‘Aarya’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Part 2 Recap: Is Aarya Sareen Dead Or Alive?

The first part of Aarya season three ended with Sooraj Raizada’s death at the hands of Aarya. She was also in hot soup after her narcotics consignment worth 500-crore was seized by ACP Younus Khan of NCB. Dhruv was the mole planted by Khan in Aarya’s team while Sushila was a mole in Khan’s team. Aarya was very close to being killed by the Russians, but she promised to bring the consignment back before it was incinerated.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Mikhael Want From Nalini And Aarya?

Mikhael, the Russian drug dealer, was livid at the consignment worth 500 crore being nabbed by the police. He threatened to take away Nalini’s ancestral palace and land if the consignment was not retrieved. As Nalini’s life and legacy were under threat, Aarya planned to offer bonds worth fifty crore to Mikhael as security. Aarya had a lot to lose as the leak to the police came from her team. Aarya was forced to retrieve the consignment in two days because of Mikhael’s pressure tactics.


How Did Sushila Die?

ACP Khan was desperate to find the mole in his team and sent out false news about Roop being alive. His doubts about Sushila were confirmed when she informed Aarya about the same. Aarya tried to help her, while Sampat wanted to kill Sushila because her cover was blown. Sushila was the only person aware of the location where the narcotics were to be incinerated. Sadly, she was killed accidentally by Sampat a few moments before she was about to leave town. Sushila’s death caused the first major rift between Aarya and Sampat and was a blow to Aarya’s plan to retrieve the consignment. It strengthened Khan’s doubts about Aarya’s role in his colleague’s death.

How Does Arundhati Learn Of The Attempt On Aarya’s Life?

Arundhati overheard Dhruv sharing the details of Aarya’s itinerary and confronted him about his role in eliminating her mother. Dhruv quickly revealed his identity as a spy working for NCB under ACP Khan. Arundati was initially livid, but Dhruv quickly changed sides because of his love for her and revealed ACP Khan’s plan to arrest her mother. Aarya met with Mikhael at a public place. ACP Khan had to make changes accordingly and make an arrest with minimal to no casualties. Arundhati informed her mother about the presence of ACP Khan, followed by a standoff with him and Mikhael’s arrest. Aarya was saved by Daulat, but she tried to convince she wasn’t involved in his arrest.


Why Did Aarya Ask Sampat To Leave?

Aarya wanted to eliminate Dhruv for his role in the police taking custody of the consignment, which eventually led to the deaths of Roop and Sushila. Aarya gave him one more chance to prove his loyalty. Aarya’s change of heart did not suit Sampat well because of the kind of values he was raised on, particularly about traitors. Aarya requested that he not go after Dhruv.

Dhruv planned to leave out of fear and revealed Aarya’s role in Roop’s death. Sampat shot Dhruv many times outside Aarya’s home, and he was feared dead. Arundhati’s rage towards her mother caused a major rift between the two, which made Aarya confront Sampat about his decision to gravely injure Dhruv. Sampat stuck to his age-old rules of the game and refused to admit he did anything wrong. This caused a dent in their relationship, as Sampat and Aarya parted ways in an ugly manner.


Was Dhruv Dead?

Dhruv was gravely injured because of the gunshot wounds. ACP Khan took no time to see to his well-being and used Arundhati’s anger to his benefit. Dhruv’s well-being was Arundhati’s biggest concern, and she stopped Sampat from killing him. She learned her mother had no role in Dhruv’s attack. Dhruv came out clean about his job, which involved spying for the police, but soon for him, the lines between what was right and wrong were blurred. Dhruv’s near-death experience was a revelation, and he was willing to quit the police force to be with Arundhati.

How Was The Narcotics Consignment Taken Back?

Aarya and Daulat planned to steal the consignment before the truck filled with narcotics got to the incinerator. The police were still in possession of the drugs, and they were soon taken over by Aarya, Daulat, and Abhimanyu. They stole the consignment and bribed the operator to claim the goods were burned. The police believed the operator and were happy to have disposed off the consignment. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu tried to kill Aarya as per the orders given by Nalini, but Daulat overpowered him and warned his mother not to attempt to backstab her again.


What Happened With The Child Welfare Officer Assigned To Aditya Sareen?

