‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 2, Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – What Is The Fire Bird?

Jin Mu wants ownership of Jinyowon in “Alchemy of Souls 2,” but it is difficult for him as long as Bu Yeon is married to Jang Uk. He spread rumors that Naksu had returned, but Uk didn’t fall into his trap and cut down the rumors by killing the fake Naksu that Jin Mu had sent. However, it brought back memories to him, and he finally gathered the courage to visit the place where Naksu died. Jang Uk was vulnerable and, after returning home, kissed Bu Yeon, mistaking her for Naksu.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Jang Uk Agree To Go To Jinyowon?

Seo Yul finds So Yi and asks her what exactly is inside his body that is causing him pain. Seo Yul wasn’t really aware that he had Jinyowon’s blood parasite inside his body. So Yi is ready to take it back inside her body, but it is not possible now because the parasite has settled in the core of Yul’s energy, and the only way out of this pain is death. Yul is bound to die once the parasite eats away all of his energy. On the other hand, Jang Uk comes back to his senses and tells Bu Yeon not to sleep next to him, but she makes him realize that, because of her energy, the ghosts have disappeared, and he can now sleep peacefully. Uk lets her sleep next to him and also lets her pat him to sleep.


The next day, Bu Yeon wakes up with many memories from the past. She remembers training with Jang Uk but still thinks that they are Jang Uk’s past lover’s memories and not hers. Jang Uk returns home only to get scolded by maidservant Kim because Bu Yeon has disappeared after telling Kim she is feeling dizzy, and Jang Uk has no idea where his wife could possibly be. He finds her roaming around the town and takes her to the palace to meet the queen. Under the guise of an apology, he wants to taunt the queen about her failed plan. However, he finds out something from the queen that he didn’t expect. The queen tells him that she is behind the drought going on in the country because she wants to summon the energy of air to help her shift souls. The energy of air appears whenever the world is in danger. She asks Jang Uk to use Hwansu if he wants her to stop the drought. Jang Uk doesn’t care about her selfish desires and just tells her to stay away from Bu Yeon.

Master Lee meets Jang Uk after three years to talk about the firebird, which is drying up the water sources. He wants Jang Uk to enter Jinyowon and check if the original relic is still inside. However, Jang Uk declines his request because he doesn’t want to get involved in any new problems. Master Lee knows that Jang Uk will end up doing it, just like he has ended up meeting his lover again. Bu Yeon’s mother has invited Bu Yeon and Jang Uk to Jinyowon, and she wants Jang Uk to apologize to her. When Bu Yeon brings up the topic to Jang Uk, he misunderstands that it is for the same reason as Master Lee and refuses right away without even listening to Bu Yeon completely. Bu Yeon is upset but goes to Jinyowon alone to respect her mother’s invitation. However, Jang Uk finds out the real reason from maidservant Kim and follows Bu Yeon to Jinyowon.


So Yi risks her life by visiting Lady Jin after she deceived her three years ago. She does this to find a way to save Yul from dying. She promises Lady Jin to tell her who her real daughter is in exchange for the solution to retrieving the blood parasite from the body. Lady Jin locks up So Yi in the annex to deal with her later. Lady Jin welcomes her daughter and son-in-law to Jinyowon, and everything goes better than expected. Jang Uk even decides to spend the night at Jinyowon voluntarily, though he has a different motive behind it. On the other hand, the prince and Jin Mu have had a fallout because the prince doesn’t like Jin Mu’s intentions and has realized that Jin Mu is only using him as a tool to fulfill his desires. However, the prince cannot escape Jin Mu’s trap easily because, to do so, he would have to tell Jang Uk that he is the reason Naksu had to die. Jin Mu has got the queen’s cousin on his side to help him spread the firebirds throughout the country.

So Yi tells Lady Jin that she knows that the daughter she has with her right now is Naksu. Back in Songrim, So Yi’s servant brings her message to Seol. She has asked her servant to tell Yul that the real Jin Bu Yeon is the blind girl from Sari village, and he should use this fact to blackmail Lady Jin and get the blood parasite out of his body. Jang Uk takes Bu Yeon to open Jinyowon, but he gets a strange vision of Naksu when he holds Bu Yeon’s hand, which confuses him.


What Secret Does So Yi Tell Seo Yul?

