‘Warrior’ Story Recap Before Watching Season 3 On Max

A Cinemax original, gripping action series, Warrior, is inspired by the writings of the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee. This gripping action thriller revolves around a Chinese immigrant, Ah Sahm, in Chinatown in San Francisco during the late 1800s. As the protagonist fights for power and survival, his journey becomes marked by rivalries, alliances, and personal struggles that shape this brave fighter’s destiny. With its heart-pounding action and intricate characters, Warrior became a show that successfully captured and fascinated audiences worldwide. In 2019 and 2020, two seasons of Warrior aired on HBO Max and won the audience’s hearts. Let’s revisit the storyline to explore Ah Sahm’s journey.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Ah Sahm Rejoin Hop Wei In Season 1?

In Season 1 of Warrior, the Tong Wars of the late 1800s in San Francisco’s Chinatown provided the backdrop for a gripping tale. The story follows Ah Sahm, an extraordinary martial artist who traveled from China to America in search of his sister. Upon arriving in the bustling city, Ah Sahm’s exceptional combat skills captured the attention of the influential Hop Wei Tong. He embraced his new role as a hatchet man, aligning himself with the powerful Chinese organized crime family led by Father Jun. Assisted by the cunning Wang Chao and Father Jun’s audacious son, Young Jun, Ah Sahm explored the treacherous dynamics of Chinatown. As tensions continued to mount and the specter of an opium war between rival tongs loomed ever closer, Ah Sahm unexpectedly allied with Ah Toy, a shrewd and resourceful brothel madam. Their connection deepened as Ah Sahm confided in her about the true purpose behind his journey to America, revealing his quest for justice and redemption.

Throughout the season, Ah Sahm skillfully maneuvered through the treacherous landscape of Chinatown, where he encountered tong rivals who would stop at nothing to protect their interests. One such rival was Mai Ling, a strikingly beautiful and cunning woman who ruthlessly ascended to a position of power in a rival tong. Mai Ling was none other than Ah Sahm’s long-lost sister, who had now risen to power after marrying Long Zii leader Sun Yang. Another notable opponent Ah Sahm faced was Li Yong, a highly skilled tong lieutenant who possessed an unparalleled mastery of Gung Fu. Li Yong’s martial prowess, combined with his loyalty to his tong, made him a fearsome and relentless foe.

The escalating violence within Chinatown prompted the establishment of a specialized Chinatown squad tasked with maintaining order and investigating crimes within the community. This newly formed squad was led by Sergeant “Big Bill” O’Hara, a seasoned officer with extensive experience investigating the city’s underworld. Assisting him was Richard Henry Lee, a young and ambitious rookie cop hailing from the South who quickly learned the ropes of Chinatown’s complex dynamics. Together, this unlikely team of law enforcement officers dealt with the complexities and challenges of enforcing the law in such a volatile environment, which grew to be culturally diverse. They faced constant opposition from powerful tongs, their rivalries, and the ever-present threat of violence. In a twist of fate, Ah Sahm found himself crossing paths with Penelope Blake, the wife of the influential Mayor Blake. Determined to protect Penelope from a group of enraged Irishmen, Ah Sahm bravely intervened, only to find himself unjustly arrested by the police. However, to his surprise, it was Mai Ling who came to his aid, paying for his bail and seizing the opportunity to persuade her brother to return to their homeland, China. Ah Sahm firmly rejected the notion. Subsequently, Penelope, who had also pleaded with her husband for Ah Sahm’s release, met with Ah Sahm. As Ah Sahm thanked her for her generosity, the two became closer.

The already tense atmosphere in the city was further exacerbated by the presence of Dylan Leary, an Irish working-class leader driven by deep-seated resentment towards the Chinese immigrants. Leary blamed them for what he perceived as the theft of jobs from Irish laborers, leading him to be determined to inflict as much damage as possible on the Chinese community. This intensified the clashes and tensions within the city, pushing Chinatown to the brink of chaos and forcing Ah Sahm and his allies to confront their greatest enemies. During the Chinese New Year, a rival tong orchestrated an explosive attempt to kill Father Jun, but he miraculously survived while several locals lost their lives or were injured. Among the casualties was a deceased white woman. Exploiting this tragedy, political turmoil unfolded as Senator Robert Crestwood urged Mayor Blake to implement strict rules and regulations targeting the Chinese community. However, the mayor expressed concerns about the well-being of the Chinese laborers, leading to a significant rift between Robert and Mayor Blake.

