‘A Model Murder’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Who Killed Maxine?

An obsessed fan goes to extreme lengths to stalk Kara in Lifetime’s new crime thriller, A Model Murder. Apparently based on true events, the movie takes a look into online stalking and how blocking is the best thing we can do to actual perverts. The topic of interest is the website Modelfans, which is a fictional take on real-life adult website. People in this movie seem awfully prejudiced, and except for the models, all the people are judgmental of the women who work on the website.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens In The Movie?

Maxine, a Modelfans creator, is live streaming when she hears someone knocking at her door. A user of the website says “he won’t be without her” before showing up and murdering Maxine. It’s most likely that a killer like this won’t stop after one murder, and Kara becomes his next target. Kara has been on the rise in the rankings of Modelfans since Maxine’s death, and she starts to receive anonymous comments too. “I won’t be without you,” is the line, and despite blocking the accounts, new fake accounts keep showing up commenting the same. In the midst of it all, Kara gets to know Cody, the CEO of an online security company who offers her a free subscription. The movie is excruciating, even though it has a standard runtime, as Kara tries to figure out who her stalker is. 


When Does The Stalker Start To Threaten Kara?

Kara is not content with being a creator at Modelfans because she hopes to have a serious acting career. Her auditions usually end on a bitter note, thanks to her being a celebrity on Modelfans. Her disappointment only grows further when her agent, Bobby, refuses to work with her after another failed audition. Kara’s manager, Emily, is supportive and wants her to feel better about herself. While reading fan mail, they come across a fan who is mesmerized by Kara and says he won’t be without her. The fan creeps the girls out, and Emily blocks him, thinking social media is safe because we can just block the person. After Kara and her baseball  star boyfriend Gabriel break up, the stalker starts to show up at Kara’s house. Panicking for her life, she asks for help from the police, but they don’t take her concerns seriously. Soon after, Kara receives an offer of free online security from a company run by Cody, a handsome bachelor. Cody might be the CEO, but he personally handles Kara’s case as he becomes her personal bodyguard pretty soon. 

How Do Cody And Kara Become Close To Each Other?

The stalker appears right outside Kara’s door one night, and Cody shows up just in time to save her. They find Gabriel’s phone outside the house and start to think he’s behind this. But that myth is busted soon when the police inform her that Gabriel had 56 thousand spectators as an alibi, as he scored the winning points at that time. Cody decides to stay with Kara until her security is tightened enough, and his subtle flirting makes Kara swoon over him. The man even makes breakfast for her, and Kara is delighted to have him around. Cody’s nice guy personality starts to fade out when Kara’s photographer, Dex, shows up to the house for work. Cody’s visibly jealous and angry over how Dex touches Kara, but Kara makes him understand that’s how most photographers are. Cody starts to be more intrusive than he needs to be, and refuses to leave Kara alone for a minute. Kara’s patience runs out when Cody lectures her after he sees her seducing people in a livestream. Kara fires Cody and tells him not to bother her anymore. 


Is Cody Actually A Nice Guy?

Kara sees Emily at their jogging spot, and the girls reconnect after seeing none of their calls or texts reach each other. Their distance allowed Cody to barge into Kara’s life, and now they hope for a fresh start. They go to a nightclub to celebrate the reunion, and Cody follows Kara here too. Gabriel comes back to Kara and apologizes for his actions, and he wants Kara to get back together with him. Gabriel almost begs for a second chance, but Cody loses his temper, and in a fit of rage, he assaults Gabriel and leaves him on the floor. Kara is furious to see what has become of the person she thought she might date, and she makes the security throw Cody out of the club. The next day, Cody shows up at Gabriel’s house, blackmailing him about the texts he sent to other girls not too long ago. Gabriel is furious that Cody hacked his phone and is now standing in his house threatening him, and he kicks him out. Cody leaves, saying he won’t be without her, and Gabriel tells Kara about this. Kara also finds out that Cody showed her a fake restraining order Maxine got against Dex, and the cops show her the reality of it all.

How Does Kara Set The Stalker Up?

Kara understands the stalker is none other than Cody himself when Gabriel tells her about what he said before leaving. Emily and Kara decide to take Cody down, and they try to figure out how to set him up. Kara knew about how Cody gets furious whenever she streams at Modelfans, and she chose to use his anger to catch him red-handed. She promises her fans an extremely erotic live stream and promotes the information heavily for more and more viewers. Klassy Kara is truly hunting for a man, and she is confident that she’ll ace it. The stream starts, and little Cody is insecure, and it pulls him towards her. 


Can Kara Catch The Stalker?

The security cameras indicate that Cody has arrived at the house. Emily contacts the cops, but she notices that the front door is already open. Kara shows courage and finds Emily tied in the kitchen, indicating Cody is here to finish things off. Kara goes back to her room and secretly turns on her camera, starting the livestream with it as well. She becomes the bait herself, lying in wait for him, and Cody walks into the room. Kara makes him confess that he’s the stalker, and he falls right into her trap. Cody wants Kara, and he’d go to any extent to have her. He confesses to everything he’s done to her since he first saw her, and all of it is going out on a livestream, bonkers! Kara asks him if he killed Maxine, and he admits that he did, and she lost her chance with him. Cody realizes the camera is on, and he tries to attack Kara, but Kara reminds him that the world is watching. Cody’s futile attempt to escape doesn’t do him any good; the cops show up just in time to take him in. 

Kara finally gets rid of her stalker, and Maxine’s murderer is finally behind bars. The cops thank Kara for helping them solve the Maxine case and also apologize for not taking her concerns seriously. Kara decides to retire from Modelfans and start a legitimate acting career without the side gig. The movie is underwhelming if we’re being honest, and you don’t feel much for any of the characters. Kara’s character seems so dumb in a few scenes that one would feel like stabbing themselves. The charming Cody looks horrendous when he tries to act creepy, and let me assure you, it’s not good acting, which makes him look bad. All in all, A Model Murder fails to find its grip on the viewers for even a minute, and the production house, which is infamous for such movies, should really step up. 


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