‘Alex Rider’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Did Yassen Kill Nile? 

The final episode of Alex Rider Season 3 was an absolute thrill ride, no doubt about it! Throughout this whole season, the focus was on uncovering Alex’s true background, digging into who he really is, and unveiling his father’s connection to Scorpia. Let’s recap: Alex’s father, John Rider, was actually working for The Department all along, pretending to be a Scorpia agent to gather intel and bring them down from the inside. But now, Julia, the head of Scorpia, knows the truth. She’s out for revenge, especially because John double-crossed them. Julia’s got a personal vendetta against both Alex and The Department. So, what’s Julia’s evil plan? She’s building this extremely deadly weapon called Invisible Sword, aiming to kill thousands and dominate the world. Classic Scorpia move, right? Now, it’s up to Alex and The Department to stop her. And yeah, spoiler alert: They’re going to succeed. But how? That’s the big question we’ll get answered in the epic eighth episode!


Spoilers Ahead 

Why Did Alex Call Jack And His Friends? 

From the get-go, Scorpia had sent a chilling message to the Prime Minister, threatening to set off their deadliest weapon, Invisible Sword, in a city in the UK, but never revealing which one. The Department, led by Alan Blunt, was trying to track it down, but without knowing the target city, they were hitting dead ends. So the home minister became impatient and decided to shut down The Department. Furthermore, the Home Minister was unhappy when she learned that Alex, who used to work for Scorpia and is underage, was now working as an agent in The Department and planning to stop the transmission. She thought it was wrong and accused The Department of doing illegal stuff by letting it happen. However, Mrs. Jones intervened by holding the minister at gunpoint so that they let Alex go and they could strategize further in their secret office. They were determined to stop the attack, so what if they lose their job and The Department shuts down? They know they have to stop Scorpio. But as Smithers, another agent, showed Alex how the weapon has been built and how it works. Alex remembers something strange: a similar substance he’d inhaled during his training as a pain reliever, and who gave it to him? None other than Julia. That means his blood may already be contaminated with deadly cyanide-infused particles. He knew his death was near, but he also knew he had to stop the disaster from happening. Before heading out, he took Mrs. Jones’s phone, dialled up Jack, Kyra, and Tom, and told them how grateful he was for all they had done for him. It somehow seemed like a last goodbye. Even over the phone, they could pick up on the fear and sadness in his voice, and so did we. 


Was Invisible Sword Stopped? 

The Department tracked the location by sending Alex to Julia. But little did they know that Alex had taken the risk, knowing the possibility that he might die. And then they realized why Julia wanted Alex by her side—because she wanted to see him dead right before her eyes. Because John not only betrayed Scorpia, he betrayed her; she loved him, but he went away, marrying another girl, and had a son, Alex. She could not tolerate it; thus, it’s personal, you know? When Alex tried to confront Julia, telling her how his father played her and how she is jealous and trying to wipe out this entire city to take her petty revenge, he was trying to get inside Julia’s head the same way she did when she wanted Alex to work with her to join Scorpia and destroy The Department. He was manipulating the master manipulator, Julia herself, which was really an interesting turn of events.

Actually, he wanted to stall her, but no, Julia was no fool; she activated the transmitter, and thousands started to die before their eyes. But The Department came in time and attacked Julia and other Scorpia agents. And Julia tried to flee, but who stopped her and killed her? Mrs. Jones. She wanted to take revenge not on behalf of The Department but also for John Rider, Alex’s father, who was her trusted friend and agent, and she knew she owed this much to him as Julia killed him! And what happened to Invisible Sword? Nile, a Scorpia agent, tried to fight Alex, but Alex took his gun, and you know what he did? He aimed his gun and shot the transmitter from a distance, which stopped Invisible Sword from harming more people. The way he did it reminded him of his father, John. John had once saved Yassen by shooting at their enemies, and the bullet grazed Yassen’s cheek, leaving a scar. Similarly, Alex’s shot grazed Nile’s cheek as he hit the transmitter, leaving a mark. It was a profound “like father, like son” moment, and his father would have been proud of him.


Why Did Alan Leave  The Department? 

Mrs. Jones has been with The Department for the longest time. When she was young, she had this determination that she was going to save lives. But as more days passed, she saw how people turned against each other and how it was hard to understand who the real friends and the enemies were. Now, she feels tired of all the lies and all the double-crossing. Working under Alan Blunt is not her cup of tea anymore, and she is ready to leave now. Now that Julia is dead and they have tracked down Scorpia, she can leave her days as an agent behind her. But it’s not that easy, is it? Alan realized he was a by-the-book kind of guy, and he knew it was time for him to step down. The Department needs someone else’s guidance, and who would be a better fit than Mrs. Jones? She is not like him; she always trusts her agents, believes in them, and knows how to handle these situations. So, he left The Department in Mrs. Jones’s hands and resigned from the job because he knew she would make a difference. 

Why Did Yassen Kill Nile? 

When we were watching the previous seasons, we couldn’t tell if Yassen was a good guy or a bad guy. But here, we can see the difference: he kills because it’s his job. Remember how in the first season he saved Alex by killing the cloned Alex, and in the second season he killed Damian Cray to save Alex again? We knew he was always there to protect him because he was forever grateful to his father, who saved him once. So when Nile tried to take revenge and wanted to kill Alex, he came from behind and put a bullet in Nile’s head, saving Alex once again. You see, he has always been the hero. The moment he stepped down from Scorpia’s mission of detonating Invisible Sword, knowing it was a personal vendetta of Julia against the poor young boy, he knew he hadn’t signed up for this and protected Alex, the son of his friend.


And what happened to Alex Rider? We know that he has it in him; like his father and his uncle, he’s also an incredible agent. So you can bet that he will work for The Department again—maybe not now, but in the future for sure! The show must end, but we know Alex’s journey as a secret service agent will never end.

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