Ah Sahm In ‘Warrior’ Season 3, Explained: What Happens To Andrew Koji’s Character?

Warrior, an action-packed series produced by Cinemax and inspired by Bruce Lee’s writings, has been airing on HBO Max for three seasons. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century San Francisco, the show brings forth an intricate narrative of power struggles and the struggle for survival.


Despite facing challenges during its release, Warrior made a comeback with its third season, winning a lot of hearts. Ah Sahm is the main driving force of the story, with his relentless struggle to find his sister. Although Ah Sahm’s character journey is familiar to us, in this latest season of Warrior, his character experiences a profound evolution, revealing multiple shades of his personality. As the season progresses, viewers are treated to a deeper understanding of Ah Sahm’s motivations, struggles, and ultimate transformation at the end of this season.

Spoilers Ahead


What Happened To Ah Sahm In Season 3?

Ah Sahm’s story in Warrior is about discovering who he really was. He was a skilled fighter, but his most important character trait was loyalty. He started his journey by coming to San Francisco to find his sister, which later shaped the trajectory of the narrative. But things got complicated when he finally met his sister, Mai Ling. She’s not the same person he thought she was because Mai Ling had risen to prominence by marrying a tong leader, Long Zii and becoming one of the most dangerous tong leaders after her husband’s death. This transformation shocked Ah Sahm and made him question his own beliefs when his sister made it clear that she no longer needed his protection.

In previous seasons, we saw Ah Sahm getting involved with the tongs, the powerful Chinese gangs. One of these tongs, Hop Wei, embraced Ah Sahm into their group. Gradually, Ah Sahm rose to become important to Hop Wei because of his fighting skills and a strong sense of justice. He went from being an outsider to someone crucial to the tongs and their secret trades. Meanwhile, Ah Sahm got entangled in multiple relationships with women, as we saw in his relationship with Penelope in season 1 or his romantic endeavor with Yan Mi in season 3. But unfortunately, neither of these relationships lasted. Being part of the tongs exposed Ah Sahm to lots of tricky situations and conflicts among the classes.


In Season 3 of Warrior, Ah Sahm’s character underwent an evolution. His internal conflicts surrounding his involvement in the Tong’s business added depth to his persona. At the start, a fight between Ah Sahm and Mai Ling’s group took place as she gained control of Chinatown. Ah Sahm was able to eliminate those men, showing his loyalty towards his Tong once again. Meanwhile, Hop Wei strove to rebuild their money printing business, but Ah Sahm realized Young Jun’s frustration, as in the absence of his father, he was growing impatient with the financial problems. Ah Sahm’s strong bond with his gang, particularly his brotherly relationship with Jun, was very important to him.

However, circumstances changed when they discovered counterfeit money plates, which was a great opportunity for them to start afresh. But when the authorities and the Secret Service were informed about the money plates, their interest in Hop Wei’s covert business put Ah Sahm in jeopardy. He valiantly wanted to protect their business and the plates, but faced a dilemma when Yan Mi’s life was threatened. Yan Mi was the new recruit to Ah Sahm’s business. She worked as a printing operator, but soon, while working together, she and Ah Sahm got closer to each other.


As Yan Mi was a weak spot for Ah Sahm, he couldn’t risk her life when the secret service posed a threat to Yan Mi’s life. Compelled by circumstances, Ah Sahm assisted the authorities in retrieving the money plates, breaking loyalty with his gang. He even prioritized Mai Ling, his sister, over his brotherhood with Hop Wei. Realizing Mai Ling’s vulnerability, Ah Sahm backed her up by fighting against his friends from Hop Wei. Ah Sahm’s final act in the season jeopardized his relationships with Young Jun and Yan Mi, showcasing the tough choices he confronted. The consequences of his actions put Ah Sahm in grave peril, but at least he reformed his broken bond with his sister.

Why Did Ah Sahm Choose Mai Ling Over Hoo Wei?

At the beginning, Ah Sahm’s main goal was simple: finding his sister and returning home. However, after he joined Hop Wei, his life took a turn. He became devoted to his gang, Hop Wei, fighting to protect them. But as the story unfolded, Ah Sahm faced a significant decision when he chose to aid his sister, Mai Ling, in his gang. This highlighted his family values. His ultimate decision in the series revealed his true motivation in Chinatown—it was never solely about the tongs but about his family and sister. Ah Sahm’s character taught us that people can transform and become better. Our choices shape who we become. Behind his tough fighter image, he possessed a caring nature that prioritized his sister, even though he witnessed her poor choices. His forgiveness stemmed from his main and only goal in coming to San Francisco, which was to protect Mai Ling.


What Can We Expect From Ah Sahm In Season 4?

Thinking about Season 4 of Warrior, we can guess what might happen to Ah Sahm. He’s changed a lot in Season 3. He’s not just about his gang anymore; he cares about his family too. In the future, Ah Sahm might continue to protect his sister, Mai Ling. This could lead to more conflicts with his gang, the Hop Wei. His choice to help his family over loyalty to the gang might cause some problems. Ah Sahm’s relationship with Young Jun, his gang leader, could stay complicated. Ah Sahm might try to find a balance between being a good brother and a loyal gang member. It’s possible that Ah Sahm might meet Yan Mi again. They had a tragic ending, but maybe they can fix things later in season 4. As we have seen Li Yong as a powerful leader in the making, in season 4, we might expect a clash between Ah Sahm and Li Yong, who had just embraced a strong sense of power. Whatever happens, we can expect more growth from Ah Sahm. He’s learned a lot, and he might become an even stronger and wiser person in Season 4. It’s exciting to think about how his journey will continue!

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