molding Barry’s character while exhibiting their own flaws. By examining these characters closely, we can better understand their purpose in the story and how their respective journeys unfold.

Spoilers Ahead

What Was Fuches’ Role In Shaping Barry’s Character?

After Barry was discharged from the Marines, his father’s close friend, Monroe Fuches (played by Stephen Root), who had been a fatherly figure to him, became the catalyst for Barry’s descent into violence. Fuches introduced Barry to the criminal underworld and assigned him to work as a contract killer. Unbeknownst to Barry, these targets were mostly innocent people like Ryan Madison, who had an affair with one of the gangsters’ wives. By taking them out one by one, Barry spiraled deeper into darkness, unaware of the consequences of his actions.

Initially, Fuches refused to take responsibility for the crimes committed by Barry and wanted him to suffer all alone. However, as time passed, Fuches began to realize that he was the root cause behind Barry’s descent into madness. In the absence of Barry’s father, Fuches was the one who was supposed to love and support Barry, but instead of guiding him, Fuches taught him the act of violence. Therefore, the weight of guilt started to consume Fuches. Even when they were both imprisoned in the same facility, Fuches couldn’t bear to see Barry endure the torment. He was torn between betraying Barry or helping him, but ultimately, he wanted to fulfill his paternal responsibilities. However, Barry had no feeling of gratitude for Fuches and was willing to expose him, Hank, and other criminals to the FBI. Nevertheless, Fuches didn’t shirk his responsibilities toward Barry. Eight years later, Fuches had transformed from a tired and worn-out older man to a tough gangster with a gothic fashion sense. Despite his outward appearance, he still felt vulnerable around Barry. When he crossed paths with Hank, Fuches saved Barry’s son and delivered the child to him and Sally.

Why Couldn’t Hank And Cristobal End Up Together?

Played by Anthony Carrigan, Noho Hank, a member of the Chechen mob, was introduced to viewers in season 1 of Barry. Throughout the series, viewers develop a connection with this flawed yet charismatic character, who has a deep and appealing chemistry with his partner, Cristobal. Despite being a level-headed criminal who was skilled at killing enemies without hesitation, Hank possessed a strong sense of empathy. He formed a friendship with Barry when they started working together, although Barry primarily saw the friendship as a transactional affair. Hank faced numerous challenges in his life, including navigating his rise in the criminal world and struggling to be with Cristobal. In season 4, Hank’s character underwent significant changes. After separating from the Elders, Hank and Cristobal were living a peaceful life. However, Hank’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue a new business venture, building a merchandise empire based on high-quality sand. Unfortunately, their peaceful existence was disrupted when the Elders returned and demanded Hank’s involvement in their old and illegal business. Hank felt threatened, knowing that refusal could result in both his and Cristobal’s deaths. Hank made decisions that went against Cristobal’s wishes, such as killing innocent men who were their business partners. Cristobal opposed these actions, and Hank tried to convince him, aware that the Chechens wouldn’t hesitate to harm Cristobal if he backed down. Tragically, Cristobal was murdered when he made the decision to leave Hank and declined to join the Chechen Elders.

Although Hank’s actions may have appeared treacherous, they were driven by circumstances and his powerlessness in the face of the Chechen mob. Cristobal’s death deeply affected Hank, causing him to regret his decisions. However, after eight years, Hank seemed to have regained his independence and established himself. He fulfilled Cristobal’s dream by successfully establishing the business on the high-quality sand. As a tribute to his lost love, Hank erected a statue of Cristobal outside the building. This statue served as a reminder of Cristobal’s presence in Hank’s life. In the series’ final moments, a betrayed Hank sought revenge on Barry but was fatally shot by Fuches in a gang war. In a poignant scene, Hank clutched the statue’s hand as he succumbed to death as if that moment was what he had been waiting for. He died alone, knowing that there was no one to mourn his passing.

Played by Michael Irby, Cristobal, a Bolivian mobster, falls deeply in love with Hank and makes the difficult decision to leave his wife in order to be with him. However, despite Cristobal’s dedication to their relationship, he experienced a heartbreaking betrayal. Hank, under the influence of the elder Chechens, carried out the orders to eliminate their business partners and associates. This drastic transformation shocked and disappointed Cristobal. All he wanted was a legitimate business and to have the love of his life by his side. But Hank, burdened by the pressure from the Chechens, was slowly turning against their shared dreams. When Cristobal expressed his determination to leave Hank upon witnessing these changes in his behavior, Hank issued a warning, saying that Cristobal knew too much. These final words from Hank shattered Cristobal’s heart, yet he held onto the belief that Hank would reconsider before causing him harm. Unfortunately, before Hank could even contemplate his actions, the Elders had already taken Cristobal’s life. The love story between Hank and Cristobal ended in tragedy, leaving them as one of the most favorite couples who were not lucky enough to end up together.

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