Abby Schmidt In ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s,’ Explained: Was Abby Supernaturally Gifted?

The limelight in the film Five Nights at Freddy’s has been stolen by the character of Abby played by Piper Rubio. She has done justice to the well-rounded character of Abby, the younger sister of Mike and Garrett Schmidt. Despite being considered strange by her classmates and aunt, she has a creative mind. Abby attracts the evil eyes of the antagonist when her brother, Mike, jumps in and saves Abby, as depicted by Emma Tami, is shown to be an imaginative character who has a liberal spirit. Will Abby manage to escape the evil grasps of the antagonist? Is she supernaturally gifted? Let us find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Abby A Loner?

Abby is considered strange by everyone, including her classmates and her aunt, making her an outcast. She spends a lot of time alone and is seen painting a lot of pictures. She is also seen talking to her imaginary friends and is referred to as “mentally ill” by her aunt. Her aunt wants to take custody of her because she thinks that her brother, Mike, cannot provide for her. However, Mike saw right through her intentions of collecting the money for the childcare support rather than caring for her. Despite being a loner, she has an inquisitive mind and expresses her thoughts mainly through her paintings. Her nature could have been influenced by her rough childhood. She had lost her parents when she was just a child and was left just to the care of her depressed and reckless brother, Mike. These tough situations have made her an introvert who distances herself from everyone. She has a mysterious aura like that of Esther in the film ‘Orphan’ and Lilith in ‘Case 39’. Both the characters of little girls who she bears a resemblance to are evil, which brings us to the crossroads of whether the character of Abby is evil.


Was Abby Supernaturally Gifted?

There is a possibility that Abby is not as good as she seems to be. She is never seen accompanying her brother into the woods, where he gets attacked by the spirits of the boys in the woods. It is also possible that she was already a part of the group of spirits who were being controlled by William Afton. She was gelling so well with the animatronics, making us believe that she could easily communicate with the supernatural or was an ally to them. Her paintings seemed to trigger the supernatural, as she is seen talking to someone in her room while painting, who is invisible to Mike. He does not pay heed to it, as he thinks of those as children’s games, but later realizes that his sister has the ability to evoke spirits and control them. Later, during the attack at the pizzeria, Abby makes a painting of the children being killed by William. The paintings make them realize that they were being misled by William, and they are able to recall their murders by him. This turns them against him, and eventually William gets killed. This brings up the question: who was the actual manipulator of the animatronics—William or Abby? There are a lot of mysteries that surround the character of the little girl.

How Was Abby Saved By Mike?

On realizing that Abby was in danger and that the animatronics were actually possessed by the spirits of the children who had disappeared in the 1980’s, Mike tries his best to save her. He is told by Vanessa, the patrolling police officer, that her father, William, was behind the disappearance of the children and that now he was manipulating the spirits to take Abby’s life and include her in their team. Mike tries putting down the animatronics with the help of electronic tasers, as instructed by Vanessa. He, however, fails to defeat William, and he again wakes the puppets up by manipulating them. It is Abby, through one of her paintings, who reminds the puppets that they had once been murdered by William, turning them against him. This results in William’s death at the hands of the spirits of the children.


Speculations And Theories

There is a possibility that Abby’s painting had the capability to manipulate the spirits even more than William could. A question also arises as to why Abby had been targeted by William. Was he targeting children with supernatural powers? It is quite possible that the children who had supernatural powers were being targeted by William so that he could kill them and grab hold of their powers, making him more powerful. This also explains why Abby was gelling so well with the possessed animatronics rather than children of her own kind. We also do not see Abby in the dreams of Mike, which makes it a possibility that Abby has been trying to hide her supernatural powers from her brother. She thought that they could be revealed if she appeared along with him in his dreams, as the children would react differently to her presence.

Final Thoughts

There are several possibilities that can be found if we have a closer look at the mysterious character of Abby. There are possibilities that she has an evil motive, or it is also possible that she wanted to save her brother Mike against the evil forces of William. The story would have been more clear if the background of William’s motive was showcased through flashbacks in the movie. Abby’s character has been a well-rounded character whose character has been shaped well by the director in the film. Her character, despite being reticent, is brave and does not fear interacting with the possessed animatronics, unlike her brother. There are a lot of scopes for further exploration of the character of Abby, which has not been done by the director. This leaves a possibility for a further explanation of the character and the motive driving her in a sequel to the film. However, the 1 hour and 50 minutes of the film have been quite entertaining, and I have been more interested in the character of Abby than even the main protagonist, Mike, because of her mysterious aura.


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