‘Fubar’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Luke Find Out In Guyana?

Buckle up for a wild ride as Netflix has just released another spy-action thriller, Fubar, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the toughest 65-year-old CIA operative, Luke Brunner. With a rollercoaster of unexpected twists and turns and heart-pounding action with Schwarzenegger unleashing his comedic genius, Fubar becomes a gripping thriller. The story revolves around Luke, who was just on the verge of retirement when he got assigned one last mission in Guyana. But in the mysterious landscapes of Guyana, he stumbles upon a revelation that rattles him to the core. Luke navigates through multiple difficult and hilariously crude situations with his signature wit and larger-than-life presence, showing us that age is just a number. So, let’s embark upon the journey to find out what transpires in Guyana.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Luke Sent To Guyana?

In the opening scene of Fubar Episode 1, we find our protagonist, Luke Brunner, in Antwerp. Luke is a covert CIA agent who specializes in infiltrating criminal organizations disguised as one of their own. His last mission before retirement involved dealing with a Russian mobster who was involved in diamond trafficking. Luke cleverly substituted the diamonds with plastic fakes and handed them over to the mobster. However, when the mobster and his minions discovered the deception, Luke was cornered. Showing his resourcefulness, Luke used a fake cyanide pill, which turned out to be something else altogether, to disable and kill the mobsters. He successfully completed the mission and believed that his time with the CIA had come to an end.

Throughout the mission, Luke’s close friend and fellow CIA operative, Barry, was with him over the phone. He was monitoring the entire operation. Barry, however, told Luke that a celebration honoring Luke’s retirement would shortly be held at their local CIA office.

Back in Armonk, New York, Luke enjoyed family life despite being divorced from his wife, Tally, for 15 years. Luke still harbored feelings for Tally and hoped for a reconciliation, but Tally remained hesitant about it. Luke’s family, including his wife, son, and daughter Emma, were all unaware of his true occupation. They believed Luke was a businessman, with Barry as his partner. Luke spent time with his daughter Emma, who worked for the Global Relief Fund and was about to embark on philanthropic work in Colombia. Emma was Luke’s favorite child, an accomplished and virtuous young woman who abstained from vices like smoking, drinking, and cursing. Although Luke wasn’t particularly fond of Emma’s boyfriend, Carter, he was happy to see his daughter happy.

Six weeks later, the regional CIA office threw a farewell party for Luke, but it seemed like he was still far from retirement. While he was daydreaming about going on a trip with his ex-wife, Barry received an order from headquarters to recruit Luke for a new operation. Barry gathered Luke in a room and revealed that there was a secret CIA operative, codenamed Panda, who had gone to Guyana to monitor the activities of Boro Polonia, the son of Oman Polonia, a leader associated with weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Luke recognized Oman Polonia as someone he had eliminated in a previous operation, but he was surprised to learn that Boro had taken over his father’s illegal organization. After killing his father, Luke had arranged for Boro’s admission to a business school in London, but now, after completing his MBA, Boro was involved in selling illegal weapons, including a briefcase nuke. Troy, one of Boro’s dealers, had discovered Panda’s true identity and was rushing back to Guyana to inform Boro. Therefore, in order to save Panda, the CIA headquarters wanted Luke to intervene in the operation, assuming his old identity as Finn Hoss, a close friend of Boro’s father. Luke’s involvement was crucial in gaining Boro’s trust, as Boro remained unaware that Luke was the one who had killed his father. This revelation made Luke feel sad about his planned trip with Tally, but Barry dispelled his illusions by revealing that Tally was already dating someone named Donnie from her office.

What Did Luke Find Out In Guyana?

Heartbroken, Luke realized there was no chance of getting back together with Tally. He decided to shift his focus entirely to the mission in Guyana. However, upon his arrival, Luke was met with a shocking revelation. He encountered Boro, who was thrilled to have him back. Boro expressed his excitement about establishing his organization and making his father proud. Boro took Luke, posing as his uncle Finn, to a wrestling match, where Boro displayed great enthusiasm for a fighter named Dani. Luke assumed Dani was a male fighter, given the bets being placed, but to his surprise, Dani turned out to be a young woman in her 30s—his own daughter, Emma. Emma was the CIA operative known as Panda, whose life would be at risk once Troy arrived in Guyana. Boro introduced Luke to Emma, who didn’t have any clue about her father being a CIA agent. They were both left staring at each other with a lot of questions in their minds.

In the privacy of the woods after Boro’s departure, Luke confronted Barry over the phone, demanding to know why he hadn’t disclosed that Emma was a CIA operative. Barry explained that he had intentionally kept that information from Luke to prevent him from losing focus on his mission. Later that night, Boro hosted a party to celebrate Finn’s arrival, but the atmosphere quickly turned grim. Boro commended Finn for his loyalty but suddenly accused his partner and accountant, Jocamo, of embezzlement. In a horrifying act, Boro publicly executed Jocamo, shocking everyone in attendance. Meanwhile, Luke caught up with his daughter Emma and urged her to prepare for their mission to eliminate Troy. Following the party, Luke and Emma embark on their mission to kill Troy, and they successfully get rid of Troy and the others associated with him and Boro.

Did Boro Catch Luke And Emma?

The following day, Luke and Emma grappled with determining their next course of action. They knew that once Boro and his men discovered the bodies, it wouldn’t take them long to piece together who was responsible. The arguments between Luke and Emma persisted, with Luke expressing anger that Emma had kept her job a secret from him for a decade, while Emma was upset that her father had lied to her throughout her life. She even blamed her father’s decision to join the CIA for their family’s fracture. Emma revealed that she had strived to be the perfect child, excelling in academics and playing the violin, in the hope that her parents would reconsider their divorce. However, things didn’t work the way she thought they would.

Their tense exchange was interrupted by Boro, who began calling for Finn. Luke realized this was a precarious situation and stepped out of the cabin to confront Boro. Boro’s henchman expressed suspicion towards Luke and Emma, but both of them denied any involvement. Eventually, Boro discovered the dead bodies of Troy and his men floating in the river. One of the bodies had a distinct signature throat slit, reminiscent of Finn Hoss’s modus operandi, which Boro was familiar with. Boro sent his men after Luke and Emma, but the two managed to hide in the jungle just in time. In the jungle, Luke encountered a British family who had attended Boro’s party and sought to escape. Although Emma was skeptical of their intentions, Luke decided to assist them and bring them along. However, the situation once again went south. Luke obtained possession of the Nuke, but before he and Emma could evade Boro’s capture, they found themselves surrounded by Boro’s men, held at gunpoint.

Fubar Episode 1 ended with a suspenseful moment, leaving the audience wondering if Luke and Emma would escape Boro’s clutches by eliminating him and his entire team or if there would be an unexpected twist. The answer will be revealed in the next episode.

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