Meanwhile, the formidable tongs, Hop Wei and Long Zii, agreed to settle their differences through a decisive bout that would bring an end to their war. If Long Zii emerged victorious, Mai Ling would gain control over an even larger territory for her opium business. The stage was set for a fighting tournament between Ah Sahm and a skilled opponent representing Long Zii. The climactic battle between Ah Sahm and the Long Zii fighter took a surprising turn as Ah Sahm suffered a brutal defeat. Trapped in a life-threatening situation, he was saved by O’Hara’s timely intervention. As Ah Sahm recovered, he faced the consequences of his loss and the realization that he was effectively exiled from the Hop Wei Tong. However, Mai Ling experienced the repercussions of her decisions when police raids disrupted the opium trade. Young Jun extended an invitation to Ah Sahm to rejoin the gang, but he declined at first. Leary attempted to inflict severe harm on Chinese workers at the factory, leading Ah Sahm to intervene and protect his fellow workers. Just as a confrontation with Leary appeared imminent, the police intervened. The season concluded with Chinatown on the brink, uncertain of its fate.  However, Ah Sahm rejoined Hop Wei, with the help of Ah Toy. Penelope in the meanwhile, ended her relationship with Ah Sahm as she realized that being with Ah Sahm would never bring her peace.

What Happened In Chinatown In Season 2?

In Season 2 of Warrior, the rivalry between the Hop Wei and Long Zii tongs intensified against the backdrop of growing anti-Chinese racism. Ah Sahm, determined to seek revenge for past events, rejoined Hop Wei to target his sister, Mai Ling, who led the Long Zii. Ah Sahm frequented a notorious fight pit on the Barbary Coast, overseen by the cunning Rosalita Vega, while also plotting to overthrow Father Jun of the Hop Wei. He involved Young Jun, the heir to the tong, in a new opium deal and recruited a talented fighter named Hong. The season unfolded with Hop Wei and Long Zii battling for dominance, but they faced challenges from the ruthless Fung Hai Tong, led by the nihilistic Zing. The Irish labor movement, led by Dylan Leary, further complicated the situation. The local government, headed by weak Mayor Blake and scheming deputy Walter Buckley, proved to be another hostile force.

Meanwhile, The Irish laborers’ attack on the police escort led to a violent riot in Chinatown. The Long Zii and Hop Wei set aside their differences to defend their community, with Ah Sahm and Li Yong fighting side by side. When the police arrived to restore order, Chinatown lay in ruins, except for a mural depicting Ah Sahm as a hero. The Hop Wei prevailed over the Fung Hai, forcing Mai Ling to negotiate. Young Jun was stunned to discover that Mai Ling was Ah Sahm’s sister. Despite their complex history, Young Jun implored Ah Sahm to make the right choice. Ah Sahm confronted Leary in a fierce battle, emerging as the victor. Meanwhile, Penelope sought justice but faced formidable opposition from Buckley, resulting in her confinement in a psychiatric facility. Mai Ling gained leverage over Buckley by exposing his ties to the Confederacy, compelling him to organize a raid on Hop Wei. However, Leary disrupted their plans by announcing his candidacy for office. Amid escalating tensions and shifting alliances, Ah Sahm continued his perilous journey through the world of the tongs, striving amidst the mounting challenges faced by Chinatown.

Season 3 of Warrior promises intensified tensions, escalating conflicts, and Ah Sahm’s journey after his defeat. With surprising alliances, Chinatown’s power struggle will reach new heights, unveiling shocking revelations and delivering awe-inspiring martial arts sequences. Get ready for an exhilarating season filled with action and suspense.

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