‘Allegiance’ Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: Why Did Sabrina Risk Herself? 

In the previous episode of Allegiance, Sabrina and her brother were troubled by how someone from IOH (Eye of Hurricane) knew about their father’s arrest before it happened. They also solved a severe drug abuse case at the police department. In this new third episode, Constable Sohal and her team focus on finding a person named G suspected of auto theft. They are determined to get hold of “G” to stop the thefts and prevent further harm in the community. It is believed that “G” is involved in the thefts as part of a scheme to exchange the stolen cars for weapons. The new episode centers around the question: Will Constable Sohal be able to arrest G? Let’s find out what happens in Allegiance episode 3.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Sabrina Get Hold Of The First Suspect? 

Allegiance episode 3 starts by showing how Sabrina and her brother are bothered by the fact that people are ranting about Ajeet Sohal’s turban, mistaking it for a funny hat, and offending religious sentiments. They feel restless about how the prosecution of their father will unfold, especially since Max, the lawyer handling the case, hasn’t updated them. This leaves them restless, craving answers. Upon arriving at the office, Sabrina discovers a surge in vehicle thefts in the Surrey area, with over twelve thousand vehicles stolen from rail tracks and roadsides. The police say that modern vehicles equipped with advanced technology are challenging to boost as they have advanced programming installed in them. Thus, they are difficult to hack. The culprit, known only as “G” to the police, is believed to be orchestrating these thefts, likely as part of gang-related activity. This raises concerns about an impending gang war fueled by the exchange of stolen vehicles for weapons. To combat this, the police plan to place cars in strategic locations and tighten their response time to catch the thief. Detective Degas assigns Sabrina and her team to handle this serious auto theft case. Before heading out on patrol, Sabrina learns from Max that her father doesn’t want her to visit him, which breaks her heart. While on patrol, she discusses with her TO that she thinks the auto thefts are symptomatic of the underlying issues of society, such as financial struggles, unemployment etc. Meanwhile, they spot a person dressed in black attempting to steal a vehicle. Sabrina pursues the car, but it speeds away. Despite it being after school hours, they maintain calm demeanors, being aware of civilian safety concerns. Eventually, the car goes off the highway, indicating a potential escape route for the driver into residential areas. As the driver exits the vehicle to flee, Sabrina starts chasing her, but the driver injures her leg when she jumps over a fence. It’s then that Sabrina realizes the thief is a girl named Keisha, whom she has known since school. 


How Does Sabrina Help Keisha? 

Keisha pleads with Sabrina and her partner to pull and twist her injured leg rather than calling the EMT professionals. Sabrina and her TO help her so that she can walk and then take her to the police station for further investigation. She also instructs her that she can call a lawyer for support. When Sabrina talks to her before the interrogation, she tells her that she is also a Surrey girl like Keisha, and Sabrina and her friends knew her back when she was about to go to the Olympics. Keisha laments, saying after her knee injury, life happened, and she couldn’t remain a sports girl anymore, and going to the Olympics remains just a mere dream for her. Sabrina asks her why she is in this car theft business. Is it for money? Keisha replies to her by saying that she’s out $5,000 because of Sabrina and the police, who have done nothing for her but wrong her. Then, after talking to Detective Degas, they decide to get help from Keisha to find out who the real boss in this car theft operation is by following her connections. They say if Keisha can help find the real gangster, they would try to leave her without a criminal record. But Keisha says she doesn’t know a “G,” but she does know someone named Star. The police tell her to deliver the truck to Star, get the money from him, and move on so that they can get hold of the real leader, G through him. Keisha meets Star at a cafe. As he is on the move after giving money to Keisha, the police run after him, pull him to the ground, and arrest him in haste. But Keisha runs away from there after taking money from Star. It is seen that giving her a chance to make things right wasn’t the best decision. They go to her home but do not find her there, but they know that if Keisha wants to disappear, she will visit her grandmother first, as she is the only person she loves and lives with. Sabrina knows that and goes to her grandmother’s house to find her there and take her into custody. She finds out Keisha is after this money to take care of her grandmother because she is sick. Sabrina doesn’t tell her grandmother about Keisha’s involvement in the crime, so Keisha feels grateful for that.

Why Did Sabrina Risk Herself? 

As Keisha remains in custody, Sabrina makes a bold decision to impersonate her, adopting a similar appearance to Keisha to lure G into police custody. The team believes this risky move is their best shot at capturing G. Though her TO expresses concerns about the operation’s high risk, Sabrina goes forward with her instinct. The police take G’s number from Star’s phone and chat with him by posing as Keisha. They arrange to meet G for a car exchange, claiming Keisha needs the money upfront. G provides a location, and Sabrina, disguised as Keisha, heads there with the car, with the police tracking the GPS. Upon arrival, G joins Sabrina in the car and disables its GPS tracker to evade detection. He then instructs her to drive to another location to meet their main boss. This tense situation puts everyone on edge, especially as they realize they can’t track the car due to the GPS blocker. The police dispatch cars throughout the area to apprehend the perpetrator. Using a drone, they manage to track Sabrina and G’s location. However, Sabrina becomes increasingly nervous under G’s constant questioning about her identity and how she got hold of his number from Star. Sabrina wanted to escape from that place without the money, which raised G’s suspicions further. Suddenly, another gang member becomes aware of the drone tracking them and pulls a gun on Sabrina. In the chaos, G flees the scene, and the police fail to capture him and his car, loaded with guns.


At the end of Allegiance episode 3, it is seen that although the police didn’t capture G, they seized numerous vehicles worth millions. It becomes evident that G was exchanging these cars for weapons, revealing his status as a gang lord. Unfortunately, Keisha won’t be released from police custody despite helping them, as she initially fled from the police. However, Sabrina pleads for her to be given a chance at community service, believing she has the potential to improve and not be lost in the system. Sabrina finally visits her father in prison, wearing his scarf. However, seeing her respected father with a black eye breaks her heart, knowing he’s enduring pain and torment from his cellmates. Despite this, her father expresses happiness at seeing her. We hope to see justice prevail for him soon in the upcoming episodes.

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