Bu Yeon talks about sitting on top of a tree, which is the same as Naksu’s dream to sit on top of her favorite tree one day. Bu Yeon tells Jang Uk that these are the thoughts she had when she was locked up and had nothing to do with Naksu’s memories, as she doesn’t even have the jade with her. Amidst their conversation, Jang Uk and Bu Yeon notice that someone from outside has entered Jinyowon, and it turns out to be Seo Yul. He is there to save So Yi from Lady Jin, and Jang Uk helps him. Jang Uk asks Lady Jin to take him to the Jinyowon relic room herself so that Yul can go and save So Yi. Jang Uk checks the original firebird, which is still intact. Lady Jin doesn’t understand why Master Lee would send Jang Uk instead of checking it himself.

Yul takes So Yi to Jeonjingak, and physician Heo treats her, but Jang Uk doesn’t understand why Yul saved someone like her. Yul tells him that he is indebted to her for his life. So Yi is grateful to Yul but needs to tell him something before it is too late. She tells him that Lady Jin retrieved Mu Deok’s body from the lake, but the body and the soul both belong to Naksu, even though it has Bu Yeon’s energy. Yul always regretted that he let his feelings win over his responsibility to get rid of Naksu, which became the reason his friend faced a dreadful destiny. He decides to fulfill his responsibility now. On the other hand, Bu Yeon considers Yul her friend and tells Jang Uk about all the things she has done with Yul. Jang Uk realizes that Yul knows more about Bu Yeon than him, which makes him a little bit uncomfortable.


Park Jin and maidservant Kim have finally decided to get married, but Kim still has responsibility for Jang Uk and Jin for Songrim. Kim cannot stop worrying about Jang Uk’s marriage, and Jin has to look after the ongoing drought and the firebird relics. More relics have been found on a trade boat, and hence, Songrim announces a search of all the trade boats. All the relics that Jin Mu ordered end up getting thrown into the lake by the merchants to avoid detection, and Bu Yeon helps find them through their energies. On the other hand, Jin Mu proposes to the king to make Jang Uk a general and send him to another fort as a reward for killing Naksu. The crown prince doesn’t like it but cannot say a word against it. He leaves the palace and goes to Chwiseonru because the palace feels suffocating to him. He meets Bu Yeon, and they give unreasonable advice to each other about their problems.

The prince visits Jeonjingjak to meet Jang Uk and sees a book about the firebird open on a desk. He realizes that Jang Uk is already aware of Jin Mu’s plan. Jang Uk tells him that he is not interested in saving the world, but the prince calls him no better than a dead person if he cannot use his energy for a good purpose. Master Lee also wants Jang Uk to handle this situation, and he knows what Jang Uk is worried about. Park Jin told Jang Uk that he was the late king’s son and was born under the king’s star through the alchemy of souls. Jang Uk is worried that his fight will be mistaken for a revolt to become king. However, master Lee tells him that master Seo was also born under the king’s star, but he didn’t become a king. Instead, he saved Daeho. Bu Yeon uses the same sentence that Naksu used, which confuses Jang Uk more but gives him the strength to make a decision about the ongoing situation.


Season 2, Episode 6: Ending

Bu Yeon wants to go to Danhyanggok because she has memories of that place and also wants to see the tree that she keeps remembering. Seo Yul volunteers to go with her, but he has a different intention. He has gotten rid of everything that reminds him of Naksu, and he plans to get rid of Naksu as well. He has sent So Yi to Seoho, but she returns because she cannot stop worrying about Yul. Jin Mu’s men catch her, and when they realize that, So Yi no longer has the blood parasite inside her, they threaten to kill her if she doesn’t tell them where it is. So Yi’s servant informs Yul about this situation, and instead of going to Danhyanggok, he runs to save So Yi. Bu Yeon knew Yul was sick, but when she heard about the blood parasite, she had to inform Jang Uk about it. Seo Yul fights with Jin Mu’s men, but the more he uses his energy, the more it hurts him as the parasite keeps getting stronger. Yul is about to get stabbed, but Jang Uk arrives in time to save him.

“Alchemy of Souls 2” has reached the point where one of the main characters, Seo Yul, is on the verge of death. Jang Uk may be the most powerful mage because of the ice stone, but Yul is the most powerful and skilled mage without any stones. However, his kindness has him paying a high price. Lady Jin has a solution to take out the parasite, but it doesn’t seem as easy as taking medicine.


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