A child welfare officer was assigned after Aditya Sareen beat his classmate in school. The officer was in cahoots with ACP Khan’s superiors and was using her power to arm-twist Aarya into giving up on her business. Aarya could not attend the first meeting, which did not go down well with Aditya and the assigned lady personnel as well. Aarya was present at the second meeting with the officer when she was interrupted by Nalini Sahiba’s business proposition, which further antagonized Aditya, and the young boy had a meltdown. The meltdown was about Aarya’s unavailability because of her business, which irked Veer and Arundhati as well. This confrontation was enough for the officer to submit a report that would not be in favor of Aarya. Aarya threatened the woman with her life without realizing this would further damage her reputation.

Why Did Aarya Decide To Surrender?

The confrontation with the childcare officer was the final straw for the children. Arundhati, out of spite, revealed Aarya’s role in Roop’s death, which forced all three of them to move out of the house. Aarya claimed to have sacrificed a lot for her children, but she remained stumped because Veer and Arundhati were right. It was also typical of the children to expect their mother to choose taking care of the home over running the business.


Aarya was close to committing suicide as she learned her children probably would never want her. Aarya had done nothing but focus on saving the business after the deaths of her husband and brother. Daulat stopped her and encouraged her to do the right thing for her family. Aarya decided to surrender her business to get her children back. Tej was planning to do the same before moving out of the country, and she was just following in his steps only three years later. She confessed her role in Sooraj and Nandini’s deaths to save Maya from jail. ACP Khan and his team were willing to cooperate with her conditions, as she would help in bringing down the biggest supplier of narcotics.

Why Did Nalini And Abhimanyu Betray Aarya?

Aarya’s only instruction was to make Nalini confess her role as the supplier. The admission of the crime could be used against her in a court of law. ACP Khan was making sure to not make any errors this time, as he was close to reaching his goal of ending the narcotics ring in the state. Aarya might also face some jail time, but her cooperation might reduce her sentence. She was at Nalini’s palace to finalize the deal to kill Mikhael and strike up a new one with the Nigerian cartel.


Aarya made Nalini confess her role as the supplier, which was the cue for ACP Khan to surround the palace to arrest Nalini and her associates. Abhimanyu also moved forward to kill Daulat and Aarya as they held Veer, Arundhati, and Aditya hostage. They wanted to kill Aarya because she tried to trump them into becoming the biggest supplier of narcotic drugs, other than having a monopoly over transport as well. They were essentially competitors, and Nalini wanted to get rid of her to have control of the narcotics supply from the state. This was the second time Nalini and Abhimanyu tried to eliminate Aarya and underestimated her power.

Aarya got Mikhael on her side and killed the gunmen hired to eliminate the Russian mobster. There wasn’t any confirmation if Mikhael was siding with her to surrender to the NCB and get away with an easy sentence. Mikhael, at the beginning of the show, was enraged and willing to believe Aarya’s role in the ACP Khan surrounding them in a public place. It feels odd to find a man who was willing to kill Aarya for her discretion but was siding with her and the NCB to bring down Nalini Sahiba, Abhimanyu, and the Nigerian cartel.


Who Shot Aarya Sareen?

ACP Khan and his team began their raid, which turned into a fight as Abhimanyu and Nalini Sahiba were ready with their arms and ammunition. Aarya was brutally injured by Abhimanyu, but she managed to kill him with a sword. This was done to showcase two royals fighting against each other to the death, a common war practice of their ancestors.  Nalini was killed as well by Daulat, and that was the end goal achieved by everyone who survived the onslaught. The deaths of Nalini and Abhimanyu were uncalled for because ACP Khan wanted them alive for the trial, but by the end of the gunfight, everything was over for the NCB. So far, only Aarya and the Nigerian cartel are in their custody, while Mikhael’s involvement has remained vague.

Aarya’s phone rang, as shown in the first episode of the show. It was Sampat on the other line. Sampat was still at loggerheads with Aarya over removing him from her circle. He learned of her plans to surrender and shot her multiple times after branding her a traitor. There was no clarity on who informed Sampat about her surrender, and these answers will hopefully be provided in the next season. Her family, Daulat and ACP Khan, were in shock to see someone breaching the palace just to kill Aarya. Sampat may have colluded with Nalini and her son to exact revenge against Aarya. Their deaths and Aarya’s confession would send Sampat to jail. Her death would put a stop to that. There was no clarity as to whether she had died. Season four will paint a better picture of Aarya’s fate.


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