‘Allegiance’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Was The Real Culprit?

The second episode of Allegiance was a disappointment compared to the first. It tackled the troubling issue of drug overdose and accidental deaths caused by poisonous drug abuse. This portrayal was concerning as it implied a gray area where hard drugs could be seen as acceptable. This is far from the truth. Drug abuse should always be treated seriously by law enforcement to prevent a recurrence. Additionally, the episode hinted at Ajeet Sohal possibly falling victim to a trap set by individuals affiliated with the IOH group. This narrative thread adds intrigue to the storyline and suggests deeper layers to the characters’ motivations. As the first season unfolds, viewers are left to ponder the consequences of drug abuse and the potential dangers lurking within Ajeet Sohal’s social circle. The series has the opportunity to shed light on important societal issues while delivering engaging storytelling. However, it must tread carefully to avoid glamorizing or trivializing the dangers of substance abuse. With each episode, Allegiance has the chance to delve deeper into its characters’ struggles and the broader implications of their actions.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Sabrina See On Her Way Of Patrolling?

Sabrina and her brother called her father to check on him and ask about the charges against him. Her father warned them against seeking help from white politicians, as it could harm his reputation. Meanwhile, Sabrina was assigned to patrol with Gavinsky and Tucker since her usual TO, Brambilla, was injured. She noticed differences in how her new TO approached their work. During their patrol, they discussed managing local crimes like auto thefts. A significant moment for Sabrina was coming across graffiti in the neighborhood targeting her father, saying “Go back home.” This hurt her deeply because she believed in her father’s innocence.


What Did They Find Out About The Drug Abuse Incident?

During their patrol, Sabrina and her colleagues responded to a drug abuse incident. They found a man breaking into a car to retrieve an EPI pen to save someone from a drug overdose. Despite their efforts, Philip didn’t make it. Through questioning, they learned that this group of people often gathered for recreational drug use to break the monotony of life, and it was Philip’s turn to supply the drugs. The officers decided it was best to hand over the case to the drug unit. Sabrina, however, took it upon herself to track down the heroin distributor after obtaining information from their source. This incident highlighted the grim reality of drug abuse and the devastating consequences it can have on people.

What Happened In The Drug Distribution Incident?

During their patrol, Sabrina and her colleagues spotted a man in the park whom they believed could provide information about the new heroin supplier in town. However, unclear instructions from Sabrina’s TO led to confusion. Sabrina ended up chasing two men she thought were suspects, only to realize it was a ploy orchestrated by her TO and partner to uncover the real drug issue. They discovered drugs were being distributed in attractive packaging by a woman named Delphine Moraise. Moraise boldly admitted to distributing crystal meth and other hard drugs to her clients. When questioned about Philip’s death, Moraise denied selling any drugs out of order saying that she always sells them within a particular amount so that incidents like this don’t occur. Thus she seemed shocked by the news. Suspecting Moraise was lying, the officers didn’t give her more pressure. Sabrina was surprised by her TO’s way of handling the situation, feeling there were ample grounds for arrest. Instead, the TO advised them to discourage buyers from retaining the drugs, as they were being used as props on the street. Meanwhile, Sabrina’s brother figured out that a group called IOH had been responsible for vandalizing their father’s office with violent language. While on patrol, they witnessed Moraise frantically running towards a house, where they discovered a girl named Mercy having a drug overdose. Moraise administered a dopamine pen, saving Mercy’s life. This sequence of events showcased the complexities of drug distribution and the challenges faced by law enforcement in combating drug-related crimes.


How Did They Find Out About The Real Culprit?

The neighborhood was facing a widespread drug overdose crisis. Moraise, who distributed the drugs, realized the batch was bad and might harm people. At first, she hesitated to share her clients’ names but later realized it was crucial to protect them. Sabrina and Tucker took Moraise along during patrols to find out about her clients. On the way, Moraise shared that her involvement in drug delivery started because her daughter used to take oxycodone for shoulder pain. Wanting to help others in pain, Moraise unknowingly distributed these addictive drugs. They went to different places to track down the bad drugs on the streets and prevent further overdoses. Sabrina appreciated Moraise’s cooperation, especially since around 200 people were affected. She asked Santina to look after them. After a thorough investigation, they noticed a pattern: all the drugs sent by courier were poisonous, while the stored ones were safe. This led them to suspect the delivery boy. Sabrina arrested him when they found out he was the one spiking the drugs. It turned out Delphine Moraise was innocent. She didn’t know the drugs were harmful, and she wasn’t involved in any wrongdoing. So, there would be no jail time for her. 

Sabrina excelled in her job, benefiting Tucker as well. However, Tucker’s belief that she received preferential treatment due to her race and color troubled Sabrina. Seeking clarity, she approached Brambilla to inquire if he viewed her as an overachiever solely because of her race. His response, claiming not to see color but only people, frustrated Sabrina, highlighting the privilege of white individuals who don’t face the same challenges as people of color. This reminded her of her father’s mistreatment by white politicians due to his race. Brambilla expressed regret for his unintentional insensitivity. Meanwhile, Sabrina’s brother delved into their father’s arrest, discovering it was orchestrated by a group called IOH (Eye of the Hurricane). Sabrina was surprised to learn that the IOH member knew about the arrest before it happened, making her suspicious of their involvement in her father’s case. She, along with the viewers, hoped to uncover the truth soon.


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