‘Anthracite’ Post Credit Scene Explained: Is The Legend Of The Black Virgin Real?

The French crime thriller Anthracite concluded with the Ecrins cult leader Caleb Johansson and his illegitimate daughter and wife crushed under the mines. The anthracite mines have been the most prevalent part of the series, and Bachelard’s detonator left the town of Levionna covered in ruins. The discovery of the mysterious box which frightened the life out of a woman, suggests that a second season might be on the cards.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Someone Still Running The Ecrins Cult?

After Caleb’s arrest, nobody in the town thought that the cult would continue to operate. But Faure, in her own way, carried on his legacy in her own twisted way. Even after the deaths of Faure, Caleb, and their daughter, it’s still possible that there is an active member of the cult who’s still operating the cult, hiding in the shadows. Not to forget, even though Hari is in prison, he’s the only person we know for sure who has been practicing Caleb’s preaching for years. Now, without his mother to hold the reigns, it’s unlikely that a normal person would continue to follow her path. But hear me out: if a grownup can shoot his lover in cold blood, it’s not entirely impossible for him to be far worse than he seems. 


What Happened In The “Grave”?

The post-credits scene shows us an interview with Sofiane Krause, a French lieutenant, talking about how bad the situation was when they found the grave. Faure’s daughter killed hikers and people who were in close proximity to the mines. Over the years, there have been countless unsolved disappearances whose bodies were never found, and Giovanna found all of the corpses in the grave. The quick slideshow of pictures we see from the documentary film is enough to figure out that they had no anthracite on their faces. Faure’s daughter got so consumed by the idea that she’s an executor of darkness that she needed to kill people from time to time to fulfill her own urges and impulses. She was brainwashed to the extent where she even killed her own father, whose preaching is the reason she’s been down in the caves for years. When Caleb told her that she has light inside her, Faure just needed to shout, He’s lying. That was enough for her to kill Caleb. I do believe that spending that long inside the endless tunnels has messed with her head. Caleb heard high-pitched voices when he first entered the mines in 1990, and he came out of that episode to become a prophet. It’s possible that, in the damning darkness, she went into a state of complete delirium. If one were to inhabit the place once she lived and was killed in, it’d be interesting to see what happens to them after they just pulled a ton of dead bodies out of the grave. 

Is The Legend Of The Black Virgin Real?

Throughout generations, the people who worked as miners have warned their children about the Black Virgin. It’s said that if you see the Black Virgin, it brings bad luck. Historically, the Black Virgin is an interpretation of the Virgin Mary in African cultures, also known as the Black Madonna. There might be a supernatural intervention we are yet to see, as the mines might be cursed by the Black Virgin, and hence her appearance leads to an awful fate for people. The statue of the Black Virgin was a recurring theme throughout the show, and Jaro also saw his mother’s writing engraved on the bottom of it. If there’s a way that people can actually violate  the Black Virgin’s wishes by entering the mine, that could answer the voices Caleb heard when he first took shelter in the cave. 


Why Does Detraz Seclude Herself From The Town?

Detraz and Juliette went to the same school, and Detraz saw Juliette stab herself with a piece of glass one time Detraz’s family was a family of conservatives, and they were God-fearing people. When she couldn’t help Juliette, she thought she was possessed by a demon. Years later, when Romeo and Jaro visit her house, she’s become a hermit, a local legend who is a scary figure for kids in town. Detraz left the town and started living in the mountains, believing there’s a demon involved in the deaths of the cult followers. When Jaro asks her about his daughter, she admits that she marked her with the symbol to protect her against the demon. Whatever we know, it’s pretty clear that all the deaths are linked to human beings. Even the demon Detraz claimed to see in the mountains was Faure’s daughter, hunting people down. Her fear of the demon is the reason she left the town, and even 30 years later, the events she witnessed weren’t supernatural. It’s entirely possible that she’s delusional, but if she is indeed right about any of her fears, Levionna better be ready.

What Did The Box Mean?

Ida leaves her interview unfinished when she receives CCTV footage on iData. There’s a woman who receives a box on her porch, and she’s terrified when she opens it. Now it’s hard to tell who the woman in the footage is or what’s inside the box that has scared her that much. Since Ida has solved the mystery of Levionna and death isn’t knocking on her door anymore, she has a shot at solving this case. Someone who’s still running the cult and wants to send a message could be behind this box. We can also assume that this is a completely random case, and Ida can get a new opportunity to showcase her skills as a sleuth. If this is a new case altogether, the characters from Levionna won’t likely appear, as Ida and Solal can partner up and unravel another mystery together. We can assume the woman in the video will be an integral part of the next season, if there’s one to come. Someone left a vicious parcel on her door, and what did she do that led someone to send it? The box can either have human remains or something far more sinister; it’d be fun waiting if Netflix decided to renew the show.


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