‘After the Flood’ Ending Explained & Recap Spoilers: Who Killed Daniel? Why?

After the Flood, is a six-part miniseries that revolves around a murder that had been planned to be covered up by a flood. The British murder mystery thriller, directed by Azhur Saleem, uncovers the motives of the local councilor and his role in the murder of Daniel. The characters have been efficiently played by eminent actors like Sophie Rundle, Matt Stokoe, and Jonas Armstrong. Currently streaming on ITV, the series has been inspired by the deaths of a real-life couple in Tel Aviv. What will happen when Tasha comes to the UK in search of her brother? Will the real intentions of Mackie be revealed? What was the reality behind Daniel’s murder? Many such questions may come to our minds after watching the series. Let’s find out the answers to these questions!

Spoiler Alert

What Were The Aftereffects Of The Flood?

There were several aftereffects of the flood that the local citizens had to face. The very first scene of the series shows a baby being washed away in the swift current of the flood and being saved by an unknown hero. In a struggle to save the baby, the man swept away after handing the baby over to Jo. People were seen to be taken to evacuation centers, as they had lost everything as a result of the flood. There was also a shortage of power supply, making the common people suffer in the process. An old couple was seen dying from carbon monoxide poisoning from the generator used to pump out water from their house. Later, when their grandson came, he blamed the government for having no concern for the environment and not coming up with proper policies to control such disasters.

Jo told Finn that her mother, Molly, was a flood warden and that he should talk to her about his concerns. Jo, being the new trainee in the police, had been giving her best to help the situation, despite her pregnancy. Sergeant Mackie, who was like a father figure to Jo, asked her to stay out of the contaminated water, as she was pregnant and the water could cause her complications. Jo did not listen to Mackie’s warnings, and while helping the people in the city, she collapsed. When she was rushed to the hospital, it was revealed that she was 7 months pregnant and had lied to her husband about being 6 months pregnant to continue with her training.

What Was The Mystery Of The Dead Man On The Lift?

A man was trapped and died in a lift in Jack Radcliffe’s office. Initially, the police thought that the man had gotten trapped inside the lift and drowned in water after the flood. However, it was later revealed that the man had died three days ago. It was also revealed that there was blunt force trauma and bruise marks on his body, proving that it was a murder. Jo had then put the dead man’s DNA on the genealogy tracker site out of curiosity, as the dead man had no ID on him. Despite it being illegal, Jo took the shot so that she could contact someone from his family. Soon she found out that the DNA had matched that of a woman named Tasha Eden, who was living in France.

From Tasha’s social media account, she found out that the man who had died was indeed her brother. Later, when Tasha called Jo, she was informed that her brother had died in Yorkshire. Tasha, in return, told Jo that her brother had died five years ago, triggering Jo’s curiosity further. She went to the office and stole information about the murder case from her husband’s system, who was also working on the case. Later, many secrets were revealed when Tasha came to the UK  in search of Jo!

What Did Jo Find Out?

Jo went to take a look inside the Riverside Court, which was owned by Jack and investigated the case on her own. She searched for a red car in the parking lot that she had seen on the day when the body was found. However, the car was nowhere to be found! Meanwhile, when Tasha came to meet Jo, she told her that her brother, Daniel, had died on May 5th, 2019, and showed her Daniel’s ashes. She wanted to go to the police to find out the truth about her brother’s death, but Jo asked her not to do so, as that would reveal the fact that she had contacted Tasha through an online gene tracker, ending her career in the process. Later, when Tasha went to the police to talk about her brother, she did not let them know that Jo had contacted her. She later approached Jo again and told her that she wanted to know why her brother had faked his own death five years ago. On further investigations, Jo found out that Daniel was running a company called Nanta under the false name Alex Welland.

Later, Jo saw the hero who had saved the baby during the flood and was relieved to know that he was still alive. Jo followed him, and when they came face-to-face, she thanked him, saying that he was a true hero. He introduced himself, saying that he was Lee, and then Jo took him to meet the baby whom he had saved. After a certain course of events, when Tasha and Jo went to take a look at Nanta’s office, they found Lee. Tasha immediately seemed to recognize him, and Jo was informed that Lee and Daniel had been friends since childhood and were involved in minor thefts from an early age. Lee told her that he was also looking for Daniel and couldn’t seem to digest the fact that he was no more. Later, while seeking background information on Lee, Jo found out that he was involved in fights and property damage in the past.

