‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 2, Episodes 3 & 4: Recap And Ending – Did Bu Yeon Die At The Queen’s Banquet?

Jin Bu Yeon was announced as Jinyowon’s heir in the previous episode of “Alchemy Of Souls 2.” However, Jang Uk entered the assembly and announced his marriage to Bu Yeon. He claimed that Jin Bu Yeon could not become the heir of Jinyowon as she had become the lady Jang of the Jang family. If Jang Uk hadn’t announced it, Bu Yeon would have been locked up in Jinyowon forever.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Does Bu Yeon Find The Blue Jade?

Lady Jin refuses to accept Jang Uk and Bu Yeon’s marriage and asks the unanimous assembly to meddle in the matter. Some mages initially try to blame Jang Uk for power abuse and ask him to bring a witness to their marriage, but when Bu Yeon lies to them that she is pregnant, the mages tell Lady Jin to resolve their family matter. Bu Yeon’s lie works, and Lady Jin backs off for now since Jinyowon becomes more powerful after Jang Uk becomes her son-in-law. Bu Yeon returns to Jang Uk’s home and wonders if she really turned off the magic lamp or if Jang Uk did that on purpose. She tries to light up the lamp again, but it only turns on when she touches Naksu’s sword on the table. Along with it, she also regains some of Naksu’s memories.


Jang Uk again makes it clear to Bu Yeon not to expect any romantic gestures from him and that she can only stay with him as long as she is useful to him. Bu Yeon gets hurt by his words, but something else has been hurting her physically, and that’s the tracking thread sewn by her mother on her back. Maidservant Kim tends to Bu Yeon, but the pain only gets worse as lady Jin tightens it while trying to call Bu Yeon back. Jang Uk barges into Jinyowon and destroys the thread but doesn’t let Bu Yeon know. Jinyowon’s so-called ally, Jin Mu, has told So Yi to abduct Bu Yeon because he wants to test if she is really Bu Yeon or if she is Naksu.

So Yi has been working for Jin Mu to get medicine from him to treat the worm in her body. However, Jin Mu doesn’t know that Yul has that worm inside him and not So Yi. Yul lived at Seoho Fortress because of his illness, and So Yi had been sending him medicine. Yul asks about it at Chwiseonru and confirms that it is indeed So Yi who sends him the medicine. On the other hand, maidservant Kim introduces Bu Yeon to Park Jin, master Heo, and Dang Gu, who are like family to Jang Uk. Master Heo tells her that it is difficult for him to accept that Jang Uk has married someone, which she has heard from many people. Later on, Dang Gu tells her about his friendship with Jang Uk and asks her about Cho Yeon. That’s when he reveals to Bu Yeon that Jang Uk caused a ruckus in Jinyowon to destroy the tracking thread.


Bu Yeon climbs up the mountain where Jang Uk often spends time alone and sees many stone towers, as Dang Gu had mentioned. Jang Uk builds them every time he kills a soul shifter. He has built one for Naksu as well, and Bu Yeon finds it. When she goes closer to it, the stone tower collapses, and a blue jade ornament falls from it. As soon as she touches it, she sees Jang Uk giving the blue jade to someone and keeping the red one to himself. She believes that it is the dead person’s memory. She doesn’t find Jang Uk and brings the blue jade back with her. On her way back, So Yi’s hired man steals Bu Yeon’s jade, making her follow him. So Yi’s plan is to lead her to Cheonbugwan, where Jin Mu is waiting for Bu Yeon. However, Bu Yeon notices the jade’s energy coming from another direction and follows it instead. So Yi has taken the jade from the thief, and she only notices that Bu Yeon is tailing her when she reaches her gambling den.

Bu Yeon follows the jade’s energy and finds it in a room inside the den. She also senses So Yi’s energy and asks her to come out. So Yi comes out and sprays a toxic gas on Bu Yeon. She locks Bu Yeon inside the room and waits for her to lose consciousness. Yul goes to the gambling den at the same time to meet So Yi but finds Bu Yeon dipped in a bathtub instead. She did that to save herself from inhaling the toxic gas. Yul escorts Bu Yeon out of the gambling den and doesn’t meet So Yi. So Yi runs off to Jin Mu and informs him that Bu Yeon can see energies, which confuses Jin Mu again.


