‘Almost Paradise’ Season 2 Review: Freevee Series Is Lighthearted Drama With A Familiar Format

Alex Walker has returned with a whole new season of Almost Paradise, featuring one intriguing crime after another, all set in the city of Cebu, Mactan. Amazon Prime has brought this lighthearted investigative comedy-drama to take viewers on an adventurous ride with Alex Walker (played by Christian Kane) and his constant supporting pals, Ernesto Almares (played by Arthur Acuna) and Kai Mendoza (played by Samantha Richelle). In Almost Paradise season 1, we saw former DEA agent Alex Walker suffer a heart attack, leading to his subsequent transfer to the Philippines to take good care of his health and enjoy his retirement. However, little did he know that his fate would take an exciting turn, throwing him once again into the world of investigating crimes and punishing criminals.


Season 1 highlighted a significant part of Alex’s personal life, which revolved around his daughter, Evelyn. As a DEA undercover agent, Alex’s life had always revolved around his busy schedule of solving crimes, leading to the downfall of his marriage with Claire. Despite the strain on their relationship, Evelyn couldn’t shake her affection for her father. However, fate took an unexpected turn when Evelyn was kidnapped by Alex’s best-friend-turned-nemesis, Todd Carpenter, who once attempted to kill Alex Walker during their secret operation in Barcelona. Fortunately, in the season 1 finale, along with his own life, Alex managed to save that of his young daughter. Evelyn, who had resentment towards her father, finally learned that despite his obligations in his job, he never stopped looking out for his daughter.

As Almost Paradise returns for its second season, we witness Alex’s improved stability regarding his past heart conditions. He has even been liberated from his routine therapy sessions with Dr. Patel. However, he’s not free from investigations yet. The ten-episode-long Season 2 of Almost Paradise presents ten different stories, one in each new episode, just like it did in the previous season. But this time, the mysteries are even more intriguing, as along with the regular murder and smuggling cases, Alex also finds himself confronted with a ghost. Furthermore, the series delves into the history of Mactan and talks about blind faith and rituals during the cases. Alex’s struggle to find a suitable partner added a layer to his character and made clear the fact that, despite being a formidable and intuitive agent, he is a lonely guy, yearning for a shoulder to lean on. 


This season proves to be more exciting and entertaining than the previous one, as we see Alex and Kai developing their emotions and feelings for each other. Almost Paradise stands out amongst the high-detailed espionage thrillers or big-budget action series like Fubar or Night Agent on Netflix. Instead, it is a lighthearted show that should be enjoyed in a laid-back manner without expecting mind-boggling crime or mystery. The season introduces exciting twists and turns in each different case that Alex and his team work on. These climactic twists may seem a bit over the top and sometimes predictable, but Christian Kane’s amazing comedic acting, along with the familiar supporting cast of Kai and Ernesto and their chemistry, makes the show worth watching.

As Almost Paradise doesn’t rely on intense thriller plots, stellar casts, or big-budget action sequences, the show’s laid-back approach is a refreshing distinction among the convoluted crime thrillers that can take a lot of time to become understandable. Not all shows are meant for untangling complex plots, and it is commendable that Almost Paradise embraces this style. It may not compete with high-fi espionage comedy action thrillers, but it remains a likable, funny, and entertaining series that appeals to viewers of all ages, from the youngest generation to the boomers.


As a fan of the previous season, you might notice a pattern in Almost Paradise, where each new episode introduces a new character, and you eventually suspect that the character might be the culprit. Season 2 follows a similar formula, which can feel somewhat disappointing as the makers did not make much effort to make minute changes to the story. Nevertheless, the show manages to keep its audience engaged because of the strong emotional bonds the characters develop with each other. Even when you predict the identity of the bad guy, you’ll be compelled to see it through to the end of the episode. The makers’ mastery lies in their ability to attract and engage the audience until the final moments, waiting to see if Kai and Alex can overcome their differences and accept each other.

If you want the main character in Almost Paradise to undergo significant changes, you might not see that right away. The show seems to focus on the slow and steady development of the protagonists and their emotional buildups, leaving room for more growth in future episodes. If you like a series that takes its time to unfold and keeps you curious about what’s coming next, Almost Paradise could be a good thing for you. Overall, Almost Paradise is a cool and entertaining show that mixes crime-solving with humor. It indeed focuses on the existence of crime and corruption in our world but doesn’t focus too much on the dark side, which is refreshing. Instead, it values the friendships and connections people make in challenging situations.


The main character, Alex Walker, and his team handle tough criminals with a relaxed and calm approach, showing how it can be effective. The show strikes a nice balance between solving crimes and showing heartwarming yet comical interactions between the characters. It reminds us that amidst all the chaos, laughter, joy, and genuine human connections are essential. Almost Paradise offers a warm portrayal of relationships, giving us a delightful and enjoyable experience. With the conclusion of the series, we can say the storyline doesn’t manage to leave a long-lasting impact on us, but it surely makes us laugh, freshening our souls.

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Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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"Almost Paradise" offers a warm portrayal of relationships, giving us a delightful and enjoyable experience. 'Almost Paradise' Season 2 Review: Freevee Series Is Lighthearted Drama With A Familiar Format