In a quest to know more about the case, Jo went to inspect the crime scene along with Dipa. The caretaker, Chris, told her that many locks had been changed after the incident. When Jo asked Chris about the red car that had been parked there, Chris told her that all the cars that were parked in the building had been ruined due to the flood and hence had to be taken away. He also gave her the keys to an empty room that had been recently cleaned. Jo became suspicious when she saw that the room was recently cleaned and was cleaner as compared to the other rooms in the building after the flood. Later, when Jo went to Chris’ house to seek some more information on the case, she found him hanging. Unable to bear the stress of the situation, Jo told Pat about putting the DNA record on a genealogy tracker, and she also told him how strange it was that only one room in Jack’s office had been cleaned. While she thought that Pat would support her, he tried pulling her back, asking her to stay away from such unnecessary stress during her pregnancy.

Why Did The Police Summon Tasha?

The police were of the opinion that Daniel’s family was involved in many illegal activities. Daniel and his father had once been acquitted of fraud, and hence the police thought that Tasha had something to do with Daniel’s murder. They thought that it could have probably been over a family feud or dispute over property and that Tasha had killed her own brother. When she reached the police station, she was asked how she had found out about Nanta. She, however, did not open her mouth about Jo having found her through the gene tracker, as it could jeopardize Jo’s career. The police also told her that she must have known Daniel was alive, as he had flown to France three and a half weeks ago. Knowing that her brother had returned from her doorstep without meeting her, she was devastated.

What Was Jack’s Motive?

It was revealed that Jack Radcliffe had taken all the money from the flood prevention team and did not pay for the equipment that was required to prevent such a catastrophe. She realized that she was doing undue favors to Jack despite him not doing anything to fix the problem of the flood affecting the people. Later, Jo found out that Chris, Jack’s caretaker, had been sacked by him for making new keys to the room. Jo realized that Chris’ death had something to do with the case. She immediately sought the CCTV footage of the night before the murder and found a shadowy figure lurking near Chris’ house before the incident.

Meanwhile, Tasha went to meet Jack to find out more information about her brother, as she had seen him quarreling with Lee. She thought maybe Jack had some business feud with Daniel and, hence, had been responsible for his death. Jack also asked Tasha if she knew anyone named William Caine and told her that William Caine partly owned the land that Daniel owned. When Tasha went to investigate the matter further, she found that the company documents indeed showed a partner of Daniel, under the name of William Caine. She found out that Alex had bought Jack’s land and turned it over to Nanta in partnership with William Caine. She was surprised to know that they let Jack build a drainage basin on land that was not his anymore. It was within one’s legal rights to discharge water when one owned land next to a river. Jack was using the run-off water from the new uplands, which increased the risk of flooding in the neighborhood.

What Information Did Lee Give Jo?

When Jo approached Lee, he told her about his association with Jack. He also told her that Daniel had changed his name to Alex to get new business grants. He also faked his death to start his business afresh with the insurance money that he would get. He told her how, 14 months ago, in order to raise finances, Jack had sold his land to him and Daniel. He told them that he would later pay them back with a high interest rate and would also buy his land back from them. However, 7 weeks ago, he got to know that Daniel was broke and had spent all the money that they had in their bank. Lee told Jo that they couldn’t let the investors know about their bankruptcy, as otherwise, they would pull out of the project that they were into. Daniel and Lee were left at a loss, thinking that they had lost all their money with a brownfield site. Daniel wanted to do some insurance fraud and sell half of their goods abroad to get some money. Lee told Jo that even he was searching for Daniel frantically, as he did not know how he would raise all that money alone. He also blamed Daniel for leaving him without a single penny, and hence told her that he had to work extra shifts with some shipments to raise funds.

Who Was William Caine?