At the palace, the Queen has been getting more restless with each passing day as she hates her ugly face and has often mentioned her wish to shift her soul into a younger body. The crown prince hears a rumor from his eunuch that the Queen has been giving cursed face powder to the court ladies, which dries up their faces. The crown prince goes undercover to the market to investigate it, and he encounters Bu Yeon there. He mistakes her for a shaman, and she mistakes him for a eunuch. She wants him to buy a turtle that is going to get killed for a beauty product. She sees the prince’s energy and calls him a warm-hearted person.

Jang Uk hasn’t returned home for many days, and physician Yun Ok goes to his home to inform his family that he has been living in Jeonjingak alone. Bu Yeon thinks that it is because of her and asks Yun Ok to take her to Jeonjingak. When Yun Ok sees the blue jade with Bu Yeon, she tells her that it belongs to Jang Uk’s lover and she can use it to call Jang Uk. Bu Yeon goes to the mountain again and fills the blue jade with energy. Jang Uk gets surprised when he sees his red jade light up and follows the energy to the mountain. However, he gets both disappointed and angry to see the blue jade in Bu Yeon’s hand.


How Does Jin Mu Plan To Trap Jang Uk?

Bu Yeon tells Jang Uk the exact memory that she saw and reminds him that her energy is increasing, but his anger doesn’t subside. He just tells her that she has found a new use for herself in recalling Naksu’s memories. On the other hand, the sailors on the trading ship all get murdered at night, except one, who comes back alive and tells everyone that Naksu’s ghost killed them and claimed to have come back by soul shifting. It is Jin Mu’s plan to disturb Jang Uk and spoil his marriage with Jin Bu Yeon. Jin Mu wants to own Jinyowon, and for that to happen, he needs Bu Yeon to marry the Queen’s cousin.

Rumors have spread all over the town that Naksu has come back, and the shamans’ business is in a boom as people have been buying talismans. People have been discussing the possibility that Naksu will come back on her third death anniversary and shift souls. Bu Yeon also notices the talismans in the market and runs into Ju Wol, who tells her about Naksu. She takes her to Chwiseonru to have drinks with her and tells her about Jang Uk and Naksu’s love story, which makes Bu Yeon jealous. Bu Yeon regains more memories at Chwiseonru and still thinks they are not hers. The crown prince was also at Chwiseonru, but he returned to the palace as soon as he found out that the king had summoned Jang Uk.


The king orders Jang Uk to kill Naksu again, but Jang Uk thinks it’s just a rumor and the king shouldn’t believe it. However, he has to follow the king’s order and at least search for Naksu. Jang Uk needs to talk about the rumor to Park Jin, and when Jin tells him that people think Naksu will want to shift souls with Bu Yeon if it happens, Jang Uk will be to blame again for protecting Naksu, his lover. Jang Uk thinks of it as a conspiracy, and soon his doubt comes true.

The Queen has decided to hold a banquet and has invited all the young ladies, including Bu Yeon. The banquet is going to be held on the death anniversary of Naksu. Jang Uk makes a special request to maidservant Kim to clip Bu Yeon’s nails, but Bu Yeon doesn’t understand the purpose. Park Jin meets Lady Jin because he has a special request for her for Bu Yeon. Maidservant Kim takes Bu Yeon to the banquet and announces that her fiance has arranged a special firework show for her. On the other hand, Seo Yul finds the man who spread the rumors of Naksu’s return.


‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Season 2 Episode 4: Ending

After the firework show, Jang Uk tells Bu Yeon that she needs to die. Bu Yeon doesn’t speak a word and sits calmly. As anticipated, a soul shifter appears and kills Bu Yeon. The Queen starts screaming that Naksu killed Bu Yeon. However, maidservant Kim appears with the real Bu Yeon and informs the Queen that the girl who died was Gwiseo, a Jinyowon relic who took Bu Yeon’s form after eating her nail clippings. Jang Uk goes after the soul shifter and petrifies her. He informs the king that Naksu is gone for good, and the rumor dies down. On the other hand, Master Lee returns to Songrim after three years and informs Master Heo that he has treated Bu Yeon for three years.

In “Alchemy Of Souls 2,” Jang Uk has still not been able to get over Naksu, and he wants to know about her final moments. He never went to Lake Gyeonchandaeho because he didn’t want to accept Naksu’s death. He finally gathers the courage to visit the spot from where Naksu jumped into the lake, but it doesn’t really put his heart at ease. He gets drunk and kisses Bu Yeon, mistaking her for Naksu.


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