‘Aarya’ Season 4 Theories And Expectations: Will It Be The End Of The Series?

Aarya season three ended with Aarya Sareen being shot by Sampat for becoming a police informant and surrendering herself and the business to the NCB. Sampat and Aarya had their first falling out and parted ways on matters concerning Dhruv. Dhruv confessed to having spied on Aarya for ACP Khan and claimed to be in love with Arundhati. Aarya was willing to give Dhruv another chance, but Sampat was an old-school man. He not only had a falling out over Dhruv but chose to attack him outside Aarya’s home. Sampat was livid at her for going against the rules of their business.

Aarya decided to surrender herself and the business only for the sake of her children to bring them back into her life. Aarya tried to kill herself, but Daulat requested that she do the right thing. Aarya confessed her role in the deaths of Sooraj Raizada and his wife, Nandini. She chose to help ACP Khan arrest Nalini Sahiba, who had betrayed her twice. On the day of the arrest at Nalini’s palace, Aarya tricked her into confessing to being the biggest supplier of narcotics. ACP Khan tried to make the arrest, but Nalini and her son were killed by Aarya and Daulat, respectively.

Disney+ Hotstar and Ram Madhvani have made no announcement regarding season four. This article is purely written based on the assumptions of the writer based on the series of events that have happened in the show since season one. Since there was no clarity on Aarya Sareen’s death, there is a possibility she was just gravely injured by the bullet wounds. This would be déjà vu for the kids, especially Aditya, who had witnessed his father’s death as well. There is a possibility Sampat may have acted on the orders of Aarya’s father, Zorawar Rathore, who did not think twice before killing his son and son-in-law. Sampat may have informed him about Aarya’s surrender. There is a possibility her father was still alive, and season four will reveal if Sampat acted on his own or if someone paid him to do that.

Aarya will be in jail for not just killing two important criminals but for the barrage of crimes that have happened since she took over, coupled with many cases involving the illegality of her business. Aarya will initially recuperate under the watch of the police, especially ACP Khan, who would not want to make another mistake. He had tried to help her a few years ago, but that did not go in his favor. Aarya will probably be put under house arrest.

In the fourth season, Aarya will probably find out that the police, including ACP Khan, will probably not honor the deal she cut out during the surrender. Since the deaths of Nalini and her son, the biggest suppliers, the police will try to annul the deal because they cannot arrest both. Aarya might try her level best to get out of the prison or house arrest situation by hiring a lawyer who will make sure to build up a case against the police. The lawyer will most likely try to find discrepancies in the police procedures and purposely misplace the evidence that could incriminate Aarya Sareen. There is a possibility the lawyer might state that the confession was forced, and Aarya had no choice but to speak up against her will. Since the child welfare officer was under the influence of ACP Khan and his superior, the lawyer will likely try to find this connection.

Aarya could be horrified to know the tactics the police used before to get to her, the children, and the business. She and ACP Khan might again find themselves at loggerheads over this revelation, and she will make sure she receives the minimum sentence. Dhruv will probably be under arrest for abandoning his uniform and will be tried along with Aarya. There will be a huge difference in how Aarya and Dhruv will be treated while under arrest. Aarya will most likely stay at her luxurious home or will be given plenty of facilities while in prison. Dhruv, on the other hand, will be treated like any other prisoner, a sight that will bother Arundhati the most. Veer will slowly try to move on and might fall in love again, and this time it could be with the daughter of a business tycoon with a good acumen for dealing.

Every season, Aarya Sareen faces many new obstacles with the potential to cause trouble for her and her family, which eventually forces her to take a huge step. This step usually leads to her fighting for the survival of her family. If Zorawar Rathore is responsible for an attempt on her life, Aarya will make sure she kills him and does not think twice about the relationship they shared as father and daughter. Aarya’s mother would probably encourage her to kill the man who not only broke her heart but chose to kill his family members for the sake of saving a business. Zorawar Rathore may have promised his company to Sampat. His death in the next season is imminent. It could be Veer, Arundhathi, or Aarya herself who would attempt to eliminate Sampat.

Sampat would be on the run, and eventually he would be caught and killed at the spot for taking up arms against his former boss. They should have seen this coming when Sampat left his previous boss, Udayveer Shekhawat, for her. Sampat will most likely be sheltered by Shekhawat’s remaining loyalists, who would try to pluck Aarya out of the game. Season four will most likely be the end of the series, as beyond it, the makers would be stretching the narrative unnecessarily. ACP Khan will have to find new ways to make sure Aarya remains in prison, and that would not work again. Aarya would be out of prison in no time, and she would go after every person who wronged her, including the Nigerian Cartel. She might also eliminate Mikhael before he and his cartel get to her. There is no clarity on Mikhael’s role in Nalini’s death or if he colluded with Aarya and the NCB to bring them down.

Aarya Season 4 will have a lot to cover, and the makers will attempt to tie up the loose ends. There would be new characters as well, which would add to the crime thriller drama. I look forward to watching the continuation of the saga of Aarya Sareen.

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