After Tasha and Jo found out Daniel’s girlfriend, Emma’s, address, they went there to meet her, where they also met Daniel’s son Billy. They gave her information about Daniel’s death, shattering her. She told them that Daniel had taken all the money for them to disappear and have a better life somewhere else. She also told Tasha that when she insisted her brother come and stay with him, he got scared that his fake identity would be revealed to the world. He then spread the false news that he had died in a motorcycle accident in the Philippines. When they asked Emma who William Caine was, she told them that their son Billy was actually William Caine, and all the money had been transferred to his name.

Who Killed Daniel? Why?

Jo found out that Pat was in touch with Lee, and later, when she confronted him about it, he told her that he was involved in Daniel’s murder. He told her that Lee had all of Jack’s stolen goods shipped. He told her how Daniel had done an insurance scam along with Jack and how he and Mackie had helped cover that up. Mackie and Pat promised Jack that they would help recover his stolen goods if they were stuck in transit. They made a plan along with Sarah and offered Daniel and Lee a brownfield site that needed decontamination. Jack told them that they could get the contract if they lent him the 100,000 pounds that they had garnered from the insurance scam, as Jack needed the money immediately. He promised that he would pay them back one hundred twenty thousand pounds after one month. He also offered them a 55–44% share of his profits after selling the illegal shipments abroad.

While Lee was tempted by the offer, Daniel opposed him. Later, when he got into a physical fight with Jack and Lee for the money, Mackie killed him by hitting him in the head with an object. Later, they found out that there was no money left in Lee and Daniel’s accounts and that Daniel had defrauded Lee. That is why he did not want him to find out about it, and hence he was opposed when Lee agreed to Jack’s deal. Pat told Jo that he made 21 grand from the insurance scam and also said that even Gibson was involved in it. When Jo told him what a mistake he had made and was contemplating her decision to have a baby with him, he told her that even her father was a corrupt police official, which shattered her.

What Happened After The Police Raided Lee’s Barn?

When police came to Emma’s house, Tasha was taken in for interrogation by the police. She expressed her suspicions about Lee and gave them his barn’s location. When the police reached Lee’s property, they found the red car there. Lee thought that someone had revealed his activities to the police and escaped his barn. Lee then managed to get hold of Jo’s location and confront her, saying that he was not involved in Daniel’s murder. While he was talking to Jo in his car, he saw the police following him, and in a hurry, he started the car with Jo in it. En route, he and Jo met with an accident. When he saw Jo’s condition, he promised to come back with someone to help her and take her to the hospital. Before leaving, he confessed to her that he had killed Chris Robinson to keep him from opening his mouth. He also confessed to her that Mackie had been guiding the murder and that he had acted on his instructions. He said that he liked being told what to do by Mackie, as he had been his foster father for a brief while, and he felt a sense of attachment and love towards him as a father figure in his life.

What Happened In The End?

When Pat and Tasha reached the site of the accident, they saw that Jo had already given birth to a child on her own. Before rushing her to the hospital, they saw that Lee was lying dead beside her! Later, when Mackie went to visit Jo after her delivery, she blamed Jo for Chris and Daniel’s deaths. He told her that it was Jo’s mistake that had caused Chris’ death, as she had not followed the police procedure for the investigation. When Jo asked him if he was involved in the hit-and-run case of her mother, he denied it, saying that it was joyriders who had hit her. He then threatened to tarnish her career and her father’s reputation as an ex-officer if she opened her mouth to anyone. However, in the end, we see Jo leaving her house along with her baby and Pat to lodge a complaint against Mackie with the higher officials.

Final Opinions

It is possible that Jo’s complaint against Mackie would not get her anywhere as the entire police system was corrupt. There is also a probability that Mackie was the one who wanted to shut Molly up when she learned a lot about Daniel’s murder case. Why was Mackie not taking any action against Jack, even after knowing about his wife’s affair with him? It is possible that he owed some favor to Jack for something that he had done previously. Mackie was a villain, under the facade of an honest police officer. The one who was supposed to help the citizens recover from their losses in such a difficult time was after monetary benefits and supported another corrupt social representative. The real motives of Mackie and his narcissistic behavior are likely to be exposed in the next season of After the Flood. The open battle between Jo and Mackie will be amplified even further in the next season.

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