‘Alex Rider’ Season 3 Recap (In-Detail): Did Alex Kill Mrs. Jones?

Alex Rider is back for season 3, and it’s even more exciting and personal this time! It’s not just about completing a mission anymore; it’s about Alex’s journey to discover his own past and figure out who he really is. In this season, Alex heads to Malta on a mission to find the “Widow,” just like Yassen in the previous season told him to, and he knows finding Scorpia is going to give him all the answers he needs to learn more about his father. Also, there is this deadly weapon called the “Invisible Sword,” which Scorpia plans to use for world dominance, and The Department is on a hunt to stop it from happening. But as Alex digs deeper, he starts to wonder if there’s a personal connection between him and Scorpia. Will Alex find out the truth about his past? And if he does, will he consider teaming up with his enemies? Let’s find out all the answers in this thrilling new season of Alex Rider!


Spoilers Ahead

What Is The Invisible Sword? 

Do you remember how in the last season, Yassen told Alex to find answers about his father by seeking out the “widow” in Scorpia? Now, Alex, along with his friends Tom and Kyra, has arrived in Malta, the birthplace of Scorpia, to find this mysterious Widow. The Widow turns out to be Julia Rothman, who is now the head of Scorpia. Julia used to be an agent just like Alex’s father, John Rider, and she may have had feelings for him. But John betrayed Scorpia. He was actually a secret British government spy working for The Department under the leadership of the famous Alan Blunt, who wanted to destroy Scorpia because it was all about world dominance. John’s betrayal led to a big setup. The Department made it look like John, the army man, was guilty of manslaughter, which caused him to lose his army badges and fame. Scorpia then recruited him, thinking he was on their side. However, The Department eventually staged John’s death in front of Julia and Scorpia, making them believe he was truly gone. But it was all a ruse. John never really worked for Scorpia; he was always with The Department.


When Julia found out, she orchestrated a plane crash to make sure John was truly out of the picture. However, her revenge wasn’t complete just with the killing of John. She wanted to kill Alex too, as he is John’s son. So you know what she did? Julia created a deadly weapon called the Invisible Sword, designed to kill its victims with cyanide-filled nanocapsules. She plans to use it to attack London, threatening to bring down the UK government unless they pay her billions of dollars. Her ultimate goal is world domination. But it’s not just about power; it’s personal. Julia wants Alex to be there when her plan unfolds because she wants him to die in front of her, inhaling the deadliest “Invisible Sword” to complete her revenge. This goes against Scorpia’s usual rule of not making things personal, but it’s clear that this time, Julia is going against their own rule. 

Did Alex Kill Mrs. Jones? 

When Alex finally tracked down Julia, she welcomed him with open arms. You see, she was a master manipulator, able to get inside his head in ways that you and I would not even have understood, and neither did Alex. Julia showed Alex a video that painted a twisted picture of his father’s death. In the video, Mrs. Jones, the famous and respected agent of The Department, appeared to give the order to shoot John in front of Scorpia. What Julia didn’t reveal was that she was the one who’d actually killed John, not Mrs. Jones or The Department. She also showed Alex letters from his father to show him that they had a very deep romantic connection. With these carefully crafted manipulations, Julia turned Alex against The Department, convincing him that Mrs. Jones was responsible for his father’s death and that he needed to seek revenge.


Under Julia’s guidance, Alex joined Scorpia and was trained by Nile, Julia’s right-hand man, and the infamous Yassen Gregorovitch. He transformed into an assassin with a single target: Mrs. Jones. Can you imagine how the tables have turned? – Alex, who came here to destroy Scorpia, was now a part of it, with a new mission: to destroy the very organization, The Department, where he was an agent once. However, despite his training, Alex couldn’t shake his true nature. We know that Alex was never a killer. When he confronted Mrs. Jones at her home, he found himself unable to carry out his mission. Mrs. Jones and The Department knew this would happen, and so they made it look like Alex succeeded in killing Mrs. Jones. They manipulated forensic reports and staged the scene to convince Scorpia that their mission was accomplished.

Did Alex Stop The Invisible Sword’s Detonation?

Now that Alex has returned, Alan Blunt, the head of The Department, knows they need him. He decided to trust Alex with the truth: they never killed his father, and John worked for them, not Scorpia. Alan wanted to see if Alex could live up to his father’s legacy as an outstanding agent. There was a serious threat looming: the Invisible Sword could detonate in the UK if the Prime Minister didn’t meet Scorpia’s demands. They knew Julia would trust Alex, especially since they made it seem like he killed Mrs. Jones. Alex remembered Julia’s desire to have him by her side when launching the Invisible Sword, making it the perfect plan. Alex needed to contact Julia and make it seem like The Department had captured him, but he wanted to return to Scorpia as their trusted agent.


However, when Smithers, the tech guy, showed how the Invisible Sword was created, Alex realized he had inhaled the deadly cyanide before because Julia had made him when he was working for Scorpia. He knew he was close to death, but he couldn’t let that stop him. Do you know why? Because Alex understood the mission was bigger than himself. He had to save countless lives. He went to Julia with a tracker so The Department could stop the detonation. Julia saw through his plan, but it was too late. The Invisible Sword had already been activated, causing chaos and death in the cathedral area, and soon it would terrorize the entire city. During the transmission, Alex was also deeply affected by heart congestion, but he knew he had to act. He climbed onto the cathedral roof and sabotaged the transmitter, preventing more deaths by stopping the cyanide from mixing with the air. So the mission was successful, and countless lives were saved for Alex and The Department. 

We know it’s the end of the journey for Alex Rider. Or is it? In the showdown of stopping the Invisible Sword, both Mrs. Jones and Julia came face-to-face, and as she was trying to flee, Mrs. Jones killed Julia by putting a bullet in her head. Nile fled from the scene and later wanted to harm Alex, but you know who saved him? None other than Yassen—always the hero behind the curtain. It seems like he has never forgotten how Alex’s father, John, saved his life once, and he is forever grateful for that. On the other hand, we’re seeing a shift in roles now that Julia is dead and The Department has taken down Scorpia. Mrs. Jones thought this would be her last mission and even handed in her resignation letter to Alan. But wait a second! Alan believes the world still needs agents like Mrs. Jones, and The Department is too exhausted to stick to his old rules. So, he’s decided to step aside and leave The Department in Mrs. Jones’ capable hands. Mrs. Jones then had a heart-to-heart with Alex, suggesting that maybe, for now, he should put his spy days behind him and live a normal teenage life. However, she also left the door open for him to return after college if he felt ready to work for them again. So, what do you think? I believe he’ll definitely go back—after all, like father, like son, and don’t forget his uncle Ian. It’s in his blood to become an agent and continue working to save the world! So, perhaps the show will end here, but Alex Rider and his journey as a spy boy will never truly end.


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