‘Ayalaan’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Tamizh Rescue Tattoo?

Ayalaan is a Tamil-language, one-of-a-kind extra-terrestrial comedy-drama directed by K.S. Ravikumar that, for no rhyme or reason, talks about a Tamil-speaking alien that lands in Chennai, gets in touch with three random people, and makes sure none of their lives are the same ever again. It was interesting to watch how bizarre the movie got as the antagonists arrived on the scene, and it became a crusade between the good and the bad.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did The Creature Reach Chennai?

Ayalaan begins with an extraterrestrial stone being found in Siberia by a scientist, and soon the person was killed by an unknown face. The stone was later shown to be in the possession of a ruthless entrepreneur, Aryan, who named the stone Sparc. He quickly understood the advantages of this material from outer space and began to use its powers to extract gas from the core of the earth, which initially poisoned a small area in Madagascar. The stone had immense power to cut through the various layers of the earth and helped Aryan become one of the richest and most dangerous businessmen, who claimed to be in possession of an alternate source of energy.


The creature seemed to have entered the Chennai airspace and discreetly landed near a landfill area. The creature was alone and walked out of the spaceship to explore the city while being invisible. The film doesn’t really specify what powers the extraterrestrial has, but we might as well assume he has every power that a superhero has in a comic book. This extraterrestrial being walked into the Aryan Industries lab out of curiosity and was caught by the workers. On touching Aryan’s hand, through his powers, the creature learnt of Sparc, the stone from his planet which was now present at the lab. After much struggle, the creature took back the stone with it. Aryan industries took possession of the spaceship, leaving the alien helpless unless he returned the Sparc.

Why Was Tamizh In The City?

Tamizh was a farmer who was obsessed with his sunflower cultivation. He was happy with his life in his village but his mother requested that he move to the city for better job prospects to get rid of their debts. Tamizh was forced to come to the city, where he ran into a company that offers romantic surprises and became fast friends with the owners and employees. Tamizh had no skill set and he was stuck learning on the job.


What Were Aryan Industries Up To?

Aryan industries wanted to get hold of the Sparc, and in that pursuit, they were looking for the creature that stole the stone from their lab. To understand the movements of the extraterrestrial being, the firm hired an American ufologist to learn about how to lure the creature without making much noise. The American ufologist was excited because he had been speaking about the presence of alien beings for many years. He believed that since the lab was in possession of the spaceship, they need not hunt for the creature, as the creature would come looking for it.

How Did Tamizh And Tattoo Meet?

Tamizh and the extraterrestrial creature accidentally met at a school science fair. Tamizh walked into the science fair following a teacher he had met in his hometown. An accidental fire caused by one of the projects led to the extraterrestrial being trying to save as many kids as possible using his powers. The creature unfortunately got stuck in the fire. Tamizh mistook the creature for a school kid and rescued him, only to realize it was a peculiar looking living being speaking Tamil.


A petrified Tamizh named him Tattoo and abandoned him, but the creature followed him back to his home. Tamizh had a hard time convincing his roommates not to freak out about Tattoo, but the creature gave them reasons to trust him and let him be part of their lives. Tatto was desperately searching for his spaceship to return to his planet. 

Why Did Tattoo Come Back To Earth?

Aryan and his team were successful in luring Tattoo to the spaceship. The ufologist placed detectors on the surface the moment Tattoo walked into the dump yard. Everything worked like clockwork and Aryan’s men were able to get hold of Tattoo until Tamizh saved him, but he almost got killed for it. Tattoo came back to save one of the few friends he made during his brief time in Chennai as the man took the creature in and trusted him. The creature was also informed about not trusting humans by the community of his planet; he believed Tamizh had no intention of harming him. Tattoo was captured on his return and Tamizh was severely injured.


What Did Aryan Want From The Alien?

Aryan was desperately seeking the Sparc. The ufologist requested the extraterrestrial creature be treated gently, but Aryan continued electrocuting it till he gave up the location of Sparc. Aryan had to answer the investors whom he had convinced about the powers of the stone and how all of them would benefit from it. Even though the Nova Gas could be a danger to the world, Aryan wanted to live off the advantages of it without worrying about the repercussions of his act.

Did Tattoo Leave Any Powers For Tamizh?

On his last mission to save Tamizh, Tattoo bestowed some of his powers onto his friend, and the man was unaware of it. Tamizh believed Tattoo left planet Earth and his powers on him as a thank you, and the young man was able to help many because of his newfound energy. Unbeknownst to him, Tamizh had the Sparc, which could be the reason behind his powers. Aryan and his team were able to locate Tamizh, who they figured had alien-like powers with the help of detectors used to capture Tattoo. Tamizh was made aware of Tattoo’s capture using his powers, and the crusade to save his friend began. Tamizh had developed a bond with Tattoo, and it was his duty to save his friend in his hour of need. Tamizh realized the world was in danger as well because Aryan snatched the Sparc from him, which would potentially cause a catastrophe.


How Did Tamizh Save Tattoo?

Tattoo, at the lab, tried to educate the ufologist about the dangerous repercussions of extracting the gas, which could lead to years of devastation for humans and other living beings. The ufologist tried to understand Tattoo’s perspective but could not rescue him from the lab. The ufologist was more considerate of the living being from outer space and was considerate at one point as he never wanted to kill the creature but study it.

Tamizh’s powers still existed without the Sparc, and he rescued Tattoo from the Aryan Industries’ lab vehicle using his powers. Meanwhile, Aryan had caused havoc in the city using the nova gas leak. Tamizh ended up helping many people after learning of the root cause of this disaster. Just like the creature, Tamizh was using his powers to aid the people.


With Tattoo safe with Tamizh, they had to stop Aryan from using the Sparc to further dig for Nova Gas. The duo also wanted to get hold of Tattoo’s spaceship for his journey back home. Aryan faced Tamizh along with Tattoo, and tried to eliminate them, but the duo entered the facility to end Aryan’s reign and his greed for power.

Meanwhile, Tattoo successfully was in possession of his spaceship and helped Tamizh in ending Aryan’s supremacy. Tamizh and Tattoo, even though were from two different planets, forged a bond over shared powers and wanted to rescue living beings from the destructive nature of the humans. Tattoo destroyed the machine that was instrumental in digging the Nova gas and retrieved the Sparc. Aryan was killed in the process. Aryan’s death was imminent because good always triumphs over bad.


Ayalaan ended with Tattoo bidding farewell to Tamizh and everyone he had gotten closer to during his brief stay on planet Earth. He requested that they not destroy their planet for the sake of better things. He also parted by asking them to be considerate of other living beings because they have the right to live as much as humans do. Tattoo left as a happy creature who could trust humans after all, thanks to Tamizh’s love and generosity. As the end credits roll, Tamizh rescues a man from drowning by running on water. This proved that the power left by Tattoo will forever stay with Tamizh. This could be the origin story of a man who got in touch with an extraterrestrial creature and lived to